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  1. swordgrunt

    Which doom monster makes you laugh when you see it?

    i think the demons are the funnier. as well as looking funny they have a hard time chasing me. if they get close they always miss the bite. it's really funny...
  2. swordgrunt

    Doom/ Doom 2 pop quiz!

    I would guess either E3M1 or E3M8 E3M1: ammo on this level is rare, and I think the enemies wouldn't cause much more trouble than they usually do. E3M8: it is also a bit difficult to get ammo on this one, so double ammo would help. Thing is, it wouldn't be easy to dodge the enemies. The Spider is still ok, as if you get very far away, she'll miss most bullets. I still doubt it is possible to kill her while dodging the others. Maybe if you lure them in the path of the bullets, it would also make things fasterand easier. I'm not sure about this one though. I also thought about E2M9 but it would be a pain to dodge all monsters, especially in the exit room, unless they are all tricked in a huge fight. So my best guess is E3M1, the others are a bit harder.
  3. swordgrunt

    print problem

    I could swear I placed all color codes inside the quotes! Well, I was about to turn my computer off the time I posted it here anyway. Thanks, GreyGhost.
  4. swordgrunt

    print problem

    I put in a Print command in a script: Print(s:\ck"The door needs to be opened\n\ckfrom a \cgsecurity switch.\n\ck Service Levers are not working properly."); When I compile the script, it says: Line 16 in file "script.acs" ... script.acs:16: Bad character in script text. > Print(s:\c > ^ What is wrong with the line?
  5. swordgrunt

    Ghost setup

    yeah, I think I mentioned it wrong... its appearance is that of a ghost. Actually, I just put it with an average number of Hit Points and left it vulnerable to all hitscan attacks. It's not that bad...
  6. swordgrunt

    Problem with scripts

    I was going to edit my previous post when I saw yours. Thanks a lot, Graf Zahl, it worked perfectly.
  7. swordgrunt

    Problem with scripts

    Ah, many thanks. I'll try that.
  8. swordgrunt

    Problem with scripts

    I'm using Doom Builder, and I typed the following in Scripts>Edit BEHAVIOR lump: So, AFAIK, I need to compile the script so it actually runs in the map. When I click "Compile", the following message pops up: What's wrong?
  9. swordgrunt

    Favorite Heretic/Hexen Game?

    Wow, that's impressive. One more puzzle in the Hexen world: why isn't the Heresiarch the final boss. It even looks like this is intentional. I never noticed how Heretic's end points to the Heresiarch being a Serpent Rider or other important character.
  10. swordgrunt

    Favorite Heretic/Hexen Game?

    I agree with MmM in that point. The Heresiarch is somewhat similar to D'Sparil, even summoning Dark Bishops during battle as D'Sparil summoned Disciples. Possibly, the final boss could be the Heresiarch riding Korax? ;D And maybe different, mini-boss like enemies to end hubs 3/4? BTW, another thing... Korax's face doesn't look even remotely similar to that of the walls. Well, it might just be that I haven't had a close look in Korax...
  11. swordgrunt

    Favorite Heretic/Hexen Game?

    I enjoyed Heretic a lot, even though I never finished the whole game. I'm not really sure which one I like more. I played through the whole Hexen game as a Cleric (Cardinal/UV equivalent) and it was far too easy, in terms of monsters. The only time I cheated was to get the Axe key. The puzzlez were heavily complicated. You have to search every map for a small change, which gives you acess to a key, switch or puzzle item that will start the cycle again... that's somewhat boring. But I'm really sad about the difficulty - I thought it'd be tougher than Heretic. Any of the 'masters' (Zedek, Menelkir and Traductus) were gibbed with a single attack of my Wraithverge. Korax himself didn't resist much more than that. The enemy I most liked is the Heresiarch. Aside from looking cool, he has the shield which makes him much tougher - but not to the point of killing me. And the ones I most hated - the Ettins. The only thing they do is block my way. I consider them more 'walking health' than monsters, as my Serpent Staff likes to drain their health. And the Slaughtaurs were very annoying as well. I never knew if they're attacking or defending when they raise their shield.
  12. swordgrunt

    id Software going old school: possible?

    That wouldn't have any benefit for them. Doom 4 and Rage are their main focuses now. Eventually, after the release of both, one or two id members might make a map for fun. Possibly, that could happen in this year's December for the 15 years, though I highly doubt it.
  13. swordgrunt

    Arch Vile's attack psychic or pyrokinetic?

    I never thought on anything else than magic. He summons the powers of Hell, and when the flames are powered for enough time, the blast is sent. You'll need a fire extinguisher... and something to keep the runner calm. He looks hungry with that slim appearance... ;) And don't forget the Light Amplification Visor for studying. Yeah, you'll have a pet Arch-Vile now! :P
  14. swordgrunt

    Ghost setup

    I'm making a Ghost monster [DECORATE]. My intention is that it is only hurt by splash damage and BFG tracers. How is it possible to make it immune to hitscan weapons but still make it vulnerable to the above attacks? BTW, just to check - if I clear the 'Solid' flag, projectiles (and any other actors) will pass through it, right?
  15. swordgrunt

    Monster Sound problem

    Oh my. I can't believe I missed that! Thanks! half of the problem solved...