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  1. ArchitectofHell

    Doom Novels at PC Gamer

    I never read these, and I don't think I will--that plot is a wreck!
  2. ArchitectofHell

    DTWID: Project is done, check the release thread

    I'm with Icytux on this one.
  3. ArchitectofHell

    Favorite Heretic and Hexen Monster

    I really love the wendigos. But as 40oz says, they're rough if you're a fighter. :P
  4. ArchitectofHell

    The Doom League

    The page looks terrific! I'll link to it from my own thyfleshrenewed.com]Doom blog. :)
  5. ArchitectofHell

    Vintage DOOM items for sale!

    Intel, if you'd like another venue on which to make sure these find new and happy homes, I'd be happy to post an advertisement with pictures to my Doom blog to help you spread the word.
  6. ArchitectofHell

    DOOM Miniatures

    Those miniatures look great! Cool collectible.
  7. ArchitectofHell

    PSX Doom lighting

    Not only was the lighting in Doom64 beautiful, but the weapons and many of the textures were pretty neutral, so as to accept the lighting even better. I always loved looking at the barrel of the shotgun as I walked under a row of colored lights or something.
  8. ArchitectofHell

    Where is this from?

    That looks at least similar to the Eternal Doom HUD. Is it one of the Eternal Doom mods?
  9. ArchitectofHell

    [Stronghold] Editing Reference (v1.0)

    Hey, thanks! I was looking forward to this!
  10. ArchitectofHell

    Smells like a burning corpse real sound

    It's creepy because... WE DON'T KNOW WHERE THE BASSIST IS. *cue theremin
  11. ArchitectofHell

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    The first map totally kicked my ass. I am not your target audience--but the map looked good! Best of luck!
  12. ArchitectofHell

    Is Memento Mori worth playing in single player?

    I love Memento Mori! And the only way I've ever played it is in Single Player mode, so I don't imagine you'll be disappointed. :) Go play it go play it! Someone above recommended Requiem, too. I second that.
  13. ArchitectofHell

    DECORATEr and Sprite Artist Needed

    You know, you asking that makes me think I should have begun an ambient sound/ambient music/sound effects resource for Doom mappers a long time ago. As long as you feel that some cool, creepy WAVs would find happy homes in WADs, I think it'd be a blast to spend an evening in my little home studio making horrifying noises. I'd have to contact the downstairs neighbors first, though, so that they don't worry when they hear me chanting, roaring, screaming, stomping, and ripping massive bloodfarts. ...as pinky demons do.
  14. ArchitectofHell

    Videogame character deathmatch question

    The Holy Trinity.
  15. ArchitectofHell

    DECORATEr and Sprite Artist Needed

    Cool, Gez, thanks for the input. I take it that "Vile_chase" must invoke a part of the Doom engine used by the archvile, eh? Makes sense. If nobody but me ends up being excited enough to code this monster, I'll learn to do it myself.