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  1. Map 32 of claustrophobia 1024 2 has a tough and interesting cyberdemon fight, just as an idea. (Though I am totally biased seeing as it is my own map. :o ) Download http://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/48079-claustrophobia-1024-2-released/
  2. So after much deliberation (yeah yeah, way too much) I have decided to leave this remarkable and quirky community known as Doomworld, as well as all my Doom playing/mapping/modding. Now I understand this is unlikely to cause mass outpourings of grief or anything, but I thought I would at least put a few thoughts down as to my reasons, just for the sake of it.

    I came to Doomworld about two and a half years, and my reason for getting back into doom editing/playing was simple. Most of the rest of my life had gone to crap, and being such a rampantly creative person I had to have some outlet, and this kinda became it.

    But now, what with a new year coming, and several opportunities finally opening up in RL, I gotta go after them totally. As much as I love Dooming, and being involved in my own little way here has been interesting to say the least, I don't wanna look back and wonder could I have been something more.

    This is not to imply that playing/mapping/modding for Doom is a poor use of time, not at all, but everyone has to decide for themselves what is truly important. And I just feel like I gotta go see what I can do with my life. Nothing comes without sacrifice, and giving away such a big creative outlet is gonna suck, but in the end, you do what you gotta do.

    Salutations and Blessings to all you crazy bastards here at Doomworld. Thanks for being some of the most unique, talented, and grossly outspoken people I have ever had the privilege of been around.

    When I rule the world, I shall spare all of you.




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    2. 40oz


      THANK GOD your opening post wasnt your final one. Yeah definitely put your unfinished stuff somewhere where we can get our hands on it. If someone's interested they may try finishing it for you

    3. lykakspars


      R.I.P Kyka, he got banned.

    4. 40oz
  3. Kyka

    Scroll Down for Screenshots

    irony lol
  4. I liked this level so much that I posted a thread about it back when I was a nub here and didn't know any better. One of my top ten favorite levels. Great, tight, tough gameplay, it isn't just a pretty level for the sake of being pretty. Doomad, is that image from the same level as this image here? I hope so because I have been quietly keeping an eye out for progress on this. They do look thematically similar. And also, much win is present. [edit] Also neat shot kingkill. Hadn't seen much outta you recently.
  5. Kyka

    Rayman Doom

    I played this a while back and I did enjoy it. I am sure I posted a comment on it somewhere. Was there another thread or something. Anyway, that isn't important. These new monsters look great, is good to see ongoing progress. :)
  6. @Xaser. Dude, that looks awesome.
  7. Kyka

    Hairy Imps

    Imps being furry doesn't make then less scary to me at least, any more than an angry grizzly bear having fur somehow makes it less scary. Though I gotta say, I always thought they were Barons myself. Even though there was never that many Barons in the one place anywhere in the original Doom, they do all have horns on their heads, and the do bleed green blood, and lets face it, Doom box art has regularly taken liberties from the game itself.
  8. Kyka

    Wad with a car

    There is a big map towards the end of Kama Sutra (possibly map 20, though don't quote me on that) that has several cars, and a big truck tipped on its side.
  9. Kyka

    Descent into the Absolute

    Good stuff. I really liked the look of this. Pity there is no Single Player, as I haven't seriously deathmatched for years. But the level hsas a well spaced look to it. Good layout and design. Couple of minor things I would pick on, but don't mind me. Looks great.
  10. Kyka

    Turd Eating Cat animation

    It reminded me of something the Beatles would do. Have you been taking LSD again?
  11. Kyka

    How can I merge my WAD files into a single one?

    Try WADMerge, which is a neat little doohickey by exl. I have used it a number of times myself. The only thing is, if you have modified any Standard Doom/Doom2 textures, it will overwrite your modified ones with the originals, which I discovered the hard way, good thing I had backups. I think it will overwrite any lump that has the same name as a Doom/Doom2 lump, though I have only ever used it for textures. Someone who knows more than me can answer that. It would crash sometimes too, though I think this was because I was trying to merge lumps that were too big for it to handle. I am guessing tho, this may not actually be the reason at all.
  12. Kyka

    Why is there a post hell

    Bread... AND Circuses? Neato.
  13. Kyka

    Rad Suit Mod

    Y'know, a part of me just goes, "Hmmm... Something that lowers the damage taken from fireballs, splash damage and barrel explosions? There is a name for the item that does this in Doom, and that name is 'armor'". But I do like this idea tho. it would be cool if a rad suit had a few extra properties like you have listed. The splash damage thing would be quite useful.
  14. Kyka

    Anyone ever had a DOOM dream?

    I gotta admit, I'm kinda intrigued as to how one would go about 'outsmarting zombies on an apocalyptic scale'. I was kinda thinking that this outsmarting should involve the doom shotgun in some way. 'Coz you know about 6 bazillion zombies have died at the hands of that particular weapon over the years. Either that, or possibly some cosmic zombie version of whack-a-mole. Or something.
  15. ...coz anytime that going to China as a refugee looks like a good idea, you know that things have gotten pretty grim in your home country.