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  1. Here's the first compilation (version 0.9) of the PRCP2 maps! It has all maps except for Map20 and 30 which is currently being worked on. Not all maps have music and graphics aren't included yet. Let the playtesting begin! Compilation V0.9 Maplist Map01- "Inception" by Dutch Doomer/Joshy Map02- "Medieval Evil" by Silverminer Map03- "Murder Well" by deetee Map04- "Decayed Redoubt" by riderr3 Map05- "Against the Spirit" by DMPhobos Map06- "Waters" by DJVCardMaster Map07- "Church of Pollution" by The SloVinator Map08- "Azure Ambition" by Sincity2100 Map09- "Agarthan Anomaly" by Captain Toenail Map10- "Natural Selection" by DJVCardMaster Map11- "Plutonium Rust" by Eternal Map12- "Close Encounters" by Egg Boy Map13- "Acid Bath" by DukeOfDoom Map14- "Corpseflower" by Scorpius Map15- "Ironclad" by Cheesewheel Map16- "Ifrit's Lair" by Edumm/Egg Boy Map17- "The Wolf Hour" by Sincity2100 Map18- "Enclave" by Anon Map19- "Never Safe, Always Sorry" by NuMetalManiak/Archi Map20- "Untitled" by Yumheart (**WIP**) Map21- "Scorched Sacellum" by Wydoomer Map22- "Trickster's Lair" by Jark Map23- "Wrong Turn" by MattFright Map24- "Untitled" by tatsurd-cacocaco Map25- "Sting Operation" by General Rainbow Bacon Map26- "Golgotha" by Xyzzy01 Map27- "Rules of Nature" by Potatoboih Map28- "Crimson Realm" by Waverider Map29- "Gehenna" by Yumheart Map30- "Untitled" by Death Bear (**WIP**) Map31- "Steel Mill Zone" by Joshy Map32- "Orestruck" by Cannonball
  2. Joshy

    Silver Edge (Boom map)

    Yissss, another Paul977 map!
  3. Is anyone game to have a go at making something for Map30?
  4. I played this map a few days ago, nice job! It's a cool map, looks and plays good. Feedback wise, the only thing I could think of was that there were a few brick texture misalignments here and there, but otherwise it's very solid!
  5. Sorry, forgot to update the OP, done. Nothing else needs changing in your map for now :) I'll play through the maps others have posted and will get back soon with feedback.
  6. I second this. This isn't a strict community project, at least not as strict as Plutonia 3, so make however you want your map to turn out. It just needs to have some elements of Plutonia, whether in spirit, gameplay, aesthetics, or intentions. Good luck!
  7. Joshy

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    Favourite soundtrack- There's a lot of memorable soundtracks across megawads but this one had the most potent earworms that likes to pop up in my head at the most unsuspecting times- like Angry Science and Alien Jungle. Favourite of all time- Sunlust, yeah. I think when you've mapped for a long time, playing amazing doom maps for the first time seem to lose its mystery and impact and you don't get the same feeling you used to when you first start playing pwads. But this magical package brought up some of those old feelings again and subverted quite a few expectations of how doom gameplay mechanics, let alone aesthetics, should be designed. This is a big source of inspiration for me, especially for some of my PL3 maps. Favourite Ending- Hard to pick, there's quite a few, like Ancient Aliens, Eviternity, and Heartland, but I think Going Down, a great megawad in its own right, came up with the best storyline progression and wrapped it up in style. Not an easy thing to pull off. Haven't played but want to- There's heaps I haven't played but would like to, but JCP may be top of the list. I'm very aware of tatsurd-cacocaco and manbou's excellent mapping abilities (they've made a few crackers for PL3) so I have no doubt I need to check this out. You love, everyone hates- It's so hard to work out what people like or dislike in the community, but I've picked NDCP2 purely because it hasn't been mentioned often and it has its quirky charms. Also the first project I took part of so there's a fair bit of nostalgia tied to this. You hate, everyone loves- I don't think Hell Revealed 2 is universally loved (lol mtpain27) but still. I dare say I have been influenced by this mapset but in the end it has not aged well. A lot of design choices are nonsensical and awful, and it's very very tedious. Fondest memory- Plutonia was pretty much the first official wad I played through (after shareware doom) when I was 8 years old. I played Doom2 6 years later. A lot of memories tied up with playing through Plutonia, especially when I first came across Map31 and 32, that was a scary moment. Undoubtedly formed my base expectations of how doom maps should look and play like. Always come back to- Scythe 2, duh. There's something uniquely magical about this megawad. I've tried my best to capture this same magic but didn't quite get there. I'm not sure anyone will ever come close. Could just be the nostalgia. An excellent trend-setting balanced all-round classic. Guilty Pleasure- Well I did make it for myself! Like the saying goes, 'masturbation is sex with someone you love'.
  8. Both could still make it in, can always be placed as a E3 map or Map31.
  9. Joshy

    Top 5 Star Trek Episodes

    Hard to pick just 5. In no particular order: Blink of an Eye (VOY) Tapestry (TNG) Yesterday's Enterprise (TNG) Cause and Effect (TNG) The Visitor (DS9) The Inner Light (TNG) In the Pale Moonlight (DS9) Trial and Tribble-ations (DS9) Mirror, Mirror (TOS) Still quite a few episodes I would've listed but these are a start.
  10. I think this is a good start! The map feels just slightly unbalanced at the moment. It may need a little bit more health (maybe 4x medikits?) and armor (another green armor somewhere else) at least in the early-mid part of the map. Easy to get damage and it can end up being 'get hit once and die' which isn't too fun when the gameplay is hectic. Also, the final battle in the lava, the rad suits and the ammo shouldn't be clumped together. Cells and rockets run out quickly and you can easily pick up the rad suit while attempting to pick up the ammo, which isn't good. Also it can be hard to pick up the ammunition if they're placed next to the wall, the player can jump over them easily. You have to slowly walk through to pick them up which isn't convenient considering the hectic final battle. I hope this makes sense? Absolutely right, give it a go, the map might make it in, never know!
  11. Joshy

    Delirium [Boom mapset, cl9] [BETA]

    Congrats on the release! I'll need to give this a proper playthrough soon!
  12. Yes this looks fine! Echoing Bridgeburner56's comment, go ahead and keep working on it! I agree with cannonball's comments on the pictures, the structure and layout looks very simplistic and could do with more height/floor variations, more openness and space, and more layout interweaving as opposed to room connects to rooms.
  13. Okay this looks like a good start, I'm curious to see how it turns out!
  14. I should note that if the number of maps submitted exceeds the number of free map slots, this doesn't mean you'll miss out. Altogether, maps will ultimately be selected based on quality.