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  1. Fenriswolf

    New Heretic wad.

    Nice map, partwise the architecture looked a bit strange (big cubes in the hallways) but otherwise it was good. But please check the map aigan for errors, there were at least 2 HOMs.
  2. Fenriswolf

    Melee Weapons

    Haha this would be great indeed :D Or is this already used in some wad?
  3. Fenriswolf

    [Hexen] Serpent: Resurrection (Final Beta on p1)

    Okay i walked through the city a bit and it seemed like you have invested a lot of time and effort into this project. It looks really good! But unfortunately, my it was lacking all the time and everything was really slow, its propably the fault of my computer hardware which is not the best ;) and while the graphics looked really cool i had my problems with the music, it was a bit too happy, too funky and too party-like ;)
  4. Fenriswolf

    [Hexen] Serpent: Resurrection (Final Beta on p1)

    First! Wuhaa that sounds great :D Downlaoding right now!
  5. Fenriswolf

    Corridor 7: Alien Invasion TC

    same here...
  6. Fenriswolf

    Corridor 7: Alien Invasion TC

    Looks nice,will try it later... By the way, anyone working on a Catcombs 3D TC? That would be awesome :D
  7. Fenriswolf

    Please check out my WAD, Awakening

    This is a BIG one :D How long you were working on this? Im not through yet but it plays good.
  8. Fenriswolf

    Change Item limit in Heretic (ZDoom)

    Im using ZDoom.
  9. Is there a way to deactivate the inventory-item maximum (25/16) in Hexen/Heretic for a special item or to increase it? Thank you!
  10. Fenriswolf

    Untitled Heretic Megawad

    A even one more Heretic wad :D Curse of D'Sparil, Morbid Flesh and now this one... Looks promising :D It took a moment until i saw the "bed" but it is a very good idea and both screens look great imo.
  11. Fenriswolf

    Morbid Flesh (Heretic wad)

    ah, a new heretic wad project, that looks fine, i'm looking forward to it! screenshot looks alright in my opinion and the idea of recreating the oldschool level design / atmosphere is good as well. keep it on!
  12. Fenriswolf

    [Release 1.3] Unloved (GZdoom mapset)

    That looks REALLY amazing, I'm downlaoding it right now. Can't wait to play. Just one question: Is Kinderzimmer an adopted "official" english expression or are you German? ;)
  13. ...and for me, too. Thanks , bro!
  14. That is strange. I tried it again and it says "Your file could not be found. Please check the download link."
  15. Fenriswolf

    Hexen : Curse of the demon lord. (A sequel)

    Does this means there gonna be a lot of outdoor-locations between the indoor-levels? I would actually like this. I never liked very big outdoor enviroments in heretic (preferred dugneon levels and temples here), but in hexen i think they can look very good. I dont know why, but it might be because of the (imo) nicer sky textures in hexen and the bigger amount of decorate stuff like trees, stones, shrooms and stuff.
  16. Fenriswolf

    Hexen : Curse of the demon lord. (A sequel)

    Arghh.... That looks great! Thank you so much! I was waiting for some high-quality-hexen-wads vor a very long time now. The screenshots look promising. Are you working with a Hub system like Hexen does? So how many hubs there will be? As for the texture problem: I never worked that much with Hexen textures, but i think i like them. Of course theres not that much variety in color but i like there realistic look. I like HEretic textures as well, but some of them are a bit too bright/trippy/catoony and there are many Heretic textures i never used because they look too friendly. Hexen is much darker, what i actually liked about it. I wouldn't use Heretic textures in a Hexen wad (or maybe just a very few), because they partly do not really fit to the realistic look of hexen and as you've already said, if you would you could make a Heretic Wad as well ;) (But those used in the screenys look okay) Using totally new textures might be not that easy as well, because the should fit to the Hexen style and should have the same level of quality (But i think you could manage that as well). So I personally would just recolor and edit some standard-textures if you really want some color-themes.
  17. Hey, that means my map actually did it into the new version :) I thought it would not have been included because it was e4m6 but imo it also works fine with episode 2 and the lava sky.
  18. So my map was not suitable? :( Okay, thats your decision, and i will accept it, so if you do not want it i can use it somewhere else.
  19. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    Haha I simply forgot to use the wings of wrath in the lava room so i still had them in the final area :D
  20. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    Okay, I made a total-test of the final version. E1M1: My map... already talked about it ;) E1M2: Nice, no bugs detected. E1M3: Goody E1M4: Good map but 2 little problems: 1. the end is very easy if you just fly to the switch and then to the lowering platform. I didnt need to kill any monster and didnt lose one HP. 2. The sky texture repeats itself and you can see that. I would consider making a big wall around the final area so that you cant see the "sky beneath the sky" E1M5: Too easy to finish if you do not want to kill many monsters. Did it in one minute. And one little problem of the whole wad: the intermission pic still reads "valley of the kings" and not "valley of the forgotten"
  21. Fenriswolf

    What are your favorite music groups?

    Doom: Pentagram Black Sabbath Saint Vitus Witchfidner General Bedemon Electric Wizard Reverend Bizarre Lord Vicar The Lamp of Thoth Witchcraft Blood Ceremony Candlemass Lord of the Grave Sleep Trouble Revelation Tortured Spirit Count Raven ... I also like the most forms of metal (except Nu Metal and Metalcore), Psychedelic Rock á la Iron Butterfly and German 60's Krautrock (Guru Guru, Xhol Caravan, Amon Düül II, Ash Ra Tempel, Witthüser & Westrupp,...)
  22. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    okay, I played through the whole new version and the gameplay feels better with the switched first two maps. two texture bugs were removed but there are still 2 little problems: - if you are in the yellow-key room and go to the right door, a crusher is activated when you step on the tile on the floor. if you manage to get out of this trap and look back into the room, the coming down wall has a big HOM. - it is still dificult to find out that you have to "activate" the anubis wall-drawing in order to remove the crossbars. The new sky looks good but maybe the pyraids should be lowered a bit (not THAT important :D)..., because escpecially on e1m3 and e1m4 you are able to see a lot of "blacknes" in the sky. but as i said, no real big problem ;)
  23. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    But I'm still wondering how the two HOMs got into the map after i have deleted them before uploading... Did you delete them or shall I do it? As for the wand start: I dont know but cheating might not be the best way. But i think there is a MAPINFO command for the wand start, am I right?
  24. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    hehe, Is this the same anubis i included in the decorate script of the old version of the forgotten pyraid? :D if it is, i think it was a bit over-powered and it might be stronger then a maulotaur... ;) EDIT: Okay, i tested the alpha... seemed like you edited some parts of my map, but i have a few questions: - you build some crossbars in the hallway with the ceiling trap that leads to the final room... but i didnt manage to get through and didnt found a switch or anything ^^ So how am i supposed to get through the crossbars? - there where two HOMs that - as far as i know - were not there before (one in the left chamber of the yellow-key-room and one at the lift to the final switch) - my map is too easy if you finished e1m1 before, because you get a lot of weapons and ammunition before and it was created to be played with a wand start. so you could either make it the first map OR i can try to make it a bit more difficult (add a few monsters). - you used the "old" edition of my map with unused stuff in the wad file. for exampel i replaced the graphics of the firemace and the dragonclaw, which both cannot be found in my map. of course you can keep those graphics but I'm not sure if the other authors agree, too (its the same thing with the replaced metal/switch texture and the skill levels). You can keep all of it if you like but lets see what the others think of it ;) But all in all, the alpha was all fine and fun to play ;) we should do projects like this more often in the future. maybe we are able to create a whole episode :)