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  1. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    sorry, it was the first time i tried to do something for a speedmapping contest at all (and the first time i did anything except e4m6 for the htc) so i did not know how much time i would need. if you want, i can delete the unused stuff or at least try to do so :D EDIT: ok, i uploaded a new version without the unused stuff (link above)
  2. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    i originally wanted to create two maps but then i noticed there was not enough time so i simply deleted the second map out of my wad file via xwe.
  3. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    I hope this is not limit removing but zdoom?... if not i can change the map so its limit removing again... and what about custom textures?
  4. Fenriswolf

    speedmapping for heretic? RELEASED IN IDGAMES (check last page)

    http://www.speedyshare.com/files/20691312/The_Forgotten_Pyramid.wad very small map with custom textures... please play with zdoom cause of the custom decorate script.
  5. Ah... great it is finally done :) As many here, I played the first 2 maps and enjoyed them. Very good design, nice areas and challenging fights. Even if I'm not a fan of big outdoor locations and hordes of enemys, I quite liked the maps. Will play on tomorrow. Good work!
  6. Fenriswolf

    Disable Map / No Wand start

    Hello, I have 2 new questions that came up while working on my ZDoom project for Heretic. 1. Is there a way to disable the minimap function? I dont want the player to have a look at the map 2. I want only custom weapons. I already created two new weapons and also created the Keyconfiguration-lump. But when i start the map, I have the wand. When i type "give all" in the console, i can select my two new weapons and after i have selected one of them I am not able to select the wand or any other standard weapon any more (Thats how it is supposed to be). But i do not want that the player starts with the wand... What to do? Thank you! Fenriswolf
  7. Fenriswolf

    Doom Survival Kit

    IWAD: Heretic (Am I the only one?) Source Port: ZDoom Map Editor: Doom Builder Lump Editor: XWE Image Editors: MS Paint and Photofiltre Sound Editor: Audacity PWAD: Wrath of Magic for ZDoom And while I'm inprisoned, I would create all the projects I do not find time to do in the real life ;) - Witchaven TC - alone-standing vintage-style roleplaygame on the base of zdoom - new heretic add-on
  8. Fenriswolf

    "The file was still open"

    Hi, The last few times I worked with XWE I got into some trouble when adding sprites. When I want so import some sprites I get the message "Reyong beyond file" and when I open the marker it says "The file was still open". First I thought it means that the sprite i wanted to import was still open somewhere but even if trying to iport the sprites was the first thing i did after launching windows, the same error appeared. Whats to do?
  9. Fenriswolf

    Custom Decorations?

    If your working with ZDoom you should read the Article about the DECORATE lump in the ZDoom Wiki :) http://zdoom.org/wiki/DECORATE
  10. Fenriswolf

    Heretic levels in Hexen?

    Hello again... Is it possible to play the Heretic levels with Hexen? I tried to extract them via XWE and then load them in Doombuilder to convert them but it didnt work. Is there another possibility? That is the smost simple way to do this?
  11. Fenriswolf

    Heretic levels in Hexen?

    Okay, it worked :D First, I was shocked by the website because it seemed like a lot of work, but you simply had do type this:C:\Programme\Spiele\Skulltag\ZDoom\zwadconv.exe heretic.wad output2.wad into the commandline and everything was okay :) Okay, I still have to retexture the maps and to replace all the things ( lot of work) but it seems to work :)
  12. Fenriswolf

    Heretic levels in Hexen?

    Hm, I would also be able to remap some maps manually or switching the tombstones to Affrits etc... Thats not the problem. The problem is I want to get it into Hexen ;) I downloaded zwadconv.exe and someone said i would have to drop a wad file on the exe to convert it, I made a copy of the heretic.wad and dropped it on the executable but nothing did happen. When I start the executable, a window opens for a very short time but closes afterwards (to fast to read whats written)... So what do I have exactly to do? The manual in the zip-file was not that large, just some notes that couldnt help me with this starting problem.
  13. Fenriswolf

    HOM test

    Haha, that was exactly what I was thinking when reading the thread title :D Btw, I would test it to, but is it for Doom / Doom 2 / Heretic ... ?
  14. Looks interesting so far, but the wall in shot 2 needs a bit texture alignment. And is there a floating block of stone in shot 1?
  15. Good Sabreclaws go to church on sunday, hm? ;)
  16. I'm still not sure what this: means for me... ler wrote this months and months ago but never said if im completly done with my map or if there are still to many bugs. Do I have to do something?
  17. Fenriswolf

    Good 64*128 rock textures?

    Hello! At the moment Im searching for nice 64*128 rock textures. I really like those used in Hexen, but most of them are 128*128, I tried to cut them but it didn't look really great so I wanted to ask you if you know any good-looking textures. If possible, a download-link would be great as well! Thank you!
  18. Fenriswolf

    Good 64*128 rock textures?

    The reason I want 64*128 textures is that I wanted to replace older textures from Heretic with newer, better-looking ones. Of course I could also edit the texture lump and edit the size of the textures so that they are 128*128 but then, there will be some ugly-looking parts in the custom maps and wrong texture alignment...
  19. Fenriswolf

    First try: creating a new weapon

    Hey! I wanted to create a totally new weapon. Therefore, I created this script in the DECORATE lump: //////////// NEW WAND //////////////////////// ACTOR GoldWand2 : HereticWeapon 3107 { Game Heretic +BLOODSPLATTER Weapon.SelectionOrder 2000 Weapon.AmmoGive 25 Weapon.AmmoUse 1 Weapon.AmmoType "wandammo" Weapon.YAdjust 5 Inventory.PickupMessage "$TxT_WPNBLASTER" States { Spawn: WBLS A -1 Stop Ready: CENT D 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Deselect: CENT D 1 A_Lower Loop Select: CENT D 1 A_Raise Loop Fire: CENT D 1 CENT D 1 A_CustomMissile("fireballfx", 32, 0, 0) CENT D 1 CENT D 1 A_ReFire Goto Ready } } ACTOR fireballfx { Radius 10 Height 6 Speed 10 FastSpeed 26 Damage 3 DamageType Fire Projectile -ACTIVATEIMPACT -ACTIVATEPCROSS RenderStyle Add States { Spawn: FX12 AB 6 BRIGHT Loop Death: FX12 CDEFGH 5 BRIGHT Stop } } ACTOR wandammo : Ammo 3108 { Game Heretic SpawnID 37 Inventory.PickupMessage "wand ammo" Inventory.Amount 10 Inventory.MaxAmount 200 Ammo.BackpackAmount 10 Ammo.BackpackMaxAmount 400 Inventory.Icon "INAMBST" States { Spawn: TROO M 0 Loop } } When I start the game, I get in the main menu but when I start a new game, the program crushes...
  20. Fenriswolf

    doom palette in heretic

    Hello, I never worked with different palettes than the normal ones, but now i wanted to replace the heretic palette with the doom2 palette. I tried to simply export the doom-palette with XWE and import it into a Heretic PWAD, but it looked awful and totally wrong. So how can I do it right? What do I have to look for?
  21. Fenriswolf

    A wonderful potential texture

    I already created an "Immortal Map" for Heretic with some textures from Hexen and one "special" texture ;) It had Immortal backgroundmusic and is only playable with ZDoom/GZDoom/Skulltag... You can check it out here, but don't expect too much it was one of the first maps I ever created and so its pretty cheap :D http://rapidshare.com/files/284955305/Grim_Stronghold.zip.html
  22. Fenriswolf

    .ded file?

    I know this is a very nooby question, but what the hell is a .ded-file and which tools do i need to edit it? How do they work? Is there any editor for .ded files? I googled a bit but didn't found anything...
  23. Fenriswolf

    N*E*C*R*O*S*I*S for HeXen!!!!

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Exactly what I was looking for since years!
  24. Fenriswolf

    Maps from Memory

    I never played Doom much so I tried to make it for Heretic... So here's my E1M1 of Heretic, the docks: http://blackthyrion.bl.funpic.de/e1m1.wad I think partwise it is good but partwise very crappy :D For exaple the secret tunnels are wrong, I know this map mainly though my past fastruns through it so i dont know the secrets so good. The texturing was not so complicated as I thought, i knew which texture had to be where. Item placement was much harder and the size of the rooms... But, look at it yourself if you have the Heretic IWAD ;)
  25. Fenriswolf

    Final Heretic Chapter One: The Docks

    I was playing with Skulltag and I think It works the same way as ZDoom...