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  1. My maps have been known to be dickish in design.. literally and figuratively. Good rule of thumb with avoiding dickish design is to make sure the player is allowed a 'buffer' or 'crumble zone'. A trap that does not provide a buffer is irrevocably a bigus dickus (bonus points if it's within a dick-shaped sector).
  2. A friend of mine took some professional portraits of me, this is one of the good ones. Certainly a talented dude!
  3. Of course it's a stupid story, what did you expect? War and Peace? :P
  4. @rehelekretep No worries! I am aware that most of my maps in SoD come across less as doom maps and more as strategic puzzle levels designed to induce existential crises (I feed off that crap); it definitely isn't for everyone so it's very understandable.
  5. All your base are belong to us. Seriously though, just skip the thing if it's bothering you that much. Jimmy did Vinefort as well.
  6. Fuck yeah
  7. Whoops, pardon me for the vagueness, I was referring to the map itself.
  8. Reading these comments is making me want to do a pcorf and polish all my old maps ^_^ Map13 is another personal favourite map of mine, it was somehow satisfying to make and it plays satisfyingly for me (albeit I would actually put in a green armour somewhere this time, and spruced up the looks which has looked simpler in retrospect). Map19, 23, 25, 27 are other favourites of mine. Difficulty setting wise, if I recall correctly, I had actually played all of my maps on HMP initially then spiced it up for UV (and mild'd it for HNTR). Logically that would've made a good way of balancing difficulty settings but I guess it was screwed up along the way, heh. I'm not good at difficulty settings. As for monster placements, I designed these maps by placing monsters that fit along the maps or create a scenario in my head then design accordingly, and try to see if I can survive the gameplay and then adjust accordingly. I made this during what I call the worst year of my life so I think I had a mean streak going on, sadistically wanting to push the boundaries of difficulty. Kept me sane though! :P Map14 Trivia: Darkwave0000 actually made a different Map14 initially using stewboy's Jailbreak midi. It was a slaughtery one, involving plowing through one giant bridge-like structure loaded to the brim with imps, cybers and the like. But comments made by testers were that it was sluggish and tedious at times; Darkwave0000 wasn't satisfied with the map either so out of nowhere he came up with Sledge and a different midi tune to boot. My memory is tricky but he said Sledge was initially made for Map16 but didn't like how the map fitted in that slot. Thankfully it found a good spot!
  9. I think it's the chaingunners if I remember right, Cynical's allergic to chaingunners.
  10. Well I just replayed it after a long time. Took me 3 tries before I finished it without dying. To be honest, now I wouldn't have left the design as it is, and added a soulsphere and more health here and there so there's more more run-gun-resurgence stuff instead of having to play a bit more carefully and strategically, and would've considered removing the damaging floor or added more suits. But hey, that's hindsight and all. Probably War Sword, Jimmy was referencing 'Excalibur' from ROTT but I'm probably unnecessarily pointing out the obvious, heh.
  11. Aww, map05 is a personal favourite of mine, I was pretty happy altogether with how it turned out. :'-( Darkwave0000 is definitely not death-destiny, I can confirm this. Darkwave0000 is a non-English speaker from the Americas with a very idiosyncratic way of writing. dew can confirm this, I recall he was pointing out his quirky way of writing when I copypasted his comments and responses to feedback, basically being the middleman delivering messages.
  12. Useless pointless trivia: Map02 was only Darkwave0000's 4th or 5th map if I recall correctly; a real fast learner. As Ribbiks noted, you can certainly see the evolution of his mapping tropes as you play on. The last few maps he completed for SoD were Map20, 31 and 28 (and they're certainly 'comically oversized macro-slaughter' maps). Map03 was a remake of a very early map of mine (the original is in ihic.wad- imperfections has its charms, map02).
  13. And I was 17/18 when I worked on this, hehe. I agree, there are maps in this that I'd gladly replace with my later maps, but I guess they still have their charm, as amateurish or imperfect they may be, and I have to push aside my perfectionism and accept what I've submitted. Also, I gotta admit Stewboy, the tunes you made for this project triggers a massive amount of nostalgia for me, it's just utterly priceless. As for the 'wild/experimental phase', I guess it's like how earlier albums of bands are always fresher sounding than their later albums haha.
  14. It is Boom Compatible so if Crispy Doom isn't Boom compatible, it won't work.
  15. For what it's worth, Map1, 3 and 5 were completed first (yes, rather speedmappily) before Darkwave0000 finished Map2, 4, 6 (if I recall correctly). Basically we sort of inspired each other to try and engineer maps that would fit in between each other thematically and gameplay wise, as well as trying to make it not so monotonous as well. So Darkwave0000 pretty much followed suit and added his own (brilliant) twists to the the thematic scheme for the early maps. The zimmer and brown combination was mostly inspired by Alien Vendetta, Kama Sutra, and a map Boris did (it was a tutorial map for Doombuilder I think?).