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  1. Happy birthday Doom! Always look forward to the Cacowards every year, good stuff guys. Congrats to the winners!
  2. This is pretty sad news, RIP.
  3. 161cm, yeah I'm short mofos.
  4. The Room easily. Best when drunk and at a cinema with the room full of drunk uni students armed with plastic spoons. I recall being quite entertained by the movie when I watched it as a 12 year old haha.
  5. If the straferunning bit switch thingy on map9 is too much, I'm happy to have skillsaw change it so it's possible to make it with a non-strafe run. Making some parts in my maps require strafe run is probably something I should stop doing haha.
  6. Tsk tsk Cynical, you disappoint me. :P
  7. Yasss, congrats on the release Skillsaw! Echoing what Essel said, thanks for letting me participate on the project.
  8. Joshy is a pretty derivative nickname but it works I suppose. I am usually affectionately called 'Joshy Poshy' by relatives but chose just the former word for a forum handle. My previous username on Newdoom was 'ghost', can't say that was any more original.
  9. I'm not sure what you're trying to say Xerge. The initial impression is that you seem to suggest that methods of philosophy precedes science, which is of course a very Continental-philosophy thing to say. I'd like to know what you think- why can't scientific and philosophical methods be mutually inclusive in the Peircian pragmatic sense? What's the actual point you're trying to make?
  10. That was a sweet map, thanks Romero!
  11. Episode 3 has the most emotional value coming from the prequels. If anything, the main thing you'd enjoy from the prequels (apart from the original trilogy and episode 7) are the overly choreographed light-sabre fights and the new music- duel of the fates, which is quite nifty.
  12. I liked it. It's better than episode 6 at the very least, although that one remains my personal favourite. There were several predictable plot points I saw coming miles away but hey, if it wasn't predictable, it wouldn't be star wars anymore.
  13. Happy birthday Doom, and congratulations to all the award winners! Definitely a bunch of WADs here I need to catch up on!
  14. Just play through SoD or Resurgence on UV with distorted sounds and you're set! :P