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  1. Sure, please do! I'd be happy for you to contribute another, there are still a few free slots so whichever one jumps out at you, just let me know and I'll reserve it for you :) I like this one, really suits the energy of that map spot on. Very catchy riff with a lot of drive, and loving the seamless loop. Well done! Great idea. Once this is wrapped up, it's definitely on the cards.
  2. Doomkid

    doom 2 masterlevel

    This brings me back..!
  3. Sure, that's perfect. I'm honestly not great at gauging MIDI volumes, maybe it's even fine as-is. I just really want to be sure every midi has consistent leveling, which is oddly hard. The DB meter in Sekaiju only takes velocity into account and not track volume which makes it a bit tougher to work out..
  4. Really nice MIDI you've got here, plums. Very catchy! I think it would work really well in the Map03 slot, if that's alright with you? Also, would you mind if the velocity of each track was lowered just a tad, to say 95% of what they currently are? Sekaiju shows the DB meter hitting the top a lot, which from my past experiences says it might be too loud. It's no big deal either way, just throwing it out there. Excellent, I look forward to it. (Just for anyone curious using the IWAD midis as descriptions was just a guideline, 22 will definitely suit an energetic midi!) Really glad to hear it Gifty, hope we can deliver!
  5. Doom feels fine without it since it's never been part of it, but post-Duke3D, I never understood the lack of a melee. I know the mighty boot is technically a cheat and it looks moronic when you get Duke running around while both feet are in the air, but being able to kick something that's up in your face to get some distance before shooting always felt like a fantastic mechanic. It's pretty ubiquitous these days though right?
  6. I don't know if it necessarily counts as a mechanic, but motion blur can eat my bootyhole There's a YT channel Super Bunnyhop that I thought described it well - regeneration encourages "stop n pop" gameplay whereas the need to actively search for health encourages "run n gun". While I know some people prefer that stop n pop stuff, Doom is all about runnin from evil
  7. Just a little bump - in addition to Peter claiming 22 and Lippeth claiming 01, Peccatum Mihzamiz has claimed 31 and decino has claimed 21. Looking forward to hearing everyone's work, and hoping to have a new MIDI skeleton put together soon too. I might even be able to get some flesh on it! This is great! I don't mind derivative work at all - some submissions so far have been remixes in addition to the original tunes, so this will fit in perfectly. I really like the sound of it.
  8. I'm really glad to hear you think that, darkmaster! Thanks so much for the excellent review, kind words like this are great inspiration to make more projects in the future.
  9. Generally when threads show up like this where we all get our 10 minutes of soapboxing, they end up either locked or Post Hell’d. I prefer locking since you can at least review what people said rather than having it all cast into the abyss. Maybe it’ll keep going though, I could be totally wrong.
  10. Petition to lock rather than delete when it inevitably happens!!
  11. Political argument on DW? Nostalgia central right here! I get so sick of all the euphemisms and beating around the bush that happens in these arguments, it’s sort of why I got sick of them in the first place, but when in Rome.. The idea that the right favours free speech more than the left does is hilarious. I keep hearing from all these people about how they’ve been “cancelled by the left”. And I after they’re cancelled I keep hearing from them.. and keep hearing from them.. Almost as if the whole “cancel culture” thing is an overblown talking point used to get people to fear monger about the big bad left, when there’s practically no meat on the bone when you actually dig into the issue. If it’s so prevalent.. why haven’t any of these people who have been cancelled, been fuckin’ cancelled? Having to “slightly rebrand” or lie low for a couple weeks or whatever because you said some blatantly hateful shit does not count, let’s just be forthright about it. Trumpster said people who burn the flag in protest should be put in jail, to the tune of lots of hoots and hollers from the right. They give no more fucks about free speech than the left does. You know that “bastion of free speech” Parler that has recently opened up as a “more open minded alternative” to twitter? You get banned over there for making any left leaning talking points, lol. It’s far more anti-free-speech than Twitter ever has been. By and large, both factions just want a complete echo chamber and wants to control the narrative that is fed to the populous at large. When it comes to war.. is it even a question? Republicans are the ones scared of those mean brown skinned people over there in the Middle East. The right wingers (and democrats) in power love using the smokescreen of “spreading democracy” to fool their low education voter base into thinking we’re spreading “good old fashioned white culture to those desperate hellscapes” when really it’s just a ploy to extract as much oil as possible and keep that war machine raking in the US taxpayer dough. edit: LOL on the topic of war, how did I forget that the right wing are so terrified of transgender people that they won’t even let them fight and die for our military? Even when someone willingly says “I’m going to hand over my life for the sake of genocidal capitalist ventures” that’s still not good enough for the right wing if your sex isn’t perfectly aligned with your gender identity! Talk about a self-defeating ideology... It’s not the left who want to keep those scary Mehicans down where they belong, last I checked. The more extreme end of the right wing are constantly talking about how “the blacks are just statistically more criminal” while ignoring any compounding factors such as racist policing, most black Americans being born in areas where infrastructure and education has fuck all funding , etc etc. Come on, let’s just be honest about it rather than beating around the bush - racism, xenophobia and a hawkish aggression toward all things non-American are really common on one half of the political spectrum. And it ain’t the left wing. Just the mention of objectivity better functioning healthcare will get buried under the cries of “communism!!” each and every time, because unsurprisingly McCarthyism resonates most strongly with those who have been convinced to fear all things foreign. Are there some Uber-lefties on social media who will call you a “mansplainer” or some annoying crap no matter what you say? Obviously, yes. A pretty small faction who have no power whatsoever. Seeing self-proclaimed “big strong men’s men!!” shaking in their boots because a 5 ft 2 girl with pink hair who has zero influence over the modern cultural zeitgeist called them a bigot on Twitter is funny as hell, but it’s scary when you realise these people think far leftists are the ones in power, and that they’re “fighting back against that power” by supporting billionaires who couldn’t possibly give less of a fuck about the working class or the well-being of the average American. Also, just to be clear on this, I’m talking about the more extremes of both ends. I think the fact that the average American doesn’t vote says clearly that most people don’t give a single, solitary fuck about any of this one way or the other, so for them my only criticism is apathy.
  12. Gosh, I love season 1 of TNG. The first episode is among the best, imo. Do people just dislike it because of Tasha Yar hamming it up at 2000%? I can definitely feel that if so
  13. Subs are also one long piece of bread cut down the middle, functionally identical to a hotdog bun. Since subs are of course sandwiches, it seems an open-and-shut case. My question is, what makes people get bored of Doom?
  14. Just to clarify, is this process automated somehow? This would be amazing if so