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  1. Joshy

    Ruins of Kalnik - why the name?

    I think it's best if I don't give an answer as to where the name came from, because doing so will quell everyone's imagination! However for what it's worth, I do not have any Croatian heritage.
  2. I have a bunch that I like so it's hard to pick the definitive top 5. For the moment, in no particular order: Bjork- Homogenic Radiohead- In Rainbows Weyes Blood- Titanic Rising Beach House- Teen Dream Aphex Twin- Drukqs
  3. Basically, for Map33, it didn't quite fit in the Map24 slot among other maps in terms of theme and flow. Tatsurd-cacocaco does have two other maps in the normal slots however. As for Map34, I needed to make room for a map I initially made for the Map31/32 slot; I decided to move the secret map to map27 because it wasn't quite 'grand' or 'go2itty' enough for the secret slots, and bumped out the original map27 to map34 because I did feel it wasn't as good as the secret map considering its old-schoolish looks, and tough, longish, complex layout.
  4. We figured we should give you all a taster as a reward for waiting patiently for PL3's release and what better time to do it than on April's Fools! Here's two maps! The first one is by @tatsurd-cacocaco, and the second is a collab by @Joshy and @darkreaver. The maps are in the Map 21 and 22 slot in the teaser wad, but will occupy the Map33 and 34 slot in the main PL3 wad. They are not necessarily the final versions of the map (e.g. changes may be made to the map and/or music for the full PL3 release). There are difficulty settings for Map21 but not Map22. I've included the texture pack from PRCP2- requires Plutonia.wad and a Boom compatible source port like PRBoom+. The music for the maps are: Map21- "They Are Here" by @Deadwing (The track was composed for PL3 specifically but may be used for another map in the full release; Cammy is planning to make a track specifically for the map which will be included in the full release) Map22- "Last Supply" by @LPad (LPad composed the track specifically for this map). Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qaciwdbbi6fbp8t/pl3-teaser.wad?dl=1 Enjoy! Screenies from the two maps:
  5. Joshy

    Tetanus | Now on Idgames!

    This looks great! I'll have to... give it a shot. ... Sorry, that joke needed to be made. Congrats on the release though!
  6. Thank you for pointing out these; it is however not a concern thankfully- one of them is in fact intentional ;) Agreed, it's a very cool secret!
  7. Just a bump to say the Idgames link for PRCP2 is now up: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/prcp2
  8. Hi all, Managed to put together the final version of PRCP2! It has been uploaded to /IDGAMES, will post the link once it's up. Changelog RC3>Final Version: -Updated Map12 -Added new Demo3 as the previous one desynced. Idgames Link: Coming Soon Temporary Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/au3scttz6ddm6co/PRCP2.zip?dl=0
  9. Sorry it took a while but I've compiled the next release candidate. Here's PRCP2's RC3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xo3n7faop3ydox5/PRCP2-RC3.zip?dl=0 RC2>RC3 Changelog: - Added 'compat_trace' to Map26 in Mapinfo - Removed eggboy from Map16 credit - Changed music for Map12 to ""Aztec Gods" by Jimmy" - Included new versions updated by authors: - Map10, 12, 20, 26, 29. - Map03: Fixed misalignment in Sectors 79 and 81. - Map15: Added coop starts - Map23: Made linedef 11950 impassible - Replaced thing899 and 897 with non-blocking hanging bodies - Map25: Removed inner monster blocking lines on 4 revenant pillars. - Removed thing7 (as it was blocking, and replaced with non-blocking hanging body) - Fixed sound travel issue- so monsters in sector73 wake up and can teleport - Added coop starts - Map30: Added 8 rad suits in damaging pit - Map31: Added coop starts - Added damage to sector 630, 635, 614, 610, 606, 597 - Added a bunch more of radsuits - Added W19 lines tagged 40 on the other side to prevent players getting stuck if they come from the east side.
  10. PRCP2 RC2 is now released! Forgive me for the delay in releasing this version, haven't had a lot of time on my hand to put all of this together. Link: removed Changelog: RC1>RC2 Changelog for PRCP2.wad Changed Switches.lmp Modified dehacked/mapinfo story text Added demo1,2,3 lumps Added wide status bar Map02*: Added a switch that crushes chaingunners in the castle. Removed exposed speedrunning route and added underwater chasms around the main isle and some other misc stuff. Map04*: -in swamp area, removed small metal platform which cause some sectors being not properly damaging. -removed redundant tag 7 from small swampy river, which activates along with lift in another place. Map07*: Deleted chaingunner and imp in sector 451 where the node issue was Map08*: Added polish Map12*: Added more ammo and fixed multiplayer softlock Map14*: Removed blue bars (sector 172), toned down sky details on central hub Map16*: Fixed stuck pinkies, hidden on the map two secret places, other minimal things Map17*: Polishes added, made map a little bit harder a minor bug fixed and fixed a misaligned texture Map18*: Changed a few spawns to make it slightly harder Map20*: Fixed crusher room and removed some cell ammo, fixed slimetrails, and preventing players going out of bounds, Cybervault is harder on UV, Coop should be supported now Made the upper unpegged textures in the crusher room a lot wider in hopes of making it more obvious that you're getting crushed Map21*: removed the soul sphere that was placed in no mans land and added an extra box of rockets -skull switch fix Map22*: Fixed floating health bonuses, improved blood maze reward from 1 soulsphere to 2, and other minor improvements Map23*: Fixed potential exploits, fixed crusher that should finish off endless revenant towers, and a stuck revenant Map26*: Made changes Map27*: - Placed non-secret Super Shotgun inside the room with 4 viles and the switch that raises the stairs to the red key - Inside the previous SSG spot is now a berserk, could be helpful since getting health there can sometimes be a problem - In the same room with 4 viles, removed one medkit but replaced 2 nearby stimpacks with 2 medkits instead - The exit door out of the secret inside the cave leading out of the blue key door now has a different, brown texture to stand out better (hopefully) - The secret with soul sphere now has the sector on which the powerup's placed flagged a secret instead of the surrounding sector - Fixed a possible softlock after the red key area got blocked off by bars - the room with the blue skull got shrunk by 24 or 32 map units Map29*: Coop implemented as well, fixed teleporter jump Map30*: Removed unused closet with Chaingunners. Was able to 100% non-IoS kills more than once. Fixed Teleporter to starting fight to be accessible on all difficulties. Attempted to remove possible AV jump/ get stuck areas in second fight. Lengthened line 9120 and added a failsafe. Removed Slimetrail on Sector 800. Moved Teleport Closets North. Checked multiple times to confirm evacuation of all the closets. Removed AV from IoS Head Platform. Moved Monster Spawn points away from the spheres, and added lights underneath their spawns. Removed Monster Spawner in front of IoS platform. Map31*: Removed damaging floors for non-damaging floors Fixed monsters not teleporting in (tag 26/27) Added more rad suits in different areas Map32*: Made few edits to some health/powerups to allow aggressive play. Also more ammo for high tier weapons Coop starts added
  11. Joshy

    POOGERS.wad [Final release]

    Remember Alf? He's back, in poogers form!
  12. Joshy

    How do you define "Community Project"?

    I second this answer, it's a straightforward distinction I believe. Community projects are open to anyone to participate, whereas other projects that aren't open are not community projects, even with multiple mappers. This is basically the difference between PRCP1/2 and Plutonia 2/3.
  13. The project is very close to completion, with 29/32 maps completed. Map 30 and 31 are being worked on, and one map, although playable, needs detailing. I'd estimate that, realistically, the project may be ready in a couple of months. I'd also like to take this opportunity to ask skilled musicians for help. We're planning for a 100% original soundtrack. We have a handful of tracks completed but there's still more to go and will need help to get there. If you'd like to help out, let me know! EDIT: We've got a good number of musicians helping out now, I won't be accepting any more for the moment, thanks!
  14. Glad you liked it! I'll definitely add more radsuits, that has been a common criticism so clearly there isn't quite enough. Cannonball actually made the map for PRCP2! He was just worried it was too big for a non secret map (among other big maps that was already in) and I agreed and suggested that it would actually work well as a secret map, considering its more unique designs and fun challenging gameplay.
  15. The first release, pending upcoming bugs and stuff that may need to be fixed. But it does have everything! (well, the story appears on prboom but not on gzdoom it seems, that'll be fixed for the next release version). Edit: My map31 damaging floors are completely screwed up, totally my fault. Been played numerous times and for some reason it was not spotted, so that'll be fixed for the next release >.<