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    DoomIII could be done on GCN if the port was done right. The only thing that could possibly make it difficult is memory. However, if the developer who does the port optimizes the engine properly, then it could work rather well. I remember reading on IGN before the GCN was released that there was an option in the Technical Documentation for a memory addon. If it were necessary, this could be used. (if it exists...) I would rather see the port done right, than have the developer just be lazy and use the addon. As far as actual performance goes, the T&L unit may be slightly less powerful than the Xbox, but it is certainly adequate to run the engine. The texturing unit is a monster though. It could easily handle the textures in DoomIII.
  2. Charon

    The 3D engines are getting more real

    No, but lightmaps are the same basic concept, just created by the map compiler... If someone were going to use lightscape to create lightmaps, they would have to import the map into lightscape somehow. That would just be a pain and more work than it is worth.
  3. Charon

    PC GAMER Article

    Anyone know how to import it?
  4. Charon

    DOOM3 on DVD or CD?

    Why the !%^$%^@ does everyone think DVD drives are so expensive??? http://www.pricewatch.com $35. Granted, I know this is a cheap one, but I also found an OEM Toshiba for $39. We're all going to need to upgrade our systems anyway, why not pay $35-$40 for a dvd drive???
  5. Charon

    Getting rid of levels, what do you think?

    One word, Halo...
  6. Charon

    Screw FSAA, gimme HRAA! (+X-Box Info)

    I don't know exactly yet. A friend of mine is getting the "Official Specifications and Features Guide" in a few days. That should say everything we need to know. Though I doubt I will be allowed to post it here. There are several things about 'Flipper' that I still have questions about, like how many pipelines and TMU's it has. Oh well... BTW, I almost forgot, from what I am hearing, GC RAW polygon rate is in the neighborhood of 90-100 million. Still less than Xbox, but I believe that GC is a more balanced design.
  7. Charon

    Screw FSAA, gimme HRAA! (+X-Box Info)

    Well, I see this most likely is going to end in a stalemate. I guess we will have to wait until both systems are released before we can make final comparisons. Both will rock though, if anything because of the games.
  8. Charon


    Let's make Regis a Zombie... Richard Simmons as a demon possesed boss... and Tom Green as the Devil...
  9. Charon

    Screw FSAA, gimme HRAA! (+X-Box Info)

    >>Oh, so the 1Mb of the GC has S3TC so it's like 6 megs. >>Well, the 32Mb of the XB has DXTC so it's like 192 megs. That's just texture cache. GC also has 24MB of main RAM to store textures. Still not as much as your example, but alot closer. >>CPU / GPU (in Mhz): >>X-Box: 733 P3 / 250 Custom nVidia >>PS2: 294 / 147 Emotion >>GC: 405 Power PC 'Gekko' / 202.5 Custom 'Flipper' The CPU's don't really mean that much in this generation of consoles with the advent of T&L units. The CPU's should only handle physics and AI. >>Polygon Performance: >>X-Box: 125 M/sec --------> RAW >>PS2: 66 M/sec -----------> RAW >>GC: 6-12 M/sec ----------> Very conservative. I have heard that some developers can get 20-45 IN-GAME from GC. >>Pixel Fill Rate (2 textures): >>X-Box: 4 G/sec >>PS2: .6 G/sec >>GC: Unknown GC pixel fill rate is estimated at 3.2G/sec. Remember it is 50MHz slower, which accounts for the difference. >>Audio: >>X-Box: 256 channels, 64 3D channels >>PS2: 48, 0 3D >>GC: 64, unknown 3D GC can do 64 voices in 3d. Julian Eggbrecht of Factor 5 (the company who designed GC's sound DSP) said that it can easily do as many as Xbox. >>Memory Bandwidth: >>X-Box: 6.4 G/sec >>PS2: 3.2 G/sec >>GC: 3.2 G/sec Remember that Xbox's bandwidth is shared. PS2's and GC's are not. PS2 total bandwidth is over 50GB/sec. (texture bandwidth is a massive 48GB/sec!) GC total bandwidth is 17.6GB/sec. >>Simultaneous Texturing: >>X-Box: 4 >>PS2: 1 >>GC: Unknown http://cube.ign.com/news/30003.html Look at the "Flipper Specifications" section. GC can do 8.
  10. Charon

    Screw FSAA, gimme HRAA! (+X-Box Info)

    Source: http://cube.ign.com/news/23749.html Embedded Frame Buffer: 2MB Static RAM 5ns latency Embedded Texture Cache: 1MB Static RAM 5ns latency Main RAM: 24MB Static RAM 10ns latency A-Memory: 16MB 100MHz DRAM 10ns latency (Audio RAM. Not sure exactly what else this is for, staging cache perhaps) That's 43MB total. The embedded SRAM has a Texture Read Bandwidth of 12.8GB/sec. Why only 1MB texture cache you ask? Two reasons. First, it's used as cache, not main texture storage. Second, texture compression. 1MB in all practicality is like having 6MB with S3TC hardwired onto the chip. I am not sure I like the UMA concept on the Xbox. It has it's benefits, but also it's drawbacks. That 6.4GB bandwidth has to be shared with EVERYTHING in the system, whereas GC and PS2 have RAM divided across different memory banks. Think about it, the GeForce2's have a bandwidth of about 4GB/sec (Zaldron will correct me if I am wrong ;-)) and we have seen how bandwidth limited it is. This is just for the GPU! Imagine having to force everything over that pipe, now you can see what concerns me. GC texture bandwidth is (as I have already mentioned) 12.8GB/sec. It's bandwidth to the main RAM is 3.2GB/sec and the A-RAM is 1.6GB/sec. That's 17.6GB/sec of bandwidth!!! Xbox doesn't look so great now does it?
  11. Charon

    Screw FSAA, gimme HRAA! (+X-Box Info)

    Dang, I knew that was wrong. Oh well...
  12. Charon

    Screw FSAA, gimme HRAA! (+X-Box Info)

    I agree, the Xbox has interesting potential. However, I am going to hold off for a while on getting it until it proves itself. I am going to spend my money on a GameCube first, and later an Xbox. Mainly, because I am looking forward to Nintendo's games more (and I don't have room on my entertainment center to put that behemoth). If Xbox has killer apps I cannot get on my PC or GameCube, then I will get it, otherwise, if I can play the same games on my PC or GC, then Xbox loses. I already have a DVD player, Doom is going to be on PC, as well as Halo (and yes I know it will be later than Xbox, but I can wait). NFL2K2 is most likely going to be on GC as well as Xbox. Zelda rocks! 1080 snowboarding rocks! Waverace rocks! And there is no way I can pass up Metroid. I have waited years for a new installment of that game. Namco is fully supporting GC, so we will probably see TTT, Ridge Racer and Soul Calibur's sequel. Capcom is supporting it, which means Castlevania (I think Capcom made that), MegaMan (Woohoo!) and who knows what else. Combine that with Nintendo's first and second party games, and it will definitely be sitting in my living room come October.
  13. Charon

    Doom3 engine movie comments

    I like that 'stupid bulky closed helmet'!
  14. Charon

    Doom3 engine movie comments

    I think the second character is probably a zombie soldier. The first one might be as well. SWEET!!
  15. Charon

    Doom3 engine movie comments

    Has anyone seen my jaw???? Oh wait, here it is on the floor...