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  1. I have never posted a blog b4. Actually, I have, about 4 days ago, I did one on Doomworld about life and music and creativity, but I was nervous about leaving it up, so I went in and edited it and replaced it with some crap about "hey, its 8:04. Blink and you missed it." And that got sent to post hell (and probably rightly so).

    So time for Blog post no. 2. Which will get about as many replies as blog no. 1. i.e zero (and probably rightly so.) ;)

    So why the f@#$&*# an I writing this. Coz my friends Vic (The Russian guy who I have mentioned in a couple of posts) and Cameron (From Latvia) and Josh (who is in Australia studying Business and who's Dad is a real Honest to God English Duke or Earl or something and advisor to the Queen) bought a bottle of vodka over and we (possibly) drank too much of it, and seeing as I just wandered in here and had the Doomworld page up, I just sat down and am now am sitting here and writing this. Anyway.

    Salutations everyone here for... errrm... providing a space where we can share our creativity. People are made for bigger things than the daily grind, and sites like this show our inherent desire to be more than we are, even in the subtle ways. Doom has somehow tapped into that vast reservoir of creativity that has allowed people to express something within themselves.

    So tell me how Doom has managed to do this, if you can.

    Anyway. even tho I have had a couple of drinks (something I rarely do, haven't done this in ages) I will return here and delete this post and replace it with some pointless crap about "hey its (insert EST time here) Blink and you missed this post too. And then it will get helled for being pointless. (and rightly so)

    Gotta go. they are calling out wondering where I am. I do my best work on my own, create best on my own, damn do everything like that. But the fact that I have such good friends, and the fact that I am even typing this says that deep down, community is kinda important too.

    Thanks for listening. (Errrm. or at least what passes for listening on a doomworld thread)

    Salutations for the sheer amount of thought and creativity and imagination and brilliance that this site seems to attract.

    Explain that if you can.

    Thanks people. :)

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    2. Grazza


      One of your better posts, I'd say.

    3. Kira


      Sometimes alcohol is nice for inspiration.

    4. Cupboard


      It is good when an internet community can keep coming up with innovative ideas. As long as there are people still around adding value to Doom, people will still remain interested. Value really includes quite a bit. Maps, mods, source ports, projects that will never finish, contests, organized events, etc. all keep people interested in this game. And of course, if you get enough people doing cool stuff in one spot, it's bound to rub off on you, thus breeding even more innovation/creativity.

      OH this thread is turning into something!