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  1. Joshy

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    I've never played CTF 3-way before but I took a stab at doing a quick mixed design layout. Still untextured mostly, no item placement yet. Player starts are the spawn locations, and coloured torches are the flag locations. I have no idea if it's any good, let me know! Map name: Hardon Collider Occupies Map01, mapped in Boom format. <Download here>
  2. Joshy

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    I played through this. It's likely it won't be accepted mainly because there are a lot of similarities to the Plutonia maps. It felt like a homagey map rather than a new unique map following the general styling of the Casalis, which is what this project is going for. A homage isn't necessarily a bad thing but it must be a small part of a new layout.
  3. I concur. That astral cacodemon scared the shit out of me.
  4. Joshy

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    I've just finished playing through Eternity RC1 on UV difficulty, continuous playthrough with save/load, using Glboom+. This was a very good project altogether, well done to everyone involved and Dragonfly for churning out a mapset of this quality in such a short time. This is no easy feat, I know that myself. The visuals in this mapset, needless to say, is very impressive and intricate, a fantastic showcase for Otex textures which is indubitably a quality body of work. The Heaven theme is amazing and has a strong Zelda Wind Waker feeling to it. Well done Ukiro on such an achievement. I would like to make a map using these textures one day hopefully. The gameplay across the board is good, although I did find certain moments to be 'heavy'; perhaps I felt intuitively that there were moments that lacked balanced gameplay flow, I'm not sure. There were also moments where limited ammo and health placement was more frustrating than challenging; the maps were challenging enough already that it was unnecessary (Map16 and 17 if I remember?). The new monsters are wow lethal as heck, but I liked the new gameplay dynamics they introduced. I suspect a slight tweak (though I see that's already being planned) would do wonders. I think my least favourite would be the green demon. I imagine it as a 'baron' variant of the demon to the extent that it is similarly tricky to find an effective balanced use of it and this mapset certainly demonstrated that. There were moments when the monster's usage was just too much, too heavy/tedious, and there were moments where it was used quite effectively and provided an enjoyable gleeful sense of sharp pressure. I wonder if a slight decrease in HP might just make it more balanced? The fact that it is fast and requires more than 1 SSG shot establishes a dominant presence beyond the mere pinky. Just a thought. I only disliked Map05, there were just too many hellknights, wasn't exactly infinite-tall friendly, and it felt like it played longer than it should have. All the other maps were remarkably consistent and were generally enjoyable. My top 5 favourite maps, in no specific order, would probably be (yes I had to really think about it): Map26 Map29 Map15 Map18 Map14 (that difficulty spike, crikey!) Again, thank you all for the mapset. Congratulations are in order, and of course, a very well deserved Cacoward is to be expected!
  5. Joshy

    If Plutonia had an original soundtrack

    This is worth checking out.
  6. Joshy

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    HB Doom, congrats to all the winners and runnerups! Great articles too, a pleasure to read. Well done everyone!
  7. I'd like to be playing around with angles and non-orthogonal shapes more, and work on my texturing.
  8. These two layouts of mine are equivalent to Michelangelo's David:
  9. Joshy

    Most beautiful map layouts

    Thread needs more Xaser.
  10. Joshy

    Post a picture of yourself!

    At least you can ask him to say 'I see you've played knifey-spoony before'. Still going to be just as epic, fair dinkum mate.
  11. Joshy

    Post your Gamer Throne®

    I sit in one of these. So comfy, you'd shitpost in Linguica's threads to keep yourself in reality.
  12. I've only ever had goat in Indian curries (which is actually nice) but I can't speak for all Aussies. I've heard goat is a regular part of Alfonzo's diet.
  13. In Australia, it's easily Oporto's. Consistently delicious and sufficiently salted.
  14. You gotta stay on the big decks to avoid being eaten by the big dicks, right?
  15. This might be a really obvious recommendation but if you haven't listened to Aphex Twin, some of his albums might be what you're looking for, notably 'Selected Ambient Works 85-92' and 'Selected Ambient Works Volume 2'.