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  1. My grandfather lived a long life and was a good man.. it’s hard to accept that he just left us a few hours ago. Everything has to come to an end.. Rest In Peace Eric Post, it was truly a pleasure knowing you. 😞

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    2. Marlamir


      I'm sorry to hear that. You have my condolences. R.I.P and stay strong, he is at better place now.

    3. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      Stay strong my friend.

    4. Voltcom9


      Sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandfather. Sometimes the best way to deal with loss is to think about all the good things that they did and were and celebrate their life. 

  2. Doomkid

    Does everything popular sucks?

    Yours grammars sucks Tokis Seriously though: The ratio of good shit to shitty goods feels like it’s always been a mix of gold and vomit. In the old days of gaming you had an ET for every Donkey Kong and these days you have a Mass Effect Andromeda for every Doom 4. It’s deceptively easy to filter out the shit of the past in our memories but rest assured there’s always been tons of it.
  3. Hey folks, I'm currently compiling as many variations of the Doomguy sprite as I possibly can. Skins offer a really cool customizable element to your multiplayer Doom experience and so far I've gathered 87 skins that are based on the original Doomguy sprite (with a few based on the chaingunner) and all suitable for competitive play, nothing tiny or invisible or whatever else. The skins found here were created by: ..and various others who are unfortunately unknown to me at this time, since a lot of these were pulled from larger packs that didn't contain credits. If you see something here that you recognize and the author's name is not featured please let me know, I want everyone who's work is present to be credited. To be clear, what I'm looking for is sprites that are edits using the Doomguy (or the zombieman, shotgunner etc) as a base. I'm looking to get this to a nice round number like 100, 110 etc. I hope to see some submissions for this!
  4. Doomkid

    Seeking: Your Doomguy Sprite Variants

    I’m always open to creating expanded versions in future! So far I’ve got 97 in the pack, if I add @HorrorMovieGuy and @Melodica‘s skins we’ll be sitting at about 100, then there’s Captain Ventris’ female skin in addition to 4 or 5 other decent female skins I’m aware of. If I can get this to a clean 110 I’d be very satisfied for the time being.
  5. I know you're asking about what was the most impressive from a programming perspective but even some relatively simple things have gone a really long way towards keeping Doom ticking. I have a bias obviously but for me the most important thing was the development of a client/server architecture for multiplayer since we wouldn't have seen the last 20 solid years of multiplayer fun in classic Doom without it. Second to that, all the raised limitations: No more worrying about sprite limits, visplanes, etc. I see so many primarily 'vanilla limit removing/boom' mappers committing absolute murder and I'm so glad they can, I think the number of frustrating limits present in old Doom would have resulted in reduced numbers of mappers even setting aside the wealth of new mapping features engines like Boom and ZDoom introduced.
  6. Doomkid

    Improving the Reaper Miniatures boxed sets

    This is amazing. I desperately wanted these way back when, my inner child flipped (in a good way) when I saw how perfectly you designed the foam tray to hold them. Very professional looking stuff.
  7. Doomkid

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    I can’t STAND keen apologists like you Marc, keen single handedly ruined the entire Doom2 campaign and got away with it because of fence riders like u, I’m not surprised you stand with the Nazis!! Someone needs to plant a flag.
  8. Doomkid

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    So.. the forums and all topics therein?
  9. Doomkid

    Seeking: Your Doomguy Sprite Variants

    That would be greatly appreciated, this skin looks fantastic. I like all of these, if you have links to the last 2 as well I'd certainly add them in. I really appreciate seeing a proper female marine skin with no bullshit after all this time, but I've refrained from adding about 5 female skins into this pack as I won't be using any custom sounds. I've considered a single generic set of female sounds into the wad to use for all female skins, but I'm not sure yet (open to feedback on it though of course) There's a whole wad full of trolly skins like this - one even makes you a sliding doomguy corpse. I'll wrangle them up and post them here soon!
  10. Doomkid

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    We’re hating on people who hate the demons which themselves are quite hateful. Hate perpetuation!
  11. Doomkid

    New Ways to Play Old Levels

    Anecdote time: As a kid, when I first discovered wad editing but didn’t actually know how to map, one of my favourite things to do was move player starts and supplies to new positions on familiar maps just to get more mileage out of them. It really is surprisingly effective.
  12. Doomkid

    Which monster hater is most annoying?

    I hear people bitch and moan about Pain Elementals constantly so they get my vote.
  13. I don’t know if it’s better so to speak but I enjoy the ‘crunch’ that exec.wad adds to the sounds
  14. I can’t think of a single FPS with a PVP / deathmatch mode featuring a gun as satisfying to use on another person as the SSG. Just one frag after another, all in quick succession, each shot sounding off with a powerful BOOM and punctuated by that beautiful wooden click-clock-clack as you reload. Just talking about it is giving me a half-chub..
  15. Doomkid

    Splitscreen Brutal Doom? Complex?

    I kinda wish the universal widescreen standard had ended up as 2:1, that would be so perfect for split screen in not just Doom but any game. Since it was originally implemented in the era of 4:3, I thought Legacy did it smart with the new minimalist HUD for top/bottom split screen play. The best solution is to have both varieties of splits available in the options but of course that’s easier said than done!
  16. Doomkid

    Epitaph (dm/duel)

    I just replayed CruDreams recently and it looks gorgeous but is about as fun as stubbing your toe. Don't take it personally, after revisiting a lot of universally-acclaimed old favorites from the early-mid 00's the vast majority fall into the category of "looks clean and polished but has sub-dwango5 levels of playability"
  17. Doomkid

    What do you think of Mr.Icarus?

    Has he played Icarus yet? If not that's a crying fucking shame.
  18. Dude, I always thought the Mastermind sound was grinding machinery of some sort, not a squealing boar. Blew my mind a bit.
  19. Doomkid

    Usenet: First Usage of the Term "DOOM Slayer"!

    This is going back too far to remember specifics but for at least my first 2-3 years with Doom I was playing with either no sounds, no music, or both, depending on the machine. For at least a year I played using PC speaker sounds, I can still hear them easily in my memory. The most bizarre situation I ever came across was a computer my dad had brought home from his workplace which managed to play all the MIDI music back in a kind of odd, stuttering way (can't recall if it was OPL or GenMidi or what OS the machine was running) but simply refused to play anything but PC speaker sounds for the SFX, every other option was a no-go. The point of this little anecdote is that I'm not at all surprised to hear sound was a big issue for many players at the time, since it was as late as 1998 that my dad, brother and I finally experienced Doom with full audio fidelity. I assume it's because computers were simply expanding hardware/driver compatibility and whatever else pretty roundly at the time, but from Win98 on I never had any sound troubles with Doom. Back to the point, John Miller was a visionary and should be credited as such!
  20. I walked up a hill once. It was an awful experience.
  21. Doomkid


    I’m going to Howl along to some Ween albums. (hit with a tomato, deservedly)
  22. Doomkid

    Thoughts on the /idgames archive?

    This isn’t of much consequence but I just want to pipe up and say that I love the new Download section so much more than the old idgames interface, I can’t wait til it’s fully functional. Even in it’s current state it’s a pleasure to use.
  23. 90s: Dwango5 00s: UDM3 10s: Don’t Be a Bitch TFW all your (released) DM maps were made in the decade that Memfis refers to with a simple ellipsis :(
  24. Doomkid

    Advice for a console noob?

    It’s not as fun as re-learning how to walk like you have to in every other port, but if you want a basically-accurate home console version of Doom, the 360 one fits that bill. I heard the PS3 version was ass gravy but can’t confirm. I assume if there are versions on PS4 and X1 that they’re just as good but again I haven’t checked first hand. Or, you could grow some BALLS and be a REAL MAN! Conquer SNES Doom, arguably the most unplayable (yet not worst, unbelievably) port to a home console of the lot.