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  1. Karnizero

    Classic stuff vs Ports' features

    Strictly speaking, there is only a single way to playy doom: using Doom.exe's. Other program is not Doom, but a gaming engine that allows to interpretate and make use of IWADs to simulate certain aspects of Doom.exe's Conclussion: there is no modern or classic Doom, since there is only a single Doom!!!
  2. Karnizero

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    @ Slayer: Love those screens specially 1 and 3. Looks very classic.
  3. Karnizero


    Quake started it all. 8)
  4. Karnizero

    Why not Doom95?

    I don't remember how the boxes were, since I lost Doom Shareware and Plutonia TNT CDs much time ago. Well, not lost, just have a friend that never return me back and he is living far away from where i am. I remember playing "Doom Shareware" in DOS. Maybe not Shareware, maybe yes. Don't remember. And Plutonia with Doom 95 on a Pentium 133 with Win95 which included a kind of catch-the-flag futuristic cars game tittled "Hover". My Plutonia experience was way better and I still remember it as my best days playing doom with friends, and don't care about the port bugs. Playing Doom95 is like remembering old good times. No extra features where needed to enjoy Doom. And no bugs could interrupt our demon assassination It's a shame that not much actual PWADs feels like those ol'days maps. Oh, and of course, I always played Doom with Keyboard only and had no problem, and know some people that still plays Doom with keyboard only. Whatever, some of the bugs have usermade patches that can enhance Doom95, such as mouse support and demo recording/playback.
  5. Karnizero

    Looking for specific Doom map

    Thanks all for your tips. I playtested a pair of maps you told, and look quite interesting and funny, but it's not exactly what i'm looking for. I am looking basically for a "phocas island clone", where the action takes place into a natural place such as a beach, forest, mountain, cave or similar. @ EarthQuake: Grovealt is good for what i require. Maybe a bit tree-abused but looks good. Thnx
  6. Karnizero

    Doom Training

    Yes, I also feel clumsy when returning to normal game speed. I think that increasing game speed is COMPLEMENTARY to Game Difficult, as you state, since game speed trains reflexes and game difficult trains reaction to uncommon situations. How about playing Sunder/DV/AV/... at 200% speed, Nightmare and Fast Monsters? 8) About Quake I, i think it's a slower pace game, without much less monsters on screen, so it's like playing Doom@150% and Doom@100% speeds.
  7. Karnizero

    [RESOURCE] Asiatic-looking resource thread

    @ EarthQuake: thanks for the corrected version. I was lazy to do it ;-P Yes I noticed the alignment issue just today when testing them. I will do a "shifted" version. Give me some days, now quite busy. I don't think a texture set for original doom palette to simulate such textures could look ok since those red and orage colours are not in the doom palette and the conversion to it will look bad. But if you are talking about the white boards with orange columns (in the first image), it's quite easy to use Doom Wood for pillars and White-recoloured Doom Wood for white boards. For the upper part of the walls, the decoration could be quite easy if you point me to a bigger image where i can see the details on such decoration and the i can reproduce it.
  8. Karnizero

    Doom Training

    I play PrBoom+ at 130% game speed so i need more concentration and reflexes and also found it more difficult and funny. Once I played at 150% but seems way fast. And now when i return to normal speed (100%) it seems too easy, even when playing usermade hard maps, i can even say that now normal speed seems almost like slowmotion game, so i feel that i have increased my reflexes quite a bit. I suppose that after playing at 130% I will increase to 135% or so, and then i guess if i will reach a kind of limit where the brain can't predict or interpretate so fast information or is just an eyes limitation, where eyes can't literally send enough information to the brain to be processed.
  9. Hi all. I'm want to ask for a Doom Map that looks like Phocas Island: -> I want it to be huge or quite big in extension -> To have many outside areas -> Not lineal -> Have various caves, ruins or whatever, allowing good exploration -> To be somehow realistic: i.e a huge forest, a huge mountain, beach, etc... but not a doom techbase or hell fortress... or similar. Is there any other maps other than P.Island meets those requirements? I don't mind about the source port needed. Thanks in advance.
  10. Karnizero

    [RESOURCE] Asiatic-looking resource thread

    New textures (not in Fuzzball's thread): The missing Gray coloured Crate: Some more door/wall patches: A pair of flats:
  11. Since Fuzzbal doesn't like my cute textures and stuff into his thread, I move them to this one. Anyone can share here, but please, only post textures, sprites or anything else that has something in common with China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea etc... So here we go: (moved from Fuzzball's thread) Some Japanese and Chinesse looking patches I did: A crate. The gray coloured crate is missing, i think i deleted by accident: Typical paintings. I tried to make a smaller version, but doesn't look as good: Wood and paper walls: Bamboo fence or wall (tiles Ok in horizontal, but not good in vertical): PNG format, but using colors in Doom palette only.
  12. Karnizero

    [Resources] Fuzzball's Stuff

    Well since DooMad also posted his textures, I think you wouldn't mind if i post mine... I will move them to a separate thread.
  13. Karnizero

    Why not Doom95?

    I would like to know some oppinions about this source port, Doom95. I read here and there that this is a shitty port with lots of bugs, poor of features and so, but I remember that my first non-shareware Doom experience was Plutonia Experiment (i had the original CD with Plutonia and TNT, and with Doom95) when it was released. I enjoyed it a lot, even when i did play with keyboard only, and finally finish the game, playing also with my father, in 1996 or 97, and i enjoyed more Doom95 than Shareware Doom when i played it. So, i would like to know if someone still find this port quite interesting to play Doom.exe Maps or just Chocolate/Boom/PrBoom is what everyone does.
  14. Karnizero

    [Resources] Fuzzball's Stuff

    Some Japanese and Chinesse looking patches I did: Look Here
  15. Karnizero

    Pentagram in DB2

    Slade Map Editor allows you to create X-Sided regula geometrical shapes. For a pentagon, just tell Slade to draw a 5 sides one and you are done.