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  1. Berserker79

    The /newstuff Chronicles #399

    Thanks Melon for reviewing my "Stranded on Erebus" WAD and taking it out of "review hell"... If you have the chance to let me know what are the "few flaws and annoyances here and there" (I've been made aware of a problem with the crusher in E2M4) I might fix them. Please send me a pm if you'd like. And to answer a couple of unspoken questions: You're not far from right when guessing that I made the maps over the course of learning how to map. Fact is I'd been away from mapping for a while when I started this project and so the "old tricks" came back to my mind while progressing with the work... :) As to E2M2 being missing, the reason is just that I'm plain lazy. After completing E2M1 I started work on E2M2, but got bored when it came to mapping the "crate maze" I planned in the layout I sketched for the map. I just postponed working on E2M2 until I had all other maps ready. By then I decided I didn't feel like working on the crate maze or revise the layout to replace it, so decided to release the set as is rather than not releasing anything.
  2. Berserker79

    The /newstuff Chronicles #111

    Well, at least the reviewer liked my "Flames Of Revenge" wad. :) All considered those Arch-Viles can give a serious headache during the first tries to finish the level... Hopefully it will be a little easier to complete once I complete the other maps in the hub; that way the player can bring health, armor and weapons from the other levels and deal better with the Viles. BTW, health is not completely lacking in Flames Of Revenge: on the lowest skill settings there are 2 medkits in the exit room and some stimpacks are scattered around the corridors. On HMP and UV health is hidden in the two secret rooms: a medkit with some blue bottles is placed in a secret room approximately in the left lowest area of the maze and a Berserk pack is hidden in the other secret room in the upper left area. I'd reccomend to save the game before picking up the Berserk... :)
  3. Berserker79

    The /newstuff Chronicles #109

    Stupid question I know, but the screenshot next to the intro text from which WAD was taken? Edit: Ok, don't care about this it's Alien Vendetta... or that's what I guess...
  4. Berserker79

    /idgames Closed Temporarily

    I think I chosed the right week to upload my newer wad... damn, i should have uploaded it the previous week :)
  5. Berserker79

    ZDoom Site Update

    The Blood announcer is a feature from the game Blood by Monolith. When playing dmatch a voice comments your frags and so on...
  6. Berserker79

    The /newstuff Chronicles #54

    A good map, maybe a bit difficult as you start with those cacos floating around, but definitely a good work. Nice music replacemnt too.
  7. Berserker79

    XWE Extended Again

    I had lots of fun with Corridor7... for a while I even thought it was better than DooM... quite unbelievable, doesn't it? :)
  8. Berserker79

    The /newstuff Chronicles #44

    Definitely an exhibit of great editing skills,this level is even better to look at rather than playing it. Not that much playable, but i was able to survive long enough to complete it. There are a few minor bugs, but they are overshadowed by the awesome level design of the map. The only bad note is that i had to lower the resolution to 512x384 even on my 900MHz + 128Mb RAM machine to get a decent frame-rate to play. Overall a great map.