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  1. My dad ran a cable with tons of extensions through the street to a guy like 10 houses away so we could play doom in the 90's. I was losing, but luckily someone either cut the cord, or an animal chewed it. It was really a dumb idea, since 10 houses cost them so much money. He was a doom addict though; got fired from his job for playing 6 hours of doom at work in an 8 hour shift.
  2. Black Metal

    What's In High Demand?

    The BEST thing to do is something no one has seen before. I remember playing Alien Vendetta map 20, and the level blew my mind. It goes from a real like egyptian temple, to a passage through a lava with a huge granite/rock setting. It blew my mind and made me want to make a map just like that. I couldn't since I was having fun with making another wad, but the moral of the story is "uniqueness is unique". [Properly done] hell maps make me orgasm. I enjoy: - Tough challenge, should require 1-5 saves. Anything over 20 saves should be something really fun to play with good graphics. - Preferably detail to blow my mind - Innovation - Cool zDoom effects I dislike: - Too much brown. Its cool and all, and can be done right... but people who go hexen/quake brown can become slightly irritating for me personally. - Shitty done space maps (space as in universe). They have so much potential :( - Too linear gameplay - Arch vile behind invisible walls. They're fine every so often, too many is irritating - No ammo. I despise that, but not as much as... - No health. This is the worst.
  3. Black Metal

    Dawn of Reality - GZDooM big city map

    That would be insane for a person to create... Adding different "grime" would jack up the number of flats exponentially. It'd be really cool, but the time needed would be beyond anything.
  4. Black Metal

    Dissapearing Corpses

    It would definitely look cool, though could you maybe manipulate a bridge piece somehow, or make a sector raise with it, and then sink it while setting no gravity on it?
  5. Black Metal

    Prank songs to put on someone's iPod

    Anything above ^
  6. Black Metal

    Those damned pineapple guys!!!!!

    I tried that, but it makes certain features on the forums vanish for me :/
  7. Black Metal

    [GZDoom] The Lost Temple

    Yeahs that's interesting. It might be a sprite or something.
  8. Black Metal

    The Dark Knight

    I'm looking forward to seeing it.
  9. Black Metal

    Did you find Doom 3 scary?

    I'll be honest, I shit myself playing "Hell". I was playing at like 1 am in the morning with really loud sound. Very intense. Unforgettable, never felt anything like that. I also felt really in the game after Hell when you're wandering throughout the station and see lava all over the place. That was so cool.
  10. Black Metal

    Corporation Mini-Episode [Boom]

    You won't believe it but I cant find it. Its probably because I've got a midterm and a lab tomorrow. My brain is so fried it can't function. I had a 30 page lab report to complete and I can't even add 5 + 9... (yet I could do calc on analytical chem :P) I'll look for it tomorrow, then I'll be stress free and hopefully dooming the shit out of the second map.
  11. Black Metal

    Methods of mapping

    THE ULTIMATE FOOL PROOF PLAN Script 666 (int HowToMakeAMapRight) { if (no other steps are done) { Get an idea in my head } if (idea is good) { Draw map madly and hope it works out } else { rethink of the idea } if (idea turns out to be complete) { while (true) { print (s: "Epic win"); delay (1); } } else { DrawOnPaper = 1; } if (DrawOnPaper == 1) { Implement ideas in map } if (Map == looking good) { while (true) { print (s: "Epic win"); delay (1); } } else { restart; } }
  12. Black Metal

    Lock and Load 5 released

    I swear, my brain must not be functioning today :( I even made a 3-d floor level in zdoom that I'm planning on releasing in a month. That's how bad I'm not functioning today.
  13. Black Metal

    Lock and Load 5 released

    Heh thats true... I should go get every source code thing out there so I'm prepared for anything. Of course the EDGE 3-d thing sounds cool (being able to do floors on floors).
  14. Black Metal

    Lock and Load 5 released

    Jeez my computer has so many doom mods... Skulltag Zdoom Odamex Boom GZdoom Eternity PrBoom ZDaemon Legacy Chocolate Doomsday Vavoom And now Edge :/ SO MUCH DOOM. Luckily Zdoom + Skulltag cover most. I think :_(
  15. Black Metal

    Corporation Mini-Episode [Boom]

    Where do I get Part 2? I want to play it quite badly... it says "Complete"