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  1. Doomkid

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    My fingers have been crossed for so long that I think they're stuck this way.
  2. Doomkid

    Which Doom map are you?

  3. Doomkid

    What country are you from?

    We've had similar threads a number of times over the years, but it always makes me happy seeing what an international game Doom is when I'm playing on ZDaemon and there's 10 players in a server, and each one of them is hailing from a different corner of the globe. Considering we get many new users year by year, I wanted to start a fresh thread asking about this. (I don't really care where people who have been gone since 2010 are from anyway, so I won't bother linking old threads). To answer the question: I was born in Florida, was lucky enough to spend about 2.5 years living in Hawaii as a kid, and about 15 years ago my family and I moved to Australia, which is also a lovely place.
  4. For the time being, I'll say this map is fine as-is. I think problems will only come up in its current state if people attempt to both record and play back demos in vanilla Doom2 1.9. I think any other port will record and play back complevel 2 demos just fine, so I'm not all that worried. DosBox did seem to run the map just fine for casual play!
  5. 8 MARCH 2022: JUDGING HAS STARTED! Check the playlist below! ..That's right, way back in the distant and spooky year of 2001, a much younger me began the journey of endlessly plopping down linedefs and vertices. To celebrate such a long span of mapping, and inspired by several other astute scholars in the world of Doom, I present to you my very own vanilla mapping contest! That's right, a mapping contest. What a fun (and original) way to mark this occasion, am I right? Since this is a friendly competition, you'll need to know.. WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR (& WHY) ..As stated, this is going to be a vanilla format mapping contest. The reason I'm picking such an oldschool format is multi-sided: • The maps I played in the late 90s and early 2000s that inspired me to get into mapping were all vanilla maps, as that's all there was in that era, sans a few early/niche source ports. • The majority of my mapping output over the years has been vanilla, so it makes sense as a theme for the contest. • Vanilla map submissions will be the easiest to compile into a fun megawad for us all to enjoy once this contest is wrapped up! The themes I'm looking for are the following: • City / town maps • Run-down techbases • Abstract or off-the-wall • Hell maps • Maps that generally evoke a classic Doomy feel, of course! ..and above all else, try to put yourself in that "90's mapping headspace". Try to take all the best aspects of any older maps you're familiar with on board as inspiration, while of course remembering to stay within vanilla limits!! THE RESOURCE PACK & HOW IT WORKS (Contest has expired! Please download this zip which contains the resource pack & all submissions!) Since most people know me for my vanilla compatible partial conversions, I decided that all of the best submissions are going to be compiled into an episode called JAMAL JONES: One Man Jury! Jamal Jones is the older brother of my other Doom character Rowdy Rudy, and after all is said and done, this wad will serve as a prequel to the original Rowdy Rudy's Revenge! (Titlepic may change a bit in time) There are a number of minor changes to weapon and monster behavior, however nothing strays too far from classic Doom gameplay: • The Spectre is replaced by the Plasma Guy. Attacks like a much slower Arachnotron, but with far less health. HP = 90 • The WolfSS guy, who is now a sort of Hazmat Guy, can be used as an extra low-tier enemy. HP = 50 • Commander Keen is replaced by an Alien Imp. Twice as sturdy as normal imps, hurling a Baron and Imp fireball in quick succession. Walks faster than his weaker cousin. HP = 130 • A Blind Pinky has the same health as always, but charges quite a bit faster now! HP = 150 • A Toxicacodemon is a little more aggressive than a standard tomato, and spits a toxic Baron ball rather than a standard Caco ball. HP = 400 • The Pain Elemental is replaced by the infamous Flame Caco. He spits deadly flame at close range, but don't let his followup fireball catch you off guard! HP = 550 ..The lower-tier weapons have also received some nice upgrades: The pistol is now a tougher, faster, and perfectly accurate Rifle, and the fists are now a 4x stronger Bayonet. Additionally the Chainsaw, Shotgun, Chaingun and Rocket Launcher have all received a slight increase to their rate of fire! ..There are also modified versions of the classic Doom II textures, originally taken from the HD textures without the HD pack. These serve to give the world a bit of a grittier, off-kilter feel, and helps distinguish this wad from classic, unmodified Doom. Here's a pack of all the submissions I'll be judging + the resource pack - looks like it's gonna be a ton of fun! https://doomshack.org/uploads/1ManJury_Res_V6a_MAP_SUBMISSIONS.zip
  6. I want to quote this for emphasis. There was a grand total of like 20 people who were upset that Final Doom was a paid product, although there were a handful of gaming magazines that said "It's not bad, just meh and outdated". I didn't even know they were iwads until after I downloaded them from some page that had a bunch of wads in 2002 or so. I think the person uploading said wads might have also thought they were pwads, since they were right next to Memento Mori and such on this old list. I was pretty harsh as a kid - I really do like Doom64 a lot and have for some time, but when I first saw it in the 90s, I honestly felt kind of ashamed by how old and crusty Doom64 looked compared to Goldeneye, or any other polygon-based games. (It might be hard to tell now, where everything from 1985 to 2000 gets lumped in this singular pool of "retro gaming", but the difference was stark for a brief few years). Just giving that context because when I learned that they sold two megawads for cash, it did seem strange and lazy to me as a kid, like id were tarnishing their reputation or something. My child self registered them as being clearly inferior to MM with it's balls-to-the-wall soundtrack and ample custom textures. I didn't care much though, I got them for free and I kinda figured most other people did too. My opinion as a kid basically boiled down to: "who would pay for wads when there's so many online for free, lol?"
  7. Doomkid

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    They run out of ammo the instant you kill 'em! Some are even generous enough to leave a clip, shotgun or chaingun. The baddies know that sharing is caring.
  8. Doomkid

    IDKFA Cheat Code Meaning - Opinion Poll

    I could swear I’ve heard Romero say it was Keys-Full-Ammo. K is definitely for Keys as Sherpardus pointed out, due to IDFA existing. ..But at the same time, didn’t IDFA come later? As in, wasn’t it an “afterthought code”? Not that it necessarily changes anything, but maybe it was killer-fucking-arsenal, I’ve heard that before too and it does seem extremely “90s id” Edit: Just checked the wiki (how couldn’t I) and Romero did indeed say it was killer-fucking-arsenal in an interview. (Also fwiw IDFA did come later, in 1.666, meaning the K might not have initially referred to Keys, it was just a happy accident).
  9. To the last 8 participants who are waiting for your maps to be played: I am so sorry for this enormous delay. I had planned to have the playthroughs all wrapped up and be working on the video announcing the winners and doing a general re-cap by now. I figured I should post here with an update, my PC I was using for the playthroughs is not working and I’ve ordered a replacement which is taking a while to arrive. This has been excruciating(ly boring), I totally understand that - With luck, my replacement will arrive in the next couple days and I’ll be able to bang out those last 8 maps in quick succession. The recap and announcement video might take a further week or so to finalise. After that, we can spend a few more weeks working on bug fixing and finalising the project, getting it ready-to-play for release to the public! Just want to keep everyone in the loop!
  10. GZDoom has multiplayer support that is totally rudimentary and lackluster, Zandronum is like a “lite” version of GZDoom that runs very smoothly and has tons of compatible mods, despite being a bit behind GZDoom. The site is www.zandronum.com
  11. Doomkid

    Is W.J. short in

    What I always wanted to know about the SS guards.. Why were their sounds re-recorded for Doom2 to sound like wimpy children? Is it just because they look like tiny shrimp compared to DoomGuy so they had to make his voice higher pitched to match? I recall laughing hard as a kid when I first heard the Doom2 version say “meinleben” when he dies. It always sounded so much more alarming the way they loudly barked it in Wolf3D.
  12. Doomkid

    How do i change my name?

    Do you want your DW name changed to “DELTAtheDboi005”? If so I’ll see if I can’t get that changed.
  13. Doomkid

    Need help with beating this McDonald's WAD

    It apparently wants to use some Legacy features - I know GZDoom supports a number of Legacy features (assuming that's the port you're using) but maybe it doesn't support all of them? Here's a stable build of Legacy 1.42 which came just one year after that map, so everything should be fully compatible: https://sourceforge.net/projects/doomlegacy/files/Old versions/1.42/ If you're running a version of Windows that has 32 bit compat, or if you're running Linux, this should work without much hassle.
  14. Doomkid

    Known lost WADs of our history?

    I have a couple of those single-maps saved somewhere, I’ll look for them. Also just to clarify, Dwango5 Map23 for example being attributed to FRAGFEST.wad is incorrect - it’s PIZZA.wad: https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/Death-to-Venus I’m thinking someone may have edited it slightly and re-named it before Aikman found it and added it to Dwango5. Similar to how Map12 comes from NEWWEST.wad, which was just a re-named and slightly modified version of PAR-002C.wad. As far as SEMFINAL.wad and SEATTLE.wad go, fodders (an oldschool UK deathmatch fan who has been gone for years) mentioned it in a 2006 post in this thread: https://forums.zdaemon.org/viewtopic.php?t=7903&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 There’s an issue of PC Zone from 1995 that talks about the wad and tourney: https://archive.org/details/PC_Zone_32_November_1995 There’s also an old UseNet thread about it: https://groups.google.com/g/rec.games.computer.doom.playing/c/xAigFbuwpTs Even though it’s just a Map01 edit, with all this (albeit old) documentation and popularity in its day, I’d be surprised if there’s not a copy out there waiting to be found.
  15. Doomkid

    The ongoing cryptocurrency crash

    Tales from the Crypt-O
  16. What exact comments here bothered you, DSC? Was it the guy defending the Nazis and their "peaceful ways" (clearly sarcastically)? Or was it one of the total fucking dorks claiming there's no inherent spirit of rebellion in metal music? Maybe the idiot defending the Jan 6th shit as "staged" even though there's tons of footage proving it wasn't..? Regardless, you're always going to find fuckwits like that out in the wild. It is not your job to de-moron random people on the net. Please stop rolling this burden up the unclimbable hill, Sisyphus! It can't be done! I'm only saying this because I can relate somewhat, and because I want you to stop putting yourself through mental anguish. I used to love getting into political arguments - with the naive idea that someone reading might be convinced one way or another about some (seemingly) pressing issue. When I realized that people will only agree with you if they already agree with you, and that the power of bias is generally 10x more effective than any power actual evidence may have, it became clear: Other than for people with God-tier gift of the gab, there's no goddamn point going around trying to proselytize. Unless it entertains or pleases you, which it clearly doesn't. 80% of people just want to nod their empty fucking heads along to an opinion that doesn't challenge their worldview or ideology at all. Also, if someone said "metal isn't about rebellion" to me back when I was gigging (and drinking heavily) I have no idea how I'd avoid the temptation to punch them. Utterly softcock take. Thankfully in the last 8-9 years I'm more and more learning the value of peace and acceptance (as you can so clearly tell)...!
  17. Doomkid

    Do you usually go for the secret levels?

    In wads where I really want to see all the maps, I'll just idclev if a secret exit is missed.
  18. I was looking through like 10 different 1994-1996 shovelware discs, and although most maps had no MIDIs, on the rare occasion they did, there was at least a 50% chance it was the Terminator theme. I always assumed 90s wads re-used the same 20ish MIDIs over and over and over (Terminator theme, Mission Impossible, Das Boot and a bunch of classical MIDIs) because some popular BBSes, FTP servers or very early sites probably only had small-ish handfuls of MIDI files to put up for download. It has to be something along those lines. Once the internet started becoming more commonly available in the late 90s and early 00s I remember the number of MIDIs out there to pick from skyrocketing!
  19. RIP to the old PC I’ve been using since 2016! Every time I start it, I get a loud, dirty crash, usually a blue screen but sometimes not even that, even after taking everything apart, making sure it’s all clean, putting fresh thermal gel on the CPU and all that fun stuff. The included graphics card finally went early last year, in other words since this one is only just over a year old I seriously doubt it's the problem (even though it's just some little inexpensive low-spec nvidia card). I think I've just thrashed the CPU so consistently since day one that it's finally croaked. Could also be some motherboard problem I suppose, but the symptoms seem more like that of a worn-as-hell CPU. That video response to Midnight is gonna be the last thing of note to have ever been done on that machine, lol 99% of everything I've made in the last 6 years was done on it, from maps to MIDIs to videos :( It was an Alienware X51 compact tower, btw - 6th gen i7 @ 3.60 GHz and with 16 gig of ram, a little beast in 2016!.. Even though I loved that little Alienware, I'm kind of interested in how a new one will feel after all this time. Just ordered the new rig, 12th gen i5 @ 2.50 GHz base clock speed, 32 gigs of ram, with a basic Intel HD graphics card which I might upgrade when I'm not broke (this thing just set me back $1,000.. Ouch, but hopefully worth it.) It's also got a 1TB SSD, my old PC had an HDD so I'm hoping that even though the specs are comparable, I'll see no worse performance, or maybe even marginally better performance than what I'm used to. Course I'll use the HDD taken out of my old PC, might even put it in the new one for storage/easy access of all my old files, without being tied down to HDD transfer speeds and stuff for general use. At the heart of all this rambling: My old PC could handle OBS recording fullscreen GZDoom gameplay at 1920x1080 48fps and high-quality audio commentary consistently for several hours at a time (I usually use DSDA Doom ofc, but I mention GZDoom because it's more demanding and I want that option). The old rig could also render 1280x720 videos @ 48fps pretty damn quickly, which I consider to be a solid baseline for video quality/gameplay footage in this era. Anyway, that's the end of my rant - I'm really just hoping what I've bought will be an adequate replacement, able to do all the stuff I usually do, particularly the more demanding stuff like rendering videos and recording decent quality gameplay. I know a big component in that is the GPU, and the one that comes with the new PC is middle of the road Intel HD, but all the reviews suggested it was solid all the same. Any of you out there who know a thing or two about PCs, I'd love to hear your opinions!
  20. Doomkid

    Feeling Old?

    OK, mission accomplished. After reading this, I do feel old.
  21. I've just been assuming the PSU was fine, but maybe it's foolish of me to do so. Definitely gonna be doing some surgery & frankensteining on the old rig here and there to try and bring it back. I think my dad might actually have access to free PSUs at his job, so this should be a pretty easy part to replace. EDIT: @Dark Pulse, thank you so much for the detailed post! This is so helpful to a layman like me with only a basic grasp of PC parts and how they function.
  22. Doomkid

    why did doom avoid dithering?

    I think because the way light naturally bounced off the models they photographed for the Doomguy, Baron etc would have been "visually clashy" with other sprites if they'd used dithering. Dithering makes me think of nice-looking NES and Sega games, which tend to have a distinctly cartoony appearance even when they look really good (even compared to Doom, which looks "realistic" by comparison, lol). I think the team members handling the art side of things at old id (Kevin and Adrian if I remember my stuff) probably agreed that having a mix of natural shadows/gradients and dithering would have been an artistic clash. That said, maps like DoomCity.wad use dithering really effectively in the sky texture - so it's certainly not without a place in custom Doom content and art assets imo! Just would need to be used selectively and sparingly. But maybe I'm wrong there too, maybe a wad filled with dithered assets would actually look badass.
  23. Well, for me, I've heard plenty of great MIDIs, and played plenty of great maps - but when you get an amazing MIDI and map in combination, that's when they stick in my memory undoubtedly. Damn, there's a few... Will not be able to recall them all! The Mucus Flow theme is an obvious choice, gorgeous MIDI and map combo. Jaw dropped when I first played this one so many moons ago! I wish I could make something that scratches the surface of the emotion this map gave me. Not nearly as much "WOAH" factor, but the combination of the Mission Impossible theme with the opening of Area51, showing the player storming the highly-off-limits base, is in my opinion an iconic Doom experience. Maybe it wouldn't hit the same in the modern era, but that mood was set damn well and I'll never forget it. (Very fun map and good sounding MIDI too, can't go wrong at that point tbh). Hearing the Man in the Box MIDI, one of the most angry, droning "wall of sound"-style rock MIDIs I've heard, paired with the crashed plane in the hot desert sun in Bermuda is also one coupling I won't forget. I feel like the sense of hopelessly-slanted-against-you dread the combo instills in the player has to be intentional, because the map is absolutely a ball-buster. Not to mention, this is what really opened the door to me loving AiC when I was a youngling. I really want to mention the music for Map01, Fade, of Don't Be a Bitch Remastered. It's not a MIDI, but the "calm, with an underlying hint of dread" music fits the map and duels which go down there so damn well. As a kid, I was for whatever reason enamored with Map02 of MM, The Bridge. I replayed that map a frankly bizarre number of times over the years, something about the texturing and not-tough pacing of the map fits like a glove alongside Mark Klem's Dreadnaught. After the calm gives way to the steady drum beat, and finally crescendos with that brassy hook - I just friggin' love that. Hearing the real "non-MIDIish" version of this song years later just enhanced my love for it. Also, how could I not mention Cold Tea by Andy Lee Robinson? SSL2.wad (and that one map from Brit10 that uses it) are both fine little duel maps, but the MIDI is the clear star of the show here. Again, hearing a video of the non-MIDI version being played live just made me love the song more.
  24. Thanks, Murdoch. It's actually reassuring to know the CPU might still be fine, and that the ol' mechanical HD (not to mention the "spare tire" GT 710 and even the RAM) are more likely to be sore spots than the CPU. I've got 8gb of compatible ram just sorta hanging around with my other spare parts, I might put it as well as the replacement HDD in my old tower and see if it can't get a second lease on life. As weak as it is, I feel like the GT 710 still has a lot of life left in it too, what with it being only just over a year since I bought it. If I'm still blue screening with a new HD and different RAM in there, I'll be fairly confident it's a motherboard issue, since CPU faults are relatively rare compared to other components - had no idea that was (generally) true til reading your post, but I'm glad since the CPU is where a lot of the $$ comes into play.
  25. Thanks for letting me know, Graf. I halfway expected the integrated card to not be up to snuff anyway, so I won’t be upset if I need to lay down a few more bucks to complete the package. I cleaned it using one of those soft little cloths that comes with glasses, as well as a small study wooden skewer to help get small chunks of dust out of crevasses. After getting all the stuff loose I gave it a hit of compressed air. Only a fairly small amount of dust came out though, so I feel that may not have been the issue anyway. I live in an extremely moist and humid climate, right by the beach. It rains constantly and you can sometimes taste salt in the air.. Worst spot to live for a nerd who uses the PC a lot, and plays guitars.. god, the corrosion sucks so bad. But it’s such a pretty little spot that I don’t know if I’ll ever leave! Wouldn’t be at all surprised if some component in the PC is corroded and I just can’t tell at a glance, long story short. Hmm, been hitting the same HDD pretty damn hard in the old rig. I feel fairly confident that it’s not the ram, but that HDD has been rocked daily for a while. I do have a fresh HDD, still in the box and everything that I bought for pennies. Couldn’t hurt to chuck her in the old rig and see if I can’t get a little more life out of it as a backup PC. If it continues to blue screen after that - eh, I definitely got my money’s worth out of the thing since 2016. Thanks a lot for the extra info, DuckRecon. It’s reassuring to hear you (and Bucket and others) vouching for the decentness of the integrated card! My old PC came with a pretty darn good card in 2016, one so fancy that it needed to plug into extra power. When I was sure it had croaked, I got a super cheap GeForce GT 710. It did everything I needed for the last year (despite being the equivalent of driving around on a spare donut rather than a real tire). All the performance checks I came across suggested the newer integrated intel cards are actually roundly better than the 710 anyway, so I’m hopeful. (I still do have it sitting safely in the old PC if I do end up needing a spare again in the not too distant future..)