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  1. Hello all, I'm presently searching for some good megawads that include custom enemy sprites in addition to vanilla's stock demons. If you can recommend any for me, I would must appreciate it.
  2. pyrix

    Winter's Fury

    I'm getting a decorate error when I try and run it. I've used both Skulltag and GZDoom and it won't start :(
  3. For some reason my copy of the most recent skulltag is having some weird bug where I'm dying when I get hit by enemies despite still having, for instance, 65 health. This is extremely bizarre and I have no idea how to fix it. Anyone have any clues?
  4. By the way how do I enable hardware render in ZDoom like in Skulltag? There's no option for it at start up.
  5. Yeah for whatever reason I could have tons of health yet I die from even small hits like an Imp fireball. It's complete BS. Should I "downgrade" to an older version? This never happened before...
  6. So I was having a nightmare earlier this morning, where some kind of asshole map maker trapped me in his hard to play maps while having his friends join the server to harass me and get me killed. So all I could do is out run them. What I subconsiously realized, as well as realized upon waking up, is the design of these levels looked like Doom levels, (didn't know in dream) so I sat down with a pen and paper to try and remember what many of the areas looked like. I remember flesh textures and blood and stuff. So what I'm asking you guys is if any of you map makers have had this kind of inspiration, based on a dream you had or worse, a nightmare? Cheers~
  7. Hello, this is pretty much my first post on here; despite having an account for a while I never really did anything with it, prefering to be a lurker to download maps and keep up to date on the news. Anyway, I've been wondering what are some key tools that are necessary for the map making process? Such as node builders, and what not. I already have Doom Builder 2, but I was wondering if there were any other programs you'd suggest I use along side it. I have dabbled in map making in the past but I could never get myself anywhere with it. Now that I'm a few years older I'm hoping that extra maturity will see me through. Also, if you could point me in the right direction to these other programs, as well as some helpful resources on proper mapping and planning out your wads, that'd be appreciated as well. Cheers.
  8. pyrix

    Suggested Doom editing tools?

    So Doom Builder 2 and XWE are ones I should keep, any other programs? Also what about guides and references for good inspiration for mapping?
  9. pyrix

    Suggested Doom editing tools?

    Basically, it's what XWE does? (I've found that XWE seems to be discontinued now.) Is Slade 3 better? Or are they not quite the same?
  10. Okay, I want to make a circle, and it's been a while since I've used Doom Builder (A LONG while) but is there a part of Doom Builder with prefabricated shapes or a way to make such so that I could make an accurate circle shape? I'm positive there is, I'm just having trouble finding it is the thing. A quick redirection to the sector shapes part of the program would be great. :)