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  1. EternalDoomer

    RTP (E1 Hell revealed Doom 2 Remix for Zdoom)

    "Nice idea but has some bugs - such as having to jump to reach sector 1187 (old start point in E1M8) and sector 1101 (the rising floor in E1M7) not lowering when the switch is pressed." The First part is intentional... It's a zdoom map that requires jumping there. The second is because another sector in another episode 1 level section uses the same tag as the lowering floor in e1m7 making it not work...
  2. EternalDoomer

    RTP (E1 Hell revealed Doom 2 Remix for Zdoom)

    I uploaded it to mediafire, clicked share underneath it when it was done, is that all I need to do?
  3. EternalDoomer

    RTP (E1 Hell revealed Doom 2 Remix for Zdoom)

    Size like in the actuall size of the level itself... It's every single Episode 1 level combined into one.
  4. Edit : Forgot to mention it's a Doom 2 level, not a Doom 1 or ultimate Doom. EDIT : Placed it on Mediafire...... Play it with Zdoom. It's a Zdoom format level. Here is a VERY big and extremly difficult Doom 2 level I created by combining all the architectures of each of the Doom 1 Episode 1 levels into one huge Zdoom level and added Hell Revealed Enemy placement. At the start it's easy.. But later on it gets harder, and harder, till it is really extreme. People who don't like slaughtermaps are warned to stay away! I decided to post this after playing Timeofdeath's newest level based off of Doom 1's E1M8 working download: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?4198n78iavwxaam[url] note this requires Doom 2 and Zdoom. No other port would even allow me to build the map due to it's size.
  5. http://www.reverbnation.com/c./a4/2131231/807496/Artist/807496/Artist/link
  6. Is PL2's Map11 even doable UV MAX? Noone has even tried it...
  7. EternalDoomer

    Speed of Doom demos (-complevel 9)

    SOD MAP20 Okuplok video "Well, the only time Okuplok got hit was intentional : it was the Arch-Vile blast needed to jump and take the BFG9000. Aside from that, he never got hit during the whole run. It indeed seems weird when you compare with Anima's demo." Even if he played with a Tools Assisted Port while recording the cheated demo... It would be VERY HARD to Not get hit more than once... Think about it..... The sheer number of Hard enemies (archviles/cybies) in that level would make it almost impossible not to get hit more than once... Even if he used TAS...
  8. Equinox Map 13 UV MAX Is it possible? From scratch most people say no... But if you started the level with all the weapons from all the previous levels and recorded a youtube video of it... Would it be possible then?
  9. EternalDoomer

    The Dying End demos?

    When I try to download the TDEMAX.zip posted above and open it in winrar and try to extract the lmp to my Doom2 folder It says "unknown method in tdemax.zip". What archiver and what version of it did you use to create it? I can't extract the files from it.
  10. EternalDoomer

    Most underrated game AND overrated video games?

    Rediculasly Underrated: Clive Barker's Undying Very Underrated: Max Payne Kinda-Sorta Underrated: Shadow Warrior Kinda-Sorta Overrated: Quake 2 Very Overrated: System Shock 2 Rediculasly Overrated: Bioshock Steaming-Pile of Crap Overrated: Crysis
  11. Ok. I've made plenty of doom levels, but many are so bad that they should never be released. Some are really bad looking. Many are impossible or close to impossible for that they deserve demos. in each of these demos are included in the zipfile. They require Gzdoom 1-1-04 (download at grafzahl.drdteam.org) to play correctly. I just made the demos to show how hard these maps are, not how good they are (they are crap, trust me). 1: Project Hell Spawn angelfire.com/ma2/zadams/phs.zip This was the first set of maps I created. (back in 2001) Many are VERY bad looking but are extremely challenging to the point of unfairness. People playing will go insane at how hard this is. This makes HR look like preschool. (no offense to Hell revealed, it's one of the best wads out there) The downright cruelty of these maps amazes me to this day. I recorded demos of all 6 maps on EASY (i know you think I'm a newb, but any other difficulty level is Impossible like 99% of my wads). On most 100% kills or secrets is not possible due to the the difficulty of the maps (map02 is unbeatable), map03-04 are almost impossible and 5-6 are very hard. Map01 is very easy but full of traps. Watch these and enjoy. 2: Hatred08.wad! angelfire.com/ma2/zadams/hatred08.zip Ok this is a long story. This is a quickly done remake of an old map made by a friend of mine in 1996 called "h8red.wad". It was never released, like the other two he did. Both were on my harddrive and because of the infamous "deltree *.*" miscue they are lost forever. The third is gone forever due to a hard drive crash. None of these were any good maps, but the first was memorable because it had like 30 cyberdemons (on easy) in a space smaller than map10 of doom2, 100 commander keens, not enough health or ammo, and other crazy crap for the time. You literally had to cheat to beat it. It was that hard. But it was FUN! Probably the hardest doom map ever made if it still survived to this day. Alas. This remake redoes it so it is not quite impossible on easy but on hard.. That's enother story. I recorded a demo of me luckily surviving it on easy (pure luck). A better remake will be done for a project done later this year aiming to recreate old maps I made in a much better way (Entitled "RMX"). Stay tuned.
  12. EternalDoomer

    Community Chest Series Demos [Boom, -complevel 9]

    Hello. I'm new here. I love watching people complete very difficult Doom maps in demos (and not just hell revealed style levels). Anyway I watched most of the UV max demos for the pack and I'm wondering, is Map 12 even beatable on UV MAX? I tried it on easy and barely survived it. (after completing even Hell revealed II, AV, Deus Vult II, KDIZD, Eternal Doom (1-4), and worse (you don't wanna know) on UV. On UV I couldn't even get past the first underground section. (not nearly enough health or ammo) I'd like to see someone record a Max demo of the map if possible. Thanks.