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  1. I can't find any coverage of this work on the entire forum so I felt obligated to make a thread about it. chillo (who previously released Blood Coagulated) has been working on giving every Doom sprite a 3D voxel makeover. Not just as flat Paper Mario-esque cutouts as you usually see with those kinds of efforts but with full depth covering every angle and the missing parts inbetween, including their respective animation frames. There's been plenty of progress shown on Twitter this month and I think the results speak for themselves.
  2. lazygecko

    Tomb Raider has been ported to the GBA!

    It's unfortunate that apparently many projects with a similar scope and ambition pitched for GBA were frequently shot down by publishers during the system's lifespan because the only viability they saw for the market was shovelware for kids. Alongside the many SNES ports it was probably a big reason for the hardware capabilities being severely misrepresented in the public mindshare.
  3. Apparently she was also a pioneer of television itself having been part of TV test broadcasts as early as 1939.
  4. lazygecko

    Best Spider-Man theme song

    I had to truncate/combine a few choices, and chose not to include the innumerable lesser known animated adaptations because I don't want a poll with a gazillion picks to wade through. After thinking about it I really have to go with the bizarre 1978 Japanese adaptation by Toei. That opening is just so intense. Starts with the dramatic brass fanfare, then you get the high pitched primitive synth toms just unabashedly going at it, then followed by a scream of all things and the "yeah yeah yeah WAOW!". It's so in your face and I just love it. When the first verse(?) finally gets going I have no idea if it was intentional or not but the first couple of intervals of the vocal melody are exactly the same as the original 60s show theme, before it veers off into its own direction with the somber kind of dramatic chord progressions they seem so fond in Japan. As for runner ups I've always had a fondness for Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, which even though it's from the early 80s it still carries a lot of that 70s feel with the live brass followed by the analog lead melody. I think it roughly has the same type of appeal in terms of musicality as the Toei theme. I also feel compelled to come to the defense of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 theme. It wasn't exceptional but I think it was just a really solid and satisfying standard heroic superhero theme, and I'm not even much of a fan of Hans Zimmer who was credited for it. Most people just remember that score for the ridiculous edgelord theme they gave Electro which overshadowed everything else. The video game themes are probably fair game under "Other" as well. Numerous bangers in there from the Capcom fighters. And Spider-Man Vs The Kingpin on Genesis has this really unique oddly depressing kind of synth score feel to it that reminds me of Tangerine Dream soundtracks from the 80s like Thief.
  5. lazygecko

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    That's when they disable the comments just like when they notice an unfavorable like/dislike ratio.
  6. lazygecko

    What graphic settings makes you pee'd off

    Deathloop had a double whammy of motion blur (the option tooltip even has a disclaimer mentioning how it might trigger motion sickness. why do you put it on by default then?!?) and the worst head bobbing I have ever experienced in a first person game. I'm usually not one to complain about head bob but that was really excessive. I turned off but the game is still managing to make me feel slightly naueous. Seems like this is getting more and more common with modern first person games.
  7. lazygecko

    YouTube is removing dislikes.

    Well, it's gone for me now and I'm already feeling the detrimental effects from binging through reviews and guides of certain software products. The github page for that dislike browser addon seems to imply that right now it's still possible to get dislikes from the Youtube API, but soon that's going to be removed as well and in the future the best they can do is rely on estimates from data scraping and view/like ratios?
  8. I wasn't buying it at first because you didn't bring the pitch all the way down to the same level as the Mancubus sound. But I double checked myself by gradually pitching it up to the equivalent of the Elmer Fudd clip and it's actually right. Mancubus.zip
  9. The companies behind these outdated legacy libraries are basically a remnant of the old SFX library market from the 90s where there were only a handful of them around and they had a complete stranglehold on the market, and pretty much only sold to professional studios rather than freelancers or hobbyists, and so they priced their products accordingly. The market is very different today with many more options at both higher quality and better price points, but the old companies have been basically operating the same way as back when they had no competition and are probably just running on momentum. Frankly, I'm surprised Sound Ideas has even updated their website cause I checked it just a couple of years ago and it still looked web 1.0 as hell, as is usually the case with these types of dinosaurs.
  10. lazygecko

    MMOs that you played?

    The only MMOs I have played with some degree of regularity are WoW and ESO. WoW has been in a real dire state for a while now. Ever since the success of Legion they've really doubled down on the whole "borrowed power" design philosophy where each successive expansion is built around its own self-contained power progression systems, which are then tossed into the trash never to be seen again when it's time for the next expansion and its own little contained skinner box. As a result the game feels more ephemeral than it has ever been before (especially with how these systems manifest as class skills/abilities that you slot into your combat rotation, and you know they're just going to disappear within 2 years or so). This is also on top of another similar long term issue the game has had with its design where each expansion just funnels you into its own narrow set of content, rendering the previous expansion's content irrelevant and really fuels the infamous "content drought" between updates that has been a big reason behind the bleeding subscriber base. People keep saying WoW has a big head start over the competition with the sheer amount of content added since launch, but that hardly matters when Blizzard is only interested in keeping you exclusively engaged with a mere fraction of said content. ESO is a lot better on that front. The way they've designed it is that every part of the world has a unique armor bonus set, cosmetic reward, crafting/trading items, unlockable skill line, etc behind it. It will always be relevant to the playerbase and most of the world will always be populated by people doing stuff in it. A new expansion or DLC does not invalidate anything they added previously. Unfortunately I am not really a fan of the game's combat loop. It offers a lot of open ended flexibility in how you want to build and customize your character/class, but at the end of the day if you want to play effectively you're going to converge around a pretty small set of homogenous playstyles. The gameplay being structured around constantly bar-switching between 2 sets of 5 different hotkeys which I find aggravating (and I think there's some latency issues with the bar switch mechanic which really throws me off and frustrates me sometimes). A lot of those limited set of bars are also going to be taken up short duration buffs/debuffs and DoTs that you constantly have to maintain upkeep on as well which I just find to be a frustrating chore rather than engaging gameplay (I know some WoW classes/specs effectively work the same way, but I think there's much more variety there in finding a spec that suits your tastes). Actually pretty similar reason to why I dislike playing Doom Eternal.
  11. Oh my god. They dubbed it to Swedish. Nothing gets dubbed unless it's explicitly for children (and subsequently there's only VA talent trained for that purpose and they have no idea how to act once it's outside their comfort zone). This just keeps getting weirder.
  12. This is so awkward to watch. Feels like exhibit A of why an adaptation from one medium to another requires a certain degree of reinterpretation in order to feel more natural.
  13. Maybe the logo was changed to avoid connotations to Nazi Nullsoft as depicted in the Japanese version of Bionic Commando
  14. Jesus christ that website. Is it mining crypto or something?
  15. The CG trailer really gave the impression that it's the same old thing I've already seen a million times from the industry the past 8 years or so. I get that they felt they needed to move on and do things differently this time as the tone of the original series had been played out, but making it feel completely Ubisoft-derivative was a real monkey's paw moment. As for the game itself, from what I saw of the gameplay footage a few weeks/months ago it felt like the game was still in a pretty early state and I thought it was weird how it was slated to be released as soon as February next year. Makes total sense that they pushed the date back. Starting to wonder if they were originally planning to just rush the thing out in time before the fiscal year ends in April, then saw GTA Trilogy and got cold feet.