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  1. Today (Saturday, 02 August 2008) evening, under the pure sun, no wind, 4:00 P.M and 35 Celsius degree (or maybe more), I got my car to wash.

    A friend told me that was absolutely full of dirt... But i dont think so. :P

    Those photos were taken before washing up. Interior and exterior car photos:

    -> Some misc dirty:

    -> Beach specs:

    And After 2 and half hours, I got this:

    But also, i got also satisfying and good done job:

    But this is like Doom: when you think you have done all level 100%, you realize that you miss one or two wandering monsters.
    I got a full army, when I look under back seat, when i was looking for a lost 2 Euro coin:

    OMFG·ROFL·LMAO·LOL!!!!, how could i forget that place??? I need to clean that...

    Maybe three or four months later. :P

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    2. deathbringer


      I used to love when my dad had the car seats out and we'd find old coins dropped on long drives to holidays. The sweets weren't so fun

      LAWL i also chucked up in the back of my mums old car once, then it sat on the drive all summer with the windows wound up before being sold to some barry with no evident sense of smell

    3. Karnizero


      I have not made photos, but i found also tree leaves, a spider, two bees and other misc rubbish at the engine. :P

      The front left wheel was "overused", making the wheel drawings nearly invisible.
      I think i have not changed those wheels in the last 2 years :P

    4. Kyka


      Isn't it just so satisfying to have done something like cleaned your car? Great job btw. Looks so schmick you could eat off it.

      I have unshakable faith that you will get the other parts done real soon. :)

      Kinda reminds me of a friend of mine, serious bachelor, lives on his own, who once said to me (I think he was joking) "Y' know. I wash my clothes strictly twice a year, whether they need it or not."