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  1. Shame to see someone go at such a young age.
  2. My mapping style for sp/coop is usually a kinda dollar-store version of the Memfis approach, minimalist design and compact, interconnected layouts. Sometimes I go for something "big" (by my own standards anyway, tiny compared to the works of the true mapping geniuses out there) but whenever I do it takes me forever and I stagnate and run out of ideas as soon as the finish line is in sight. 2 maps come to mind right away: ^This is map16 from Revenge of the 90's. It doesn't look like much on the automap, but it's a pretty large city map. I added rooms at various heights for all the buildings and painstakingly aligned them with all the window textures. I even went through the effort of building a theater in the map that had ~30 frame animated textures for each screen. My friend Sam even composed an awesome original piece for the music track.. A ton of effort went into this one. ^This absurd beast is Shovelware Adventure! I designed it for the original vinesauce Doom mapping contest, not realizing just how many other submissions there was going to be. The intent here was to dazzle the player with a map which feels like a whole 'tiny episode' unto itself with a variety of locales and types of battles to get into. A few fun and wacky sprite swaps and behavioral changes were applied under the hood using dehacked, as even though it wasn't a requirement, I wanted to keep this 100% vanilla just to show what the engine is capable of. My approach totally backfired for the sake of the contest, as the compact 2-4 minute maps with a funny joke/gimmick or a standout visual aspect were the ones that Joel liked the most (I think, much like me, he had no idea just how many damn maps were going to be submitted). Regardless I was very pleased with the silly yet oddly engaging ~30 minute romp this beast turned out to be and most people seemed to enjoy it. Still, it was a fucking bitch to pour so much effort into one lone map, in just a 7 day window no less. If people only ever play one map I made, I hope it'd be this one. I've released quite a few wads that were heavy on the sprite edits and heavy on the dehacked work, and that stuff is always a time consuming bitch, but I just love the results.
  3. Have to second that, Decay is the fucking Rainman of DM gameplay, every time I've taken his advice it's improved the gameplay of my maps. There are some items you should pretty much never place in your DM maps because they make it totally lame: Invulnerability Invisibility Megasphere There are also some items that can be used, but should only be placed very sparingly. A max of one per map, really. If you're not sure where to put it - don't put it in at all. They are: Blue Armor Soulsphere To a lesser extent, the BFG9000 Regarding spawns, try to have at least a little distance between them. About 6-7 DM spawns per map is plenty (more than 8 is total overkill). Try not to place spawns in the middle of a walkway or in a dead end - Having multiple choices for where to go as you spawn is always preferred. One thing I cannot stress enough: Always arm the player directly at the spawn point because fucking around with the pistol as you spawn and dying as a result is incredibly irritating. Suitable weapons to spawn the player with include: Super Shotgun (always preferred, if you're not sure what to hand out, make it an SSG) Shotgun Rocket Launcher (but not in tight spaces!) Plasma Gun (but not in super wide-open spaces!) The chaingun is usually annoying to spawn with as it has nowhere near the blast power of the aforementioned weapons; you're almost guaranteed to end up dead when your opponents have a shotgun, RL or plasma. On larger maps it's acceptable as you have a moment to get your bearings before diving into battle. Same deal with the BFG. Never spawn the player with a Chainsaw or a lone berserk kit unless you want them to delete your wad and never play it again in a fit of nerd rage. Finally, avoid having weapons (particularly annoying bullshit like the chainsaw) sitting out in the middle of the thoroughfare. Many servers enforce the "switch on pickup" DMflag, and while learning to avoid guns you don't want is a skill worth honing, it's still a pain in the neck being forced to switch guns against your will, particularly in a decisive moment of the round. As rdwpa said, there are no hard and fast rules, but these pointers should definitely help to make your DM map more enjoyable for the masses.
  4. Doomkid

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    I think you're reaching to put it lightly, but let's just agree to leave it at that. We've each spoken our minds.
  5. Doomkid

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    I hate the "just get a second/third/fourth console or computer!" argument too, I have to say - mainly because I find it to be representative of a wasteful mentality. Costs far more money to buy, uses 2X - 4X the power depending on how many friends you want to play with, requires 2 - 4 televisions/monitors on top of the duplicate consoles/computers... and where do you think all that shit ends up down the line? In a fucking landfill. I'm also not to keen on the "well I don't need it so no one should have it" stance because it's absurdly self-centered. This is more directed towards the players who needlessly pipe up against it moreso than developers, just to be clear. Again I think devs should do as they please but there's more 'grossness' to this trend than a person realizes at first glance. It represents wastefulness, I can't think of any other way to slice it - Then again, this is the modern era and we're all wasteful slobs so I suppose it's only right. Look, I'm just going to be blunt here, this is incredibly off-base. No one said "I want splitscreen at the expensive of decent online play/good netcode", you strawmanned that shit to Hell and back. I also think the assumption that only a "smidgen" of people who play games also have social lives/like having friends over is entirely baseless. I'd venture that the reason more young gamers aren't clamoring for splitscreen support is because they aren't aware that it represented the norm from the 4th gen through to the 6th gen. They've come to accept the "welp just buy another console and TV to hog more power and toss in the trash a few years from now" way without question and who can blame them in the upside-down era where local multiplayer is somehow seen as an antiquated concept. Point one is something that no one asked for, so you're responding to no one. Point two is an extreme exaggeration coupled with downplaying the aforementioned benefits of in-built local multiplayer capability. I don't see why responses like yours always come up when people mention the numerous benefits of splitscreen. I feel that such responses to the idea are what kill it's appeal in the eyes of many developers despite, as far as I can tell, representing a loud minority of players. People who have friends and invite them into their home must surely represent the majority of players. It's just that those types of players are also less likely to be piping up in online forums that developers may see.
  6. Doomkid

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Haven't there been a veritable fuckton of 'Doom clones' released basically every year since Doom came out? Just how many more do we need, am I missing something here?
  7. Doomkid

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    I think splitscreen was an excellent addition to many games and would also like to see it incorporated where possible. The thought of a game like Mario Kart without splitscreen absolutely sucks ass. As someone who enjoys socializing and face-to-face contact with other humans, I too lament the overall loss of this useful feature in many games. People here like to lash out at others for no good reason whatsoever - think nothing of it. (edit: looks like the lashy posts were mostly removed)
  8. Doomkid

    Commissioning mods?

    Anyone who wants some specific variety of dwango-tier maps made just hit me up, $5 a pop! Sure beats $0 a pop after all
  9. Doomkid

    Epitaph (dm/duel)

    Nothing to add that Dew didn't already cover, so just chiming in to say keep it up. I would have liked to have sit in on some of those playtesting sessions.
  10. Doomkid

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    Despite being a lover of classic Nintendo, I have to disagree. Even back in the 80's and 90's, games that are pure, irredeemable trash such as Back to the Future, Terminator, Ghost Busters and so forth were licensed and sold by Nintendo with a price tag equal to that of good games like Super Mario 3 and Zelda and such. Absolute garbage peddled to easily-duped kids and their easily-duped parents before the days of readily accessible game reviews and whatnot. The difference is not in the way these companies operate, that's always remained somewhat consistent (for better or for worse) - What's different now is that everyone is on the internet and anyone can uncover godawful practices and expose them to the world. It's not that they've gotten worse, it's just the we're actually aware of all the dirt now. EDIT This is one of the things that kinda saddens me about progress when it comes to art that hinges on technology. The expectations have been raised to such an unattainable standard for anyone that doesn't have millions of dollars at their disposal. A campaign that takes 3 hours to play used to take, oh say, 300 hours of collective manpower to actually create. Now it takes more like 300,000 collective hours of manpower, but beyond greatly enhanced visuals, there's isn't actually all that much to show for it - The consumer still gets roughly the same amount of fun out of the product for roughly the same amount of time spent with it. Of course I'm talking about AAA development, but I just kinda miss when the line between that and indie development was a lot more blurred than it is now. In the old days a lot of 'soon to be mainstream' devs started out as what we'd now call 'indie', that was just the industry standard at the time. Now, to be clear, I'm not advocating for stagnation, but it's a shame in some sense how things have played out. There's a lot less love to go around nowadays for the average little development team. We even see this in our little community. The bar has been raised so high for the average Doom map/mod that something roughly on par with vanilla Doom in terms of visuals and gameplay bores the typical casual Doomer, the ones who play Doom wads sometimes but aren't so far into it that they feel compelled to make an account here or on other Doom sites. It has to have so much more complexity to it now (on the development side) to garner a decent number of players/fans beyond just the tiny circle of us who still enjoy "old Doom". Again, not advocating for stagnation, just pointing out the.. Uh.. Price of progress, or, uh.. Something.
  11. Doomkid

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    At default speed I hear 'Laurel', but once it's slowed down by 30% it becomes a very clear 'Yanny'. I've run into this bizarre shit before. In this clip (9 seconds in) my friend Tomas swears that Sonic is saying "Here I'll show you", however to my ears it's very clearly "Now I'll show you". The human brain is weird.
  12. The classic Dooms are unrivaled in my opinion, but Duke has the #2 spot for me. The art style and overall theme, the fun gameplay, Duke's attitude.. It's like an absurd version of Doom but in a really enjoyable way. The weapons are fun to use and the maps are fun to explore. I recall Doom and Duke having a similar thing going on that Mario and Sonic did back when they were still much newer. One goes for absolute rock-solid gameplay while the other goes for the attitude and a sorta cheap 'wow factor' while arguably sacrificing some of the gameplay in the process. Ultimately the different approaches to inherently similar concepts resulted in a fun variety to choose from. I wish DNF could have been for Duke what Doom2016 was for Doom. I think it's a cursed IP at this point and we should just enjoy the one excellent game in the series as it was meant to be and leave it's desecrated corpse alone. 15 years in development Hell accumulated too much bad juju.
  13. The sound for the pistol and chaingun. It sounds like someone slapping paper or something. I generally prefer the PC sounds, but the PSX/N64 Dooms had a much better pistol sound. The pistol in Doom3 is just as bad, it sounds like a zipper unzipping really fast, to my ears anyway.
  14. Your posts always contain a large helping of horrendous spelling due to your insistence on swapping where your e's and a's belong, remedy this issue throughout your entire posting history so that we may better understand your brain dumps
  15. Doomkid

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    UV or UV-fast depending on the mapset