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  1. Doomkid

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    I can understand that. "GeeZee" Doom kinda makes me think CheesyDoom every now and then.
  2. Doomkid

    hamdmade baron of hell

    That Baron is definitely skipping leg day, but he's still a badass. Nice work!
  3. Doomkid

    Post your very first map here!

    So when will we be tuning these all up for a community project??? I started out by editing other people’s wads, very poorly. I made my first maps from scratch in 2001, and they sure would have fit in with 1994 wads. My oldest surviving wad is from 2004, the most plain DM maps you’ve ever seen.... My attempt to make something like Dwango5, a low bar which I still didn’t manage to hit! https://www.wad-archive.com/wad/c6ec9dd85d20abd650d3601b7e7e9320
  4. Doomkid

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    You’re absolutely right. Boom is just such an engrained aspect of Doom’s history that I somehow forgot to even count it when thinking about source ports.. A case of something being so obvious that it’s missed. Such a great name that says all you need to know!
  5. Doomkid

    Blood Foundry, 3 Vanilla Speed Maps

    Fun little wad, just blasted through it in about 15 minutes! Main points of whining: -Map01 and 02 could really use a secret -What with how mean 02 is about damaging floors, a secret with a soulsphere or even a medkit or two would make the balance on this golden Really tiny, but 15 minutes of pure quality is more my speed these days than grand adventures anyhow. In terms of the layouts, they loop in on themselves in creative ways, the abundance of windows/views to later areas is great too. Monster placement is on point. Visuals are super sleek, love the gold and red color scheme. This type of wad really puts the "fun" in fun sized, IMO.
  6. Doomkid

    Dude, Bloodstain is really good

    Hmm.. I'm starting to wonder if there's two different Bloodstains out there (seems like a pretty obvious name for a wad, after all). The 2nd map of the Bloodstain I have uses Dead Souls from The Crow, and the MIDI is basically 100% accurate to the real song, or at least as accurate as a MIDI can be. Makes me think we might be talking about two totally different mapsets, lol.
  7. Doomkid

    [DISCORD] DOSBox Deathmatch Club!

    Next time I hop on Discord I'll be sure to join! This might have some appeal to the Chocolate Doomslayers too.
  8. (100% vanilla-compatible) Rowdy Rudy is back and he's madder than ever! Download the release candidate HERE: https://doomshack.org/uploads/rudy2rc1.zip Rowdy Rudy II is ready for an initial release! We have a fantastic 20 map community project here (plus 2 bonus maps) and I think fans of classic style TCs and partial conversions will enjoy this set. Here's the finalized maplist: Map01 - Storming the Bayside Base by Doomkid Map02 - Initial Hurdles by @sluggard Map03 - Further Infiltration by @DavidN Map04 - The Hydrocore by @Voltcom Map05 - In the Thick of It by Doomkid Map06 - Clutched Cargo by Doomkid Map07 - Secluded Rifts by @riderr3 Map08 - Cliffside Punchout by @TravyB Map09 - Security Station by @DFF Map10 - Black Gold by DFF Map11 - Ambush! by TravyB Map12 - Clearing Inventory by @RonnieJamesDiner Map13 - Mutagen Plant by @Moustachio Map14 - Rumble in the Canyon by RonnieJamesDiner Map15 - Jungle Hijinx by @Aurelius Map16 - Grim Sector by @Doom_Dude Map17 - Plutonic Relations by Doomkid Map18 - Drowning Pits by @Solmyr Map19 - Cyber Factory by @Philnemba Map20 - Death God's Shrine by @xdarkmasterx Bonus Map 21 - Sinner's Wood by @NeedHealth Bonus Map 22 - Jungle Assault by @MikeyScoots Note that the bonus maps are only for advanced source ports such as PrBoom+ or ZDoom-family ports. They use Boom features thus are not compatible with Vanilla or Chocolate Doom (although the main campaign is very much vanilla!) I'd also like to give a huge thanks to the following: Aurelius for lots of general support, DeHackEd assistance and testing, @Tango for tips with fast weapon switching and help with decals, @Gez for the awesome titlescreen, help with switches and other contributions, RonnieJamesDiner for help with glow effects in GZDoom and Zand, and our testers: @Dimon12321, @Horus, DavidN and Aurelius. You guys are awesome! Promo Video on YouTube: THE BACKSTORY: Despite being 100% vanilla compatible, POWERTRIP has many substantial changes to the enemy roster: Zombieman - 40 HP Shotgunner - 60 HP Plasma Guy - 60 HP (replaces Spectre) Chaingunner - 80 HP (replaces WolfSS) Flamethrower Guy - 80 HP (replaces Keen) Rocketman - 120 HP (replaces Hell Knight) Psycho Imp - 150 HP (replaces Arachnotron) Blood Demon - 180 HP Toxicacodemon - 400 HP Flame Caco - 600 HP (replaces Pain Elemental) Mini Mastermind - 500 HP (replaces Chaingunner) (Height: 56 / Diameter: 96 / Drops Chaingun) Flying Mastermind - 2000 HP (replaces Spiderdemon) (Height: 100 / Diameter: 200) Of course, many of the classic enemies remain untouched: Imp - 60 HP Lost Soul - 100 HP Revenant - 300 HP Mancubus - 600 HP Archvile - 700 HP Baron of Hell - 1000 HP Cyberdemon - 4000 HP The weapons have also undergone some substantial changes: The fists are faster and far more powerful. The chainsaw is double bladed, so it's twice as tough! Makes sense, right? The pistol is now an assault rifle with 100% accuracy. It's very slightly less powerful than the normal chaingun, but the pinpoint precision more than makes up for it's somewhat slow ROF. The shotgun is now totally automatic. Hold the fire button down and watch it go! Lays down whole waves of enemies in seconds. The double-barrel is now pump-action! Deliver two loads of buckshot quicker than ever before. The chaingun has a much faster ROF making it very effective and stunning even the meatier baddies. The rocket launcher has a faster ROF. Uhh I couldn't think of anything else but it works ok sheesh The plasma rifle doesn't have that little recoil animation anymore. Also GREEN! The BFG9000 now shoots big fireballs that emit 2 damage tracers rather than just one, making it even deadlier than usual. Finally, here are the various MIDIs used in this mapset: Download the release candidate here! https://doomshack.org/uploads/rudy2rc1.zip I'm looking forward to hearing community feedback on this one - help us get any last bugs squashed in the next coupla weeks before this makes it's way to /idgames. and hey, if you like this, be sure to check out the original Rowdy Rudy's Revenge!
  9. Doomkid

    The First Song Of Each Metal Genre

    Man, Possessed is really riding the line between thrash and death metal.. which I know some people who are hardcore into it would disown me for saying, but I think Death is more "clearly defined" as death metal whereas my brain is registering Possessed (which I've somehow never heard before) as being more in the thrash region. No clue how I didn't mention Death or Morbid Angel though, granted I'm not as familiar with Death, but Morbid Angel has a lot of songs I really like and are obviously from the mid 80's..
  10. Doomkid

    Top 5 Favorite Films

    This is pretty much the common opinion nowadays, not sure if it always was or not but I've seen people say this pretty regularly. I'm not an easily bored person, especially if the overall subject matter is something that interests me. Okay, if someone is bored by fucking Blade Runner then I know their opinions on films are going to be nowhere near congruent with my own, lol. I agree with this entirely. They're both fantastic films but the first one wears it's age a lot better. When it comes to film (or most art, I guess) I personally try to judge it by the standards of the era in which it was released, since directors can't have magically looked forward in time to see what's appealing in 2020. From that perspective, just for the "wow" factor of the effects alone I can see people having felt T2 was better around release, but with the gift of hindsight I'd agree that T1 is better on the whole.
  11. Doomkid

    The First Song Of Each Metal Genre

    As far as Death Metal specifically is concerned, probably my favorite of the various metal subgenres, I can't think of any thing older than Body Bag from 1990. I look forward to being proven wrong:
  12. Just looked it up and Fonze was spot on: "Clumping is a behavior in an organism, usually sessile, in which individuals of a particular species group close to one another for beneficial purposes. Clumping can be caused by the abiotic environment surrounding an organism." We're growing closer for mutually beneficial reasons! Yay!
  13. So, for many years I was on a journey to find 3 elusive wads I played in my childhood. I managed to find one a couple years ago (JFL18.WAD), which convinced me that the other 2 may still show up some time yet. I would have played at least ~20 wads in the handful of years leading up to integrating with the community (between 1997 and the very early 00s) and I was able to remember all of them with the exception of just 3... What I learned is that my memory of these maps must be pretty fuckin' good, because I recreated a few scenes from one about 15 years after the last time I actually played it. My recreation screenshots: The actual areas I was trying to recreate: (for being a 23 year old recreating maps last played at age 9, I think I did a damn good job considering the 15 year break) The wad in question is JFL18.WAD, a deathmatch pack from 1997. I made my "recreation" wad in 2014 and didn't actually find the bastard til 2018, and I was searching around on and off since goddamn 2007 or so!! If you want to see my recreation maps, they're here mixed in with some other generic DM maps. I even found my old post from 6 years ago asking others about it, with no replies: The moral of the story is, after at least 11 years of hunting I FINALLY found what I was after! There are still two more wads I've yet to find.. One is a deathmatch-only wad that is visually very similar to both Heretic and Eternal Doom. Deep blue skies, grey stone walls, a very "castle" vibe everywhere with loads of stained-glass textures, and a really wide, open-concept design surrounded by lots of water, and it was at least a few maps, and finally it couldn't have been made after 1999. You wouldn't think there'd be too many wads out there meeting all of those criteria, but sadly it hasn't helped me in finding any leads yet. The other is such a generic "competent old Doom level" that I won't even bother describing it... I did recreate a screenshot of the starting area though, and if my recreations of JFL18 are anything to go by, it's probably pretty damn accurate: but anyway, the overarching point of this thread is: Have any of YOU ever tried to recreate an old, forgotten map you played in the past? On the back of that, did you ever actually end up finding the wad (and having the impeccable nature of your memory reassured to you)?! I'd love to see it or hear about it!
  14. Rofl, it was the "Sometimes things in life are uncertain" line that made me think that, I really can't say why. Definitely not a criticism (that would be hypocritical as fuck coming from me!) I think Clippy mentioned smoking in a review of his that I watched.. Then again maybe I'm getting Clippy mixed up with someone else who does Doom playthroughs and just further proving how drug addled I truly am! (I genuinely have no idea what clumping is other than what cat litter does when a cat takes a pee)
  15. lol, I'm not sure how exactly, but I just somehow knew. It reminded me exactly of the kind of thought I'd have if I was about to get some food after taking a puff. When it comes to different types of sauce I love sweet and sour sauce personally, particularly a more asian style sweet and sour as opposed to the kind from McDonalds, but that stuff is good too. I also like Aoli. I gotta agree with NoXion that tomato sauce/ketchup are probably the weakest link on the sauce chain..
  16. Clippy, do you have the munchies right now? I only ask that because this is the type of thread I'd consider making after injecting multiple marijuanas. Either that or Ajora has taken over your account - If there'd been a link or photo of the spicy chicken burger in question, I'd have been convinced of it! Oh yeah, the main question.. A nugget or two with no sauce is fine, but if your actual order is just nuggets with a side of fries, I feel like with McDonald's chicken in particular, the taste gets really old really fast without some sauce to help it along the way.
  17. Doomkid

    Dude, Bloodstain is really good

    I just downloaded the wad hoping for some hilariously compressed WAV format music or something but just got ultra common MIDIs that have been used in 999 wads before :( my disappointment is immeasurable and my day ruined (Actually I'm just kidding, this wad looks great, no clue how I haven't tried it til now..)
  18. Doomkid

    Top 5 Favorite Films

    Well, this is impossible, but I'll just try to think of some films I really love.. 2001: A Space Odyssey Life of Brian One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The Terminator Idiocracy Animated films should pretty much be a different category but I simp for oldschool Disney big time so Toy Story The Jungle Book Aladdin Beavis and Butthead Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie Colon Film for Theatres This could be completely different depending on my mood. I'd struggle to do a top 5 even if we were sorting them by genre, to be honest. This is basically just a random list of 10 films I really love. I don't have a huge list of TV shows I truly love but movies are a different story.
  19. Doomkid

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    Here’s an old post I made on the subject, Hmm.. You know, I never actually asked that question before, oddly.. I’m not sure! As a guess, maybe J was the developer’s first initial?
  20. Doomkid

    What if: Doomguy Origin Cinematic/Animatic?

    https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/38280 Comes complete with super compressed MP3s, really grainy JPEGs, gratuitous Comic Sans, ripped Counter Strike SFX... So many trademarks of an animation from 2001. Conceptually though, I think it hits the mark great. If a decent animator tried their hand at this same thing again today, it could be fantastic. The sarge isn't demonic after all, I was surely mixing it up with some of the other ancient animations from the same era: https://www.newgrounds.com/collection/doom
  21. Doomkid

    What if: Doomguy Origin Cinematic/Animatic?

    There's an ancient cartoon from 2000 that's only about 3 minutes long and has probably aged like milk where it depicts the actual Doomguy punching the (subtly demonic) sergeant in the face and getting sent off to Mars. I'd absolutely love to see this concept fleshed out into a proper 15-20 minute animation or well made fan film, could be interesting! I was expecting that scene in both "doom" ""movies"", what with it being literally one of the only plot points present in the game naturally I assumed it would make it into the film about said game, but turns out those movies were just random junk with the word Doom thrown on 'em. I was double deprived! I mean really, by now, from Doom 1 all the way through Doom Eternal, there is definitely enough lore to make an actually decent short film or animation or whatever about Doomguy's journey. Once that's actually Doomy, I mean: Show him assaulting his superior, getting sent to mars, being left outside the Hangar door while basically being forced to listen to everyone get slaughtered over his little radio, then a sweet 10 minute action scene depicting E1, but then when he steps on the teleporter he goes to Hell.. Then another action scene or two, Earth, finding Daisy, Going back to hell decided to live there to protect humanity, being entombed and then rediscovered at the start of Doom 2016... I mean, come the fuck on, they've made films about WAY shittier things than this with WAY less meat on the bone than this. I think it has the potential to be done well, it just sucks ass that no one ever seemingly will (or even really wants to).
  22. I just wanted to make a rebuttal to some of the weird and unfounded claims Gman made in his recent video.. It got over 100k views in 2 days despite being filled with nonsensical statements and claims, so here's my attempt to clarify things! Edit: He flat out removed the original. Not exactly my intention.. I hope he just did so to avoid misinformation. I’m not really a fan of putting people down and I felt that the small handful of jokes in here were pretty innocuous, not meant to be personal jabs or anything like that.
  23. If the bar is "anyone who played any Doom game for at least 10 minutes or more and thus knows what it is", considering how long Doom games have been around, I'd be stunned if it wasn't in excess of 100 million by now. Many who played the game or were even big fans during the 90's would have passed away since sadly, but I assume we're counting both living and dead Doom players.
  24. Doomkid

    DCK 3.2 Registered

    That's alright! I was hoping someone might come out of the woodworks who has the registered version of something later than 2.2f - hopefully it will be functional enough to at least use successfully.
  25. I'm so glad to hear that Dimon! I'm thinking it should be on idgames in about 2 weeks (with very little different, so you've still got the right picture if you've already played it a couple times :)