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  1. I made a WAY TOO BIG video comparison of 500 GM-compatible soundfonts using the E3M1 midi: Download zip (37 GB) - https://archive.org/download/500-soundfonts-full-gm-sets/500_Soundfonts_Full_GM_Sets.zip Torrent (faster than zip) - https://archive.org/download/500-soundfonts-full-gm-sets/500-soundfonts-full-gm-sets_archive.torrent Full Soundfont list - https://archive.org/download/500-soundfonts-full-gm-sets/500_Soundfonts_Full_GM_Sets.zip/ …and here are 25 variants of the SC-55 soundfont! Download - https://archive.org/details/sc-55-roland-25-gm-soundfonts ----- OLD POST BELOW ----- I decided to make a "sampler pack" of 40 popular/nice sounding soundfonts for the Doom soundtrack! I compiled these all into easy packs for newcomers to spare the grief of spending hours upon hours looking for satisfactory soundfonts. Coming soon is a comparison of various drum soundfonts as well as an instructional video for newbies on how to set up VMS with various soundfonts and even layer them for an optimal sound. The pack includes the following soundfonts: 8MbGM_Enhanced18.sf2 8MbGM_SFX.sf2 32MbGMStereo.sf2 44GMgsmt.sf2 Airfont_380_final.sf2 Arachno SoundFont - Version 1.0.sf2 Chaos Bank v1.9.sf2 ChoriumRevA.sf2 Ct4mgm.sf2 Ct8mgm.sf2 DooM.sf2 ESS Tech 3 MB GM.sf2 FluidR3 GM.sf2 GeneralUser GS v1.471.sf2 GM.sf2 GM2 Map Soundfont.sf2 Gravis Ultrasound.sf2 Industrial_Dance_PC.sf2 JnsGM2.sf2 Masterpiece.sf2 MIRACLE.sf2 Mustheory2.sf2 Nintendo_Soundfont.sf2 OPL-2_FM_v2_FAT.sf2 OPL-3_FM_128M.sf2 Power GM 1.5.sf2 Reality_GMGS_falcomod.sf2 SC-55 Deemster [GZDoom].sf2 SC-55 EmperorGrieferus.sf2 SC-55 JMSexton.sf2 SC-55 Patch93.sf2 SCC1T2.sf2 SGMv2.01-GuitsPlusBass-V1.4.sf2 SnesDoom.sf2 Timbres of Heaven GM_GS_XG_SFX V 3.4 Final.sf2 Unison.sf2 WeedsGM3.sf2 Yamaha DB50XG Presets.sf2 Yamaha XG sound set re-map.sf2 Yamaha XG.sf2 Download it HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pp6ny49tte7n8b2/40soundfonts.rar/file Download the "best" 20 here, good for people with poor internet: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lp4xs7qvz5n98if/20soundfonts.rar/file Download 10 great drum soundfonts to layer over top of any existing soundfont: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gi91si9fmoxd5fa/10soundfonts_drums.rar/file For fans of gm.sf2 / Scc1t2.sf2, there are fixed for each here! Scc1t2 has out of tune pianos and GM.sf2 has bad volume levels for instruments, these downloads are improved versions that remove those issues: http://dev.nando.audio/_static/sf2/__Florestan_Basic_GM_GS.zip https://musical-artifacts.com/artifacts/724/RLNDGM.SF2_for_SoundFont-Midi-Player-Android.zip EDIT: Just added a sampler for 10 drum soundfonts! Great for layering on top of other soundfonts: Roland_GM_Drum_Kit.sf2 GiantSoundfontDrumkit2.1.sf2 HardRockDrums.sf2 HardRockDrumsV3.sf2 MelottiDrums.sf2 RealAcousticDrums_5.sf2 StandardDrumKit_by_Charlie.sf2 TamaRockSTAR.sf2 TamaRockSTAR2.sf2 UltimateDrums.sf2 Hopefully this is of some use to you all! EDIT over a year later - here’s a comparison of 200 of the damn things! Here’s where to download them: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/folders/1EI2R4QMsJI5Vzemps8wz3rq97YKxja5l https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/folders/1492myFXb_4aG1HsQ4aNA4DcL2SUNVvYL
  2. While it's not exactly a "source port", Vanilla Doom still has a large fanbase/numerous enthusiasts and all the resources a vanilla Doomer might want are (were) scattered about all over the place. This is my attempt to make a comprehensive Vanilla Doom thread so that any vanilla enthusiast, be them a player, mapper, or tinkerer in general might find what they need. Vanilla Doom General: ZIP containing all variants of the Vanilla Doom 1.9 EXE - LINK DOSBox, emulator that runs DOOM.EXE on modern OSes - LINK (DOSBox Staging - LINK) DoomWiki article on every version of the Vanilla Doom EXEs - LINK Every single variant of the Vanilla Doom engine (thanks chungy) - LINK (Shareware EXEs - LINK) Mapping Related Stuff: Vanilla level editing tutorials by Linguica - LINK Mapping tricks possible in vanilla Doom - LINK More mapping tricks/effects in ASCII format - LINK Linguica's vanilla/DEH tricks compiled by Redneckerz & NIH (Mikoportals, etc) - LINK Sponge's Python script detecting meduas and tutti-frutti (mostly functional) - LINK Static limitations of the vanilla Doom engine - LINK Editing utils including many vanilla/DOS ones - LINK Vanilla Doom Actions: all linedef/sidedef types in vanilla - LINK (Doomwiki article) DeHackEd / Modding Related Stuff: How to play DEH-based wads/mods in DosBox EASY AND FAST - LINK DeHackEd: alter enemy/weapon/misc behavior - LINK (old version - LINK) WhackEd: create DeHackEd lumps (DEH files) on modern OSes - LINK DeHackEd/WhackEd video tutorial by me - LINK Enjay's old, detailed DeHackEd tutorial - LINK DeHackEd information on DoomWiki - LINK VULD by JadingTsunami: launcher, easy DeHacking - LINK Doom ACE, exploit for vanilla to run custom code - LINK Useful Vanilla/DOS Utilities: Doom32, an expanded version of vanilla Doom2 exe - LINK Doom-plus, expanded version of vanilla Ultimate DOOM exe - LINK Final Doom id Anthology, fix EXE/map bugs (TNT31 key, etc) - LINK Final Doom-plus, expanded version of Final Doom EXEs - LINK Useful vanilla utilities compiled by Fraggle (solo-net, etc) - LINK xttl's improvement of IPXSETUP: includes -dup, -extratics - LINK FastDoom, Vanilla Doom optimized for 386/486 processors - LINK Mara'akate's DOOMNEW package, includes VR support - LINK VanillaDM, launcher and utility for easy DOSBox multiplayer - LINK DM2CNV32, converts levels between Doom/Doom2/Heretic - LINK NoVert, turn off vertical mouse movement in DOSBox - LINK Vanilla-compatible Wads and Mods: BIG Vanilla Wad Pack: Like D!Zone but quality - LINK Vanilla Doom Wads listed on the DoomWiki - LINK Vanilla Doom Smooth Weapon animation - LINK Vanilla Brutal Doom/other mods by TDRR - LINK DOOM 4 VANILLA by Noiser - LINK Popular vanilla duel/deathmatch maps - LINK (..there are about a million amazing vanilla wads and mods, so forgive me for only linking these - you can find loads of good vanilla mapsets in the Big Vanilla Pack including a good deal of the classics like Memento Mori, STRAIN, etc.) Since it's relevant, here's my video tutorial on setting up vanilla Doom with DOSBox: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ac-Knv04sPg I'm sure I've missed several resources here, please speak up and let me know of anything useful I may have skipped over. I hope some of you find this helpful - I know I will, it gets annoying scavenging all over for these things when the need for them arises!
  3. Doomkid

    Why is Sir Robin's Castle on Doomworld?

    I've probably said this too many times but I'm immensely glad the naysayers were wrong. I was so worried when I started mapping and DMing in 2001, hearing people occasionally lament Doom being "on death's door".. Then it just kept not dying year after year, to the point where I found it hilarious when people would say it. I am sad the DM scene reduced to a shell of its former self, but classic Doom by and large has only gotten bigger over the last 20ish years!
  4. ..Respectfully, all you pissy babies WHINING your tits off about how "toxic" Doomworld is/was frankly wouldn't know the first goddamn thing about "toxicity" if it brought a paddle to your spoiled asses. :^) Ahem. ..Bullshit aside, I really do believe DW has always been well below the "standard internet level" of toxicity. It was (the closest thing to) a reasonably welcoming place for trans, gay and even furry Doomers well before communities being even partially welcoming to those demographics was at all common - I'm talking late 2000s, FFS - and shit, acceptance of those groups is STILL really rocky in many communities, YT or social media comment sections, etc etc... but not here. I been round the various corners of the Doom community since I was a literal child and I never felt "pushed away by toxicity" or whatever such nonsense. Occasionally someone might talk some shit, but usually before I'd even get to respond, someone else would jump in the fray on my behalf. So a little crazy compared to the norm, maybe? Not toxic though. Absolutely below the common internet average, be it 2003, 2013 or 2023. There was (and to a large degree, still is) this sense of camaraderie that I didn't feel at all in other (gaming) communities of the older eras. Maybe that's just my experience though. But man. I cannot imagine even attempting to navigate the greater web, ever, if I couldn't even stomach DW's lite-ass nonsense.
  5. For those who are new to the Classic Doom scene, the sheer number of WADs and source ports can be overwhelming. This guide is an attempt to clarify things and provide some simple, useful information for newcomers. PART 1: Getting DOOM This guide assumes you have all 4 of the Classic Doom games - Doom 1 (The Ultimate DOOM), Doom 2, Final Doom: Evilution (TNT) and Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment. You can get them legally at GOG or on Steam: DOOM (1993) on GOG - Says "Doom 1993", but is actually The Ultimate Doom from 1995 with Episode IV... DOOM II on GOG - Includes both Final Doom episodes, along with The Master Levels. DOOM Classic Bundle on Steam - Best value, includes Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, Master Levels, Doom 64 and Doom 3! NOTE: Doom Eternal actually contains the Doom 1 & 2 IWADs themselves in the Doom Eternal/base/classicwads directory. They work fine for singleplayer, but will need to be downpatched for multiplayer. PART 2: Choosing a Source Port A source port is a program that can run Doom. They run on many different operating systems, so no matter what hardware you have, you'll be able to find a port that suits your needs. NOTE: Some source ports require the IWADs (doom.wad, doom2.wad, etc) to be placed inside the port's directory, however most can make use of the DOOMWADDIR environment variable. - GZDoom - This is the most popular source port. It has advanced features, by far the widest compatibility with WADs and mods, and runs on multiple operating systems. LZDoom is recommended for those running older hardware which can't handle the latest versions of GZDoom. - DSDA-Doom or PrBoom+ - Perfect for a classic Doom experience with a little extra customization. These ports are tailored for speedrunning with QoL improvements for demo recording and useful additions to the demo playback experience. They run all vanilla and Boom-compatible WADs, as well as several other extended formats. - Chocolate Doom - This is the port of choice for pure oldschool Doom! It accurately reproduces Doom as it was played in the 1990s, complete with 320x200 resolution. It is compatible with all vanilla WADs. Crispy Doom and Woof! are more advanced forks with QoL improvements and more. - Original Doom/Doom 2 EXEs w/ DOSBox - If you really want a pure oldschool experience, you'll need the 1.9 EXEs. This is only recommended for hardcore purists - source ports are much easier to use! - Classic Doom Unity Port - This comes free with Doom if you buy it through Steam or GOG. It has raised limits compared to vanilla Doom, and support for loading custom WADs, simply place them in the "C:\Users\<user name>\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs" directory. ..there are many more source ports available and they are tailored to just about every preference you could possibly have: - Source Ports subforum - List of Doom source ports - Comparison of active source ports ..and if you are looking for Classic Doom Multiplayer, the 3 source ports commonly used are Zandronum, ZDaemon and Odamex. More information about Multiplayer Doom can be found in this tutorial and at the Multiplayer subforum. PART 3: Downloading WADs and Mods A huge part of what makes Doom so fun are the thousands of WADs and Mods available. People have been making custom content since 1994 and have never stopped, so there are lots of frags to be had! Here are some helpful links for finding custom content. Best WADs - These WADs are winners of the famed Cacowards, a selection of the 10 best WADs from every year since 1994. Generally considered the cream of the crop. Doomworld's idgames frontend - idgames is the longest running archive of Doom WADs and related files. You can find all of the latest WAD releases on this page! Doom and Doom 2 on Mod DB - You can find a vast array of content here. Mod DB allows you to sort by popularity, upload date and more, so finding content is easy. Best Deathmatch WADs - My own personal selection. If you prefer PVP style gameplay, you'll have a blast on all of these. Big Vanilla WAD Pack - Curated pack of over 1,000 vanilla and limit-removing WADs. ..there are many more places to find WADs, but these are plenty to get you started! If you're looking for somewhere to upload your WAD, check these sites. PART 4: Selecting a Launcher /Frontend (optional!) Most source ports allow you to simply drag-and-drop WADs onto the port itself, or allow you to copy your WADs and paste them on the port, making launching custom content easy. However, some prefer a launcher since they can load multiple WADs at once, record demos, and save configurations to start the game however you want every time. Doom Launcher - A counterpart to Quaddicted's Quake Injector. The only popular launcher to track your playtime & WAD stats. Also has integrated idgames archive support, so you can download and play the latest WADs on-the-fly without a web browser. Doom Explorer - Easy to use multiplayer server browser, also a great singleplayer launcher. Supports most source ports and allows use of custom/unknown ports as well. Has the handy feature of being able to search various wad databases and download a WAD without a web browser. ZDL - A popular launcher, compatible with any source port. Very simple to use, you can load any mods (.deh, .bex, .wad, .pk3) in any order you want. Files can also be drag-and-dropped externally. Can be resource-intensive at times. Rocket Launcher - Simple, lightweight launcher. Supports some mods, except .deh/.bex files! Allows easy setting of launchgame parameters (-warp to map X, record a demo, no monsters/music) and a useful section for your personal favorite launch settings. Has native DOSBox support for purists. There are quite a few other launchers available for multiple operating systems and tailored to many different preferences. Important info on compatibility options: Every wad made for vanilla Doom and the majority of Boom wads are NOT meant to be played with jumping and crouching turned on. Conversely, most ZDoom wads or mapsets for other advanced source ports allow for jumping, or may even require it. For this reason, most non-vanilla ports come with customizable compatibility options. These allow you to make sure you have the right settings for every wad you play, as well as feeling as comfortable as possible in your Dooming experience. If you're unsure what settings to use for a particular wad or mod, simply check out the .txt file which comes included with most Doom content! • Compatibility options for ZDoom-family ports • Compatibility (complevels) for PrBoom+ and DSDA-Doom If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Happy fragging!
  6. I only see WOOD5.. looks really cool!
  7. Well folks, it's coming. The THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY of Doom deathmatch! To celebrate 30 years of fragging, I think it's more than appropriate that we get 30 fun, classic-style DM maps wrangled together! Let's continue the three-decades-long tradition of hot marine-on-marine action. GUIDELINES: • I created a video tutorial on how to create a good Deathmatch map - I highly recommend watching it before you make your map, unless you are already experienced in the realm of DM mapping, of course. Decay's written guide is also very useful! • THERE WILL BE QUALITY ASSURANCE. If your map is not good enough, you will be given feedback and can of course improve it, if possible. However, please note that something which is simply not up to snuff quality-wise may be rejected. (Consult the tutorials to avoid this happening!) • Your map should have between 6 and 9 player spawns. Didn't pick these numbers as a joke - this genuinely is the best range of spawn points to place in an FFA map. Size-wise, make your map comfy for 6 players, but still non-boring for duels. • We'll be using Doom 1 and Doom 2 textures, with just a couple DWANGO logos thrown in and 3 skies from Snaxalotl's Sky Snack Pack. Go for a classic-but-clean visual style! The visual style can be a tech base, hellish map, E4 style, or really just any theme that doesn't go too crazy as far as deviation from iwad stylings. • The format is vanilla -complevel 2, but it will be limit-removing as all the multiplayer ports (and hell, everything other than chocolate/vanilla) support going way above the classic visplane limit. No BOOM or ZDOOM stuff, just to get it to feel mostly in line with the classic DM experience. RESOURCE WAD & EXAMPLE MAP: Here's the wad containing the (very select few) custom resources this pack will be using: • dwa30m1.zip (or the doomshack mirror) Map01 gives a good example of what I'm hoping for, but you don't need to go quite that heavy on the detail. This is primarily about really functional layouts, well-placed weapons, and well-placed spawns above all else. Here's some screenshots: NOTES FOR SUBMISSIONS: You can submit up to 2 maps per person. Please specify whether you'd like 1 or 2 maps as you sign up! Once I get to a total of 30, I'll close the doors, and they will only be reopened if claimants drop out, or there are submissions which do not make the cut and the author doesn't feel like making another attempt. Your maps must be 100% original, from-scratch creations. Nothing based on prior map layouts, SLIGE generated maps, etc etc You don't have to be 100% done, but have something to show me by August 10th. CURRENT MAPPER ROSTER: • Doomkid (2 maps) • Snaxalotl (1 map) • MtPain27 (1 map) • ignatiOS (1 map) • jmac (1 map) • Argent Agent (2 maps) • DJVCardMaster (1 map) • Bobby "J (1 map) • Ludi (1 map) • Dark Pulse (1 map?) • Maribo (1 map) • Nefelibeta (1 map) • wertercatt (1 map) • antares031 (1 map) • ThatWeNGuy (1 map) • roadworx (1 map) • MFG38 (1 map) • PRO-RC (1 map) • OpenRift (1 map) • hiimaura (1 map) • Doom_Pope (1 map) • Roofi (1 map) • RataUnderground (2 maps) • DoctorNuriel (1 map) • obake (1 map) • Al-Faris M (1 map) • msx2plus (1 map) Slots taken: 30/30 BONUS MAPPER ROSTER: • phoo (1 map) • RileyXY1 (1 map) • Vladguy (1 map) • LGmaire (1 map) • YeOldeFellerNoob (1 map) • Kaapeli47 (1 map) • Meyland12 (1 map) • NieMaMordy (1 map) • hobomaster22 (1 map) • DJVCardMaster (1 map) Slots taken: 10/10 ..I hope you like what you see so far, and looking forward to a brand-new classic-style megawad to celebrate 3 decades of fraggin'!
  8. Hello Doomers :) Today I present to you 7 sp/coop/survival maps, the "Sinister Seven". DOWNLOAD HERE (fixed version) - http://doomshack.org/uploads/sin7tdv2.zip A few of these maps are retooled submissions to community projects and some are brand new turf. These are mostly vanilla compatible, although map07 has a few VPOs - Curse that low limit! Needless to say, this runs in ALL source ports, so no players are excluded. This time around there is a story, which continues from the end of UAC Rebellion: Now let's see some screenshots! I hope you all have fun with these. Difficulty levels are very thoroughly implemented, so if you're finding it too hard, just turn it down a notch! These should also be perfect for survival mode (one of my favorite gamemodes!) All feedback is welcomed with open arms :) DOWNLOAD HERE: http://www.mediafire.com/download/la34pt5773x9qqp/SinSeven.zip
  9. I can't stop thinking of the Nic Cage VS Paperclip brawl in Zappa town...

    1. Clippy


      Many good men were lost on that day

  10. Doomkid

    I made a formula for Doom map units to yards.

    64 units being roughly 6 feet makes sense on paper, but to build things to any kind of scale in Doom, X and Y have to be measured differently. If you treat 64 units as 6 feet high, but only 4 feet wide, it becomes pretty easy to scale things appropriately. (The wiki suggests a "realistic" scale of 6 to 5, but even that doesn't cut it, in practice.)
  11. Doomkid

    The Sinister Seven - Vanilla Maps

    All I'm saying is those Maltesers were really good..
  12. Doomkid

    What country are you from?

    We've had similar threads a number of times over the years, but it always makes me happy seeing what an international game Doom is when I'm playing on ZDaemon and there's 10 players in a server, and each one of them is hailing from a different corner of the globe. Considering we get many new users year by year, I wanted to start a fresh thread asking about this. (I don't really care where people who have been gone since 2010 are from anyway, so I won't bother linking old threads). To answer the question: I was born in Florida, was lucky enough to spend about 2.5 years living in Hawaii as a kid, and about 15 years ago my family and I moved to Australia, which is also a lovely place.
  13. Doomkid

    Doom textures missing in Doom 2

    Here it is, https://doomshack.org/uploads/DOOM1-2.WAD This will put all D1 textures in D2!
  14. Although they have to be toggled, I know Odamex and Zandronum support ENDOOM, ZDaemon may as well but I'm unsure (been a minute since I last played unfortunately).
  15. ...That's right, after 368 days in the oven, the JAMAL JONES TRILOGY is finally ready for release! DOWNLOAD IT HERE (v 1.1) https://doomshack.org/uploads/JM_JONES.zip IDGAMES DOWNLOAD: (coming soon!) Vanilla / CompLevel2 :) * * * Some context about this triple-megawad collection: The Jamal Jones Trilogy is the result of a mapping contest that I held from January 5th, 2022 to March 1st, 2022 to celebrate my 20th anniversary of Doom mapping (as of October 2021). I did a YouTube playthrough series of all the wonderful submissions I got - a whopping total of 54 maps!! - from March 8th through to June 12th. I played 'em all and had a great time, and the 3 winners (Michael Jensen, Rycuz and Big Ol' Billy) were finally announced on June 23rd and paid a couple days later. On July 31st, at the very reasonable request of Cammy, work was started on 10 more maps for E3 to fill each episode out evenly. Most of the work was done by New Years 2023 (well before, actually), so before you today is the product of a very casual and fun year of hard work. I think it paid off well! * * * THE BACKSTORY: "Jamal Jones was part of a squad sent in to do damage control when one of the "well-meaning" UAC's alien research experiments went haywire. Unfortunately, the "damage" greatly outweighed the "control" and now the alien scourge is spreading like wildfire and infecting certain humans in such a way that they transform into brain-craving abominations. With the rest of his squad dead and his little brother Rudy elsewhere in the country on an unrelated mission, Jamal's will is to find Rudy and carve a destructive path through the bastards, hopefully enough to disable their takeover entirely. Can you help Jamal destroy the scourge and save what's left of the human race?" THE NEW MONSTERS: Plasma Guy: Attacks like a much slower Arachnotron, but with far less health. HP = 90 Hazmat Guy: Replaces the annoying little SS Nazi dudes! HP = 50 Alien Imp: Sturdy as hell, but that’s a good thing. Hurls a Baron and Imp fireball in quick succession. Walks faster than his weaker cousin. HP = 130 Blind Pinky: Has the same health as always, but charges quite a bit faster now! HP = 150 Toxicacodemon: A little more aggressive than a standard tomato, and spits a toxic Baron ball rather than a standard Caco ball. HP = 400 Flame Caco: He spits deadly flame at close range, but don't let his followup fireball catch you off guard! HP = 550 ..The lower-tier weapons have also received some nice upgrades: The pistol is now a tougher, faster, and perfectly accurate Rifle, and the fists are now a 4x stronger Bayonet. Additionally the Chainsaw, Shotgun, Chaingun and Rocket Launcher have all received a slight increase to their rate of fire! THE CREDITS: Textures were taken from "High Res Textures w/o the High Res" by 40oz with credits to Kurikai for maintaining the JDTP, DoomCity by Shamus Young, Duke Nukem 3D, FreeDoom, Final Doom, and Alpha Doom. The weapon sprites are from Doom, Alpha Doom, and Doom64, but have been given very beautiful makeovers by chronoteeth. The Hell Knight, Baron, Toxicacodemon and Flame Caco are from Rowdy Rudy, but have been given very beautiful makeovers by Blue Phoenix. The hazmat guy, zombieman, chaingunner and various props are from Doom and Alpha Doom and were edited by Doomkid. The plasma guy is from OSIRIS.wad and was edited by Doomkid. The blind pinky is from Doom and was edited by HorrorMovieRei. The shotgunner is from Doom and was edited by Melodica. The teleport sprite is from FreeDoom. The cool hell sky for E3 is from EXEC.wad and was fixed by Arsinikk. The DeHackEd work, MAPINFO lumps, wad compilation and other general odds and ends were done by Doomkid, with a little help from my friends (who help me get by / high). MAPLIST & MAPPER CREDITS: Episode 1: In Judgment of Evil 1- @Rykz - To The Site 2- @Vladguy - Running Down 3- @Earnesttrout - Dark Secrets 4- @Astronomical - Initialisation 5- @Majipantsu - Shopping Spree 6- @Glikkzy - Pollution Plant 7- @evil_scientist - PACKIN' HEAT 8- @Origamyde - Wheel of Misfortune 9- @Sneezy McGlassFace - Smells Like Cordite 10- Doomkid - Base of Consequences 11- @valkiriforce - The Escapist 12- @big smoke - Toxic Factory 13- @jacnowak - Damned Dam 14- Origamyde - Derelict Row 15- @Weird Sandwich - SINISTER SLUDGE 16- @Sectorslayer - Corporate Secret 17- @Blue Phoenix - Sewage City 18- @Anonymous Space Marine - Vile Streets 19- @Peccatum Mihzamiz - Inner City Evil 20- @Michael Jensen - Warhevil S1 - @Goat-Avenger - FORLORN FANTASY S2 - @Big Ol Billy - UMRK (UAC Muffin Research Kitchen) Episode 2: One Man Jury! 1- @Skronkidonk - Eden's River 2- @E.M. - Mucopurulent Mystery 3- @Borpo The Wizard - Delta Complex 4- @b0n3 - Menagerie Mayhem 5- @mgr_inz_rafal - Techbase Damaged by Hell 6- @Osmosis Bones - Starflippers Inc. 7- @Rymante - Waste 'Em 8- @StrangerRanger - Contaminated Purgatory 9- @Thatonespymain - Tremors 10- Doomkid - Base In the Basin 11- @phoo - Gloves Off 12- @finnks13 - Slime Infestation 13- @antares031 - Alpha Centauri Techbase 14- @Argent Agent - Corrupted Utopia 15- @Synuś Vader - UAC Delta Labs 16- @Blexor - Caustic Canyon 17- @Large Cat - Final Contact 18- @MtPain27 - Ezekiel 25:17 19- @Ricola102 - Industrial Revulsion 20- @Yumheart - Death Leap S1 - @CBM - 1World S2 - @TVdinnermasterchef - UAC R&D Weapons Facility (limit removing) Episode 3: Hell's Executioner 1- @joe-ilya - BASILICA 2- @DrJordo - The Jury is In! 3- @MEMEAIDS - Ironclad Fortress 4- @NeilJohnRips - Reading the Demonic Scriptures 5- @Elto Gaming - Bloodshot Sunshine 6- @Jastrzab Trzeci - Babylon 1816 7- @Hitboi - Devilish Belly 8- @Velvetic - Amongst Blood and Fire 9- @ShadesMaster - BLOOD FOZZLE 10- b0n3 - Underside 11- @Mark Bloom - Mudslide 12- @RastaManGames - Scorched Debris 13- @ChippiHeppu - Charred Remains 14- Vladguy - Rocky Rumble 15- Doomkid - Brimstone Basics 16- @Arsinikk - Technobabel 17- @NiGHTS108 - Scorching Ivy 18- Mark Bloom - The Cauldron 19- @Cammy - Grilled Billions 20- @LGmaire - Future Hometown 21- NiGHTS108 & Doomkid - The End! S1- @Dubium - No Man Village S2- @cannonball - Peyote Ugly MINOR MAP NOTES: E1 Map01 has some sector bleeding on the bridge and in the secret area with the soulsphere. E1 Map16 has a zero-byte REJECT lump and is missing the impassable flag on certain linedefs. E1 Map19 has visual glitches on a particular set of bridges later in the map. E2 Map32 is limit-removing and has a rarely triggerable softlock(?). * * * ..With all that out of the way, I think that about does it for this post! What a journey this last year has been. Seriously, I just want to restate how fun it was and how important all of you, and indeed this whole community is to me. I'm still not tired of it after all this time, and that's saying something! Also, how insane is it that the contest thread got over 1,050,000 views over the course of the last year?! I've had some threads crack 100k before, but that just blows me away. If you want to check out the old contest / development thread, it can be found here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/129169/. If you want to check out all the YouTube map playthroughs, they can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgU3IUvBpyibL4n5liEHy7RcIiBF9gIMH. * * * ..Well, what are you waiting for? Run along now, there's a TON of demons for you to kill!
  16. I welcome you to contribute to the project. @Peccatum Mihzamiz and @t.v. thank you for bumping the thread - I really do want to get this project completed. I'm feeling like by about February I'll be substantially less busy / probably eager to do another stretch of Doom modding and will be able to get back to coordinating this damn thing (or at least assisting in doing so!)
  17. Doomkid

    Connecting DOS and Windows Doom

    Oddly, for far too many years, the Steam version of Doom, Doom 2 etc came with literally only the game EXE - no SETUP, let alone IPXSETUP, SERSETUP etc.. I can only speculate as to why it was sold in this broken state for so long. Users could not customise anything without prior knowledge of how default.cfg works!
  18. I see people asking time and time again for places to upload wads, it almost seems like a daily occurrence at this point. The obvious answer is using the idgames uploader to get your file on idgames (which is mainly for complete projects), but there are actually quite a few other sites as well. Many of them are good for hosting works in progress: https://doomshack.org/ https://euroboros.net/ (requires account but is totally free) https://allfearthesentinel.net/ (requires account but is totally free) https://www.moddb.com/games/doom / doom-ii/ (requires account but is totally free) https://doom.dogsoft.net/ (requires a launcher for downloads) https://dudoomers.com/ (shut down) https://wadhosting.com/ (shut down) Google Drive, DropBox, MediaFire and MEGA are also useful for sharing works in progress, before they're ready for a proper release. All require accounts of course, but they're free. If there are any other sites I'm missing, please let me know. All of these sites are reliable, I've used most of them for several years now with no issue. Of course, if you want to be really really sure your wad will never, ever disappear until the heat death of the universe, you really should upload to /idgames.
  19. Doomkid

    SC-88 Soundfont?

    DCG Retrowave used his SC-88 to provide the music for a number of MtPain’s videos, I only know due to talking to each of them about it some time a couple years ago. I have an SC-88 myself and can confirm it sounds damn near identical to that soundfont when in 55 mode!
  20. Doomkid

    SIGIL II (Releasing December 10, 2023)

    IMA LET U FINISH BUT SIGIL WAS THE GREATEST WAD OF ALL TIME! ALL TIME!!! Seriously, it's a darn good wad, but "one of the best of all time"? Claiming no wads from the last 5 years other than MyHouse (lolwat) and Eviternity even compare!? It's just ignorant nonsense. It's actually such a dumb prospect and point of contention that I considered splitting it, but.. meh FWIW there are multiple DBPs, plus wads like Abscission, Nostalgia, Nova II, Solar Struggle, etc that are, in my opinion, better examples of "fun Doom experiences". I hate that this sounds like I'm shit talking Sigil because it is rock solid fun, but you have to be high on fanboy fumes to legitimately consider it better than Eviternity or other GOATs..
  21. 100% vanilla-compatible! NOW ON IDGAMES: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/rudy2 Rowdy Rudy is back and he's madder than ever! Download the final release here: https://doomshack.org/wads/rudy2.zip Rowdy Rudy II is ready for release. We have a fantastic 20 map community project here (plus 2 bonus maps) and I think fans of classic style TCs and partial conversions will enjoy this set. Here's the finalized maplist: Map01 - Storming the Bayside Base by Doomkid Map02 - Initial Hurdles by @sluggard Map03 - Further Infiltration by @DavidN Map04 - The Hydrocore by @Voltcom Map05 - In the Thick of It by Doomkid Map06 - Clutched Cargo by Doomkid Map07 - Secluded Rifts by @riderr3 Map08 - Cliffside Punchout by @TravyB Map09 - Security Station by @DFF Map10 - Black Gold by DFF Map11 - Ambush! by TravyB Map12 - Clearing Inventory by @RonnieJamesDiner Map13 - Mutagen Plant by @Moustachio Map14 - Rumble in the Canyon by RonnieJamesDiner Map15 - Jungle Hijinx by @Aurelius Map16 - Grim Sector by @Doom_Dude Map17 - Plutonic Relations by Doomkid Map18 - Drowning Pits by @Solmyr Map19 - Cyber Factory by @Philnemba Map20 - Death God's Shrine by @xdarkmasterx Bonus Map 21 - Sinners' Woods by @NeedHealth Bonus Map 22 - Jungle Assault by @MikeyScoots Note that the bonus maps are only for advanced source ports such as PrBoom+ or ZDoom-family ports. They use Boom features thus are not compatible with Vanilla or Chocolate Doom (although the main campaign is very much vanilla!) I'd also like to give a huge thanks to the following: Aurelius for lots of general support, DeHackEd assistance and testing, @Tango for tips with fast weapon switching and help with decals, @Gez for the awesome titlescreen, help with switches and other contributions, RonnieJamesDiner for help with glow effects in GZDoom and Zand, and our testers: @Dimon12321, @Horus, @FrancisT18, DavidN and Aurelius. You guys are awesome! Promo Video on YouTube: THE BACKSTORY: Despite being 100% vanilla compatible, POWERTRIP has many substantial changes to the enemy roster: Zombieman - 40 HP Shotgunner - 60 HP Plasma Guy - 60 HP (replaces Spectre) Chaingunner - 80 HP (replaces WolfSS) Flamethrower Guy - 80 HP (replaces Keen) Rocketman - 120 HP (replaces Hell Knight) Psycho Imp - 150 HP (replaces Arachnotron) Blood Demon - 180 HP Toxicacodemon - 400 HP Flame Caco - 600 HP (replaces Pain Elemental) Mini Mastermind - 500 HP (replaces Chaingunner) (Height: 56 / Diameter: 96 / Drops Chaingun) Flying Mastermind - 2000 HP (replaces Spiderdemon) (Height: 100 / Diameter: 200) Of course, many of the classic enemies remain untouched: Imp - 60 HP Lost Soul - 100 HP Revenant - 300 HP Mancubus - 600 HP Archvile - 700 HP Baron of Hell - 1000 HP Cyberdemon - 4000 HP The weapons have also undergone some substantial changes: The fists are faster and far more powerful. The chainsaw is double bladed, so it's twice as tough! Makes sense, right? The pistol is now an assault rifle with 100% accuracy. It's very slightly less powerful than the normal chaingun, but the pinpoint precision more than makes up for it's somewhat slow ROF. The shotgun is now totally automatic. Hold the fire button down and watch it go! Lays down whole waves of enemies in seconds. The double-barrel is now pump-action! Deliver two loads of buckshot quicker than ever before. The chaingun has a much faster ROF making it very effective and stunning even the meatier baddies. The rocket launcher has a faster ROF. Uhh I couldn't think of anything else but it works ok sheesh The plasma rifle doesn't have that little recoil animation anymore. Also GREEN! The BFG9000 now shoots big fireballs that emit 2 damage tracers rather than just one, making it even deadlier than usual. Finally, here are the various MIDIs used in this mapset: Title - Inca Roads by Frank Zappa Intermission - Intermission MIDI from Dwango20 Story - Jack the World by GWAR 01 - Covenant Dance from Halo 02 - Goin' Down the Fast Way from Rise of the Triad 03 - Nuts n' Bolts from Donkey Kong Country 3 04 - Track 2 from Metaltech: Earthsiege 05 - Hooligan Rhapsody from Beavis & Butthead 06 - The Awakening by Les Claypool 07 - Zombie Remix (D_COUNTD).mid by Viscra Maelstrom 08 - Record Skipping from Beavis & Butthead 09 - Fear Factory from Donkey Kong Country 10 - Venus Nickel-Iron Mine from Descent 11 - Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin 12 - Cacophony of Asian Donut Shops by AD_79 13 - Mysterious Forest from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening 14 - Rumble in the Jungle by AD_79 15 - Upper Brinstar (The Jungle Floor) from Super Metroid 16 - When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin 17 - The Graveyard from Heretic 18 - Deadly Town by Jimmy 19 - Death Wind from F-Zero 20 - Master of Puppets by Metallica 21/Victory screen - Legends of Rock from Beavis & Butthead 21/Bonus 1 - Accelerator by AD_79 22/Bonus 2 - Jungle Assault by MikeyScoots Download the FINAL release candidate here: https://doomshack.org/wads/rudy2.zip I'm looking forward to hearing community feedback on this one - help us get any last bugs squashed in the next coupla weeks before this makes it's way to /idgames. ..and hey, if you like this, be sure to check out the original Rowdy Rudy's Revenge!
  22. EDIT: I am turning this into the "AI generated picture" thread, since quite a few are popping up. Old post below: --- This site produces amazing AI generated art using a prompt you give it! https://huggingface.co/spaces/dalle-mini/dalle-mini I want to do a guessing game using this: Based on the photo posted, try to work out what the prompt was! Whoever answers correctly gets to post the next prompt. If no one can answer correctly within 12 hours, the first person who is able will post a new prompt image, and the person who posted the one that was never guessed correctly will have to spill the beans as to what their prompt was. The rules aren't strict since this is just for fun, but try to follow them! I'll start out with a really easy one:
  23. Doomkid

    SC-88 Soundfont?

    What you're hearing in those videos is an SC-88 in SC-55 mode, some of these soundfonts should get you pretty close, particularly the smallest of the EmpGrieferus ones: https://archive.org/details/sc-55-roland-25-gm-soundfonts