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  1. I think the great thing about Fight Club is that it is very self-aware, satirical, and has many layers to the point where you can interpret the film to be about several things. To me, that's the hallmark of a great film with universal appeal. The popular criticism of masculinity is one- Ed Norton craves but avoids emotional attachment, Brad Pitt embraces unmitigated aggression, chaos, and populism by spouting platitudes to capture the attention of unfulfilled insecure men. Brad Pitt is clearly presented to be the more attractive caricature that most people would think is the best kind of man, but he is is still very much only a piece of the whole puzzle. Brad Pitt on his own is dangerous and unsustainable and requires tempering. The ending suggests elements of both men conflated into one, the man he was supposed to be or become. Another could be a criticism of what it means to live a good life and how Capitalism interferes with that. Norton and Pitt embodies the Nietzschean dichotomy, Apollo (the 'thinker') and Dionysus (the 'feeler'). To live one without the other is not sufficient, both must clash and fuse together to maintain a equilibrium in order to live life to the 'fullest', whatever that means. I'm sure there are many other ways of looking at the film but those two are ones I can think off the top of my head.
  2. Joshy

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    Yep, same here! My map originally did have a boat but it certainly couldn't cut custard vanilla wise to put it lightly, so Essel took over and gave the ship the name Visplane Overflow (or was it dew?). Fun list to read by the way!
  3. Certainly not a dumb question, it's hard to know how language can transcend speech if speech is the only language you know. Language is something people take for granted so easily. And yes, sign languages around the world are as varied as spoken language. Each sign language has their own syntax, lexicon, grammatical rules, and whatnot. You can apply the linguisitic 'Subject Verb Object' principle to all sign languages and not all of them are in the same order. Most sign languages can have similar finger spelling but this depends on their origins. Leading to the next point~ I'm impressed with your knowledge! You're nearly right. The origin of Auslan and New Zealand Sign Language does come from British Sign Language, namely from English and Scottish sign language, so you'll actually see dialectical variations between sign language used in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Sydney has more Scottish signs, Melbourne has more English signs. I'm not entirely sure about Brisbane but they're more like Sydney than Melbourne. The difference in Auslan dialect is often a source of humour for Australian deaf people considering that, for example, the sign for 'hungry' in Melbourne is the same sign for 'sex' in Sydney. Just interesting to see how ridiculously different words can share the same sign parameters. Irish Sign Language is actually very different from BSL because the language comes from LSF (French Sign Language) which is also where ASL came from, thus explaining the stark difference between ASL and BSL. BSL/Auslan/NZSL notably have the same two-handed fingerspelling whereas LSF/ASL/Irish Sign Language have similar one handed finger spelling with minor variations. North Ireland use BSL however I think (for obvious historical reasons), I only met one deaf person from North Ireland and he did use BSL. I'm not entirely sure where BSL came from, I'd hazard a guess that it came up on its own naturally.
  4. I'm fluent in English and Auslan (Australian Sign Language). I also know some ASL and International Sign (which is mostly ASL anyway), so basically I can manage to have a conversation with most deaf people around the world.
  5. Joshy

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Looks like Void, turned up to 11
  6. Joshy

    Be careful on how you use your social media

    I agree. You could play the 'postmodern card' and say you could ironically use a bad word differently so it ends up 'detaching from its origins'. But I don't think it works like that, especially with the N-word. I used to use it occasionally casually tongue in cheek to my close friends when I was young but I'm adamant about not ever using it again under any circumstances. The origin of the word is hate, and words coming from hate will never become something else. It'll always carry traces of it. The hate stays alive as long as people keep using that word. And there's no good reason to keep using it.
  7. Joshy

    i am SO FREAKING DONE guys !!!!!!!

    @dr_st Out of curiosity, do you support the idea of free market Capitalism or regulated Capitalism? Or is there another option not mentioned?
  8. Joshy

    [RELEASE] Refracted Reality RC1

    I agree. I'd like to ask whether it's possible to do a normal run like that without finding a single secret? If the answer to that question is no, the design needs to change.
  9. Joshy

    [RELEASE] Refracted Reality RC1

    I played through this in the past few days using GZdoom 4.3.2, on UV, save/load. Good job guys! The overall atmosphere is quite palpable with great mixture of colours, dynamic lighting, and music, all working very well together. Gameplay was generally good, sometimes it felt 'unoptimised' or redundant at times where you think, 'oh not this again!' and it dragged on a bit longer than it needed to. It was fun overall though! If I had to be really nitpicky, at times I felt the texture alignments could be done better. It felt a bit distracting to experience wonderful atmosphere and then occasionally I see unusual texture cutoffs, making bricks look like wallpaper instead of actual bricks. This is really just a minor point that doesn't detract from the whole project but it definitely would help IMO. One complaint- Ravage could do with some more health overall, specifically the last fight. As I played this map, I thought 'there is no way in hell I'm going to kill all these monsters with my low health and ammo' and just cheesed fights whenever I could, and then I read Decay saying this gameplay was done on purpose, I definitely don't feel like an idiot now! However, the last fight definitely could do with a non-secret soulsphere and green armour at least (if I remember correctly, there were only medikits?). It's too chaotic to deal with just 100% health. I was ready to give up until I found the megasphere secret. I'm not sure it's a good idea to make finding that secret a requirement to play out the fight without frustration. Great looking map though! One bug I noticed- on Map02, two spidermasterminds are stuck, can't move and shoot (sector 8674 and 8943). If I had a gun put to my head and I needed to name my top 5, from memory, it'd probably be these in no particular order: Under the Thulian Lights Maiestas Per Nox Ad Astra Paradigma Aeternus Overall it was pretty consistent and worth a play. Well done guys!
  10. Hehehe, this is exactly what I like about the berserk pack, it's there for however the player wants to use it. You can save it for later if you dare risk the low health or take it for immediate pressure relief when you need it. Or you can just take it and start bashing things up. The berserk pack means however the player wants it to mean and I like to give players that option. It is also a great help to make continuous play-through a lot less frustrating, which is also why I have them at the start of most of my maps. Rather than punishing players by leaving them with low health and force them to struggle initially, reward them for having completed the previous level (especially if it was tough as nails)!
  11. Joshy

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    Ahhh I wasn't feeling cruel enough :P
  12. Joshy

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    Just want to quickly post a few suggestive screenshots and say this is indeed still alive, we are on the downhill run and nearing the end. We will however make sure the end product is coherent and high quality as a whole, so in ensuring that, we will take our time if necessary before we come up with a first release candidate! Stay tuned.
  13. Joshy

    Am I banned?

  14. Joshy

    Can you collab with other people in making megawads?

    Indeed, I started mapping in 2005 and started making Speed of Doom with Darkwave0000 in 2009. Definitely handy having some experience under your belt before you consider creating a new megawad.
  15. I didn't mind it but I had very low expectations. To be honest I'm not sure they could have done the last movie any better, especially with Carrie's death. The whole trilogy went wrong as soon as they started writing each episodes individually and separately without any overarching coordinated plans. You can't have different directors coming up with their own visions and expect the episodes to meld. The ridiculous weight of the Skywalker mythology in addition does not help, there are way too many expectations to deal with that you're going to invariably rub many people the wrong way. The story would've had a better chance if they had a long term vision, wrote the entire trilogy plot line altogether and then split them into three in a coordinated manner. Better yet, start a new trilogy from scratch. If they pulled it off with Rogue One and the Mandalorian, there's hope yet.