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  1. Yeah so this new snowboarding commercial. Has everyone seen it, or is it just my browser that doesn't manage to block it? I use Firefox, which actually blocks far more crap than Internet Explorer does, though obviously not all.

    Anyway, has anyone noticed that whenever you click on a link that was directly under where that add appeared, the link no longer works?

    Its kinda annoying.

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    2. Kyka


      Creaphis said:

      But hey, I wouldn't ever click on ads anyway.

      *Unless you were trying to click on something before the ad came up, in order to beat the ad, but the ad came up too fast and you were taken to the ad's website anyway.

      **Not that I have ever done this, of course. 0.o

      Thanks for the link. Will go grab it. :)

    3. AndrewB


      Creaphis said:

      Considering that adblockplus is very effective and completely painless to use, there really isn't any reason to consider or postpone anything. Just download it right now.

      Well, actually, I felt a tiny pang of guilt once for blocking all ads, because this means that my traffic is a drain on websites instead of a benefit. I'm not sure that downloading an entire webcomic archive without clicking on a single ad is really all that fair. But hey, I wouldn't ever click on ads anyway.

      If you were just going to click on an ad without looking at it, that's no better. You'd just be leeching off the advertiser instead of leeching off the website.

      But on the other hand it really doesn't matter at all. The point is that the people who genuinely are interested in the occasional ad are more than paying for your share of the internet.

    4. Creaphis


      You can leech off advertisers. They're not real people.