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Status Updates posted by Joshy

  1. Or is it 'degree mode on'? Either way, I graduated yesterday from university after 3.5 years, finished my BA degree with majors in Philosophy and Gender Studies. Enjoying my break so far before I get back into uni again next year, where I'll be doing a Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research post-grad course, and hope I do well enough to go for a PhD.

    This is me caped in academic glory.

    On a side note, ever since I finished my degree in June and was left contending with truckloads of time, I've been working on a Doom 2 Boom project. Just to clarify, I said I'd 'retire' from mapping so I'd effectively discipline myself into focusing more on uni work, which worked quite well for me (and I'd look like a right idiot if I came back any sooner). But I figured I'd release a nice and proper project to make up for Surge, and instead of 'retiring', I'll just say it can't be guaranteed that I will or will not make another map. :P I'll probably officially announce the project in a month or so when I've done enough to show some progress. The project itself is a perfect example of why I suck at vanilla mapping. I hope to finish it before I start my postgrad course next year, which is looking doable at the time being.

    I'm also looking for a known UV-Max Speedrunner to help me out with the gameplay balancing/advice. Let me know if you're keen!

    *Behold, an original title!

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    2. Joshy


      Springy said:

      Make up for Surge? I quite enjoyed surge, I didn't think it was disappointing at all, but anyway all the best for the future and good luck on the project.

      Well, I did really rush the project's release and didn't give the loving attention it should have got. Which is why I am finishing off Surge, all 32 maps, re-doing some of the maps, get rid of the crappy ones, etc, etc, and I'm going to take my time on it this time! :-)

    3. cannonball


      Congratulations on graduating. And good luck on finishing Surge, hopefully awesomeness awaits.

    4. ArmouredBlood


      Congratz, I'm glad you have more of an idea of what you're going to do now than I do hahah.

  2. Yes that's right.

    Happy birthday to Speed of Doom...
    and ArmouredBlood...
    and me! 21 years of suffering..

    Now make us a special map, bitches. (Just because I've stopped mapping doesn't mean I can't request a bloody map!)

    If y'all want a challenge with this map-making, make a SoD-styled map! (Should be interesting to see how people would interpret that)

    That is all.

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    2. Memfis


      FDA for Wilou's map - http://speedy.sh/6AUvN/wh-kmire-beta01-mem-FDA.zip
      Pretty cool visuals, definitely reminiscent of SoD, but I can't say that slaughtering hordes with shotgun only is very fun... Maybe give some rockets?

    3. Technician


      esselfortium said:

      Happy 3-month-belated birthday, you SoDaholic, you

      Fifteen already?

    4. Bucket


      Joshy said:Are there any decent American beers at all?? (Obviously there is, but just asking!)[/B]

      I have to give lip service to Victory Brewing Co., in Downingtown, PA.

      Hop Devil is an acquired taste, but their lager is just fine.

  3. I'm thinking about studying overseas for 6 month. Just something different for me and absorb some more xp points. Gotta fill in a form before the end of June for next year's 2nd semester.

    The real issue is which country?? England, France or Canada seems to be the options at the moment. A lot are suggesting I go to Europe but I'll have to ask questions if the uni can provide support like captioning/interpreters and such (I am profoundly deaf after all). England seems to be the easiest option since they can provide sign language interpreters (British sign language is quite similar to Australia's) but captioning is good enough for me as well. I've been in England twice, but I'm not sure whether if that would be adventurous enough, I could do something more different. It's an exciting prospect as I don't really have anything special around here for the time being.

    Any thoughts on which countries to go to? Does anyone have stories they can share on their experiences as an exchange student?

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    2. Joshy


      Thanks all for the helpful responses. :-)

      Partition36 said:

      Have you thought about somewhere in South America? I had a friend from Argentina, and it always sounded like that would be an interesting place to go.

      I haven't really considered going to South America, I'm kinda shying away from that area at the moment. I wouldn't rule out visiting there later on, just not when I'm on a student exchange program I would prefer.

      Kid Airbag said:

      But I can give you a little bit of advice on studying abroad in general. I absolutely would highly recommend Europe. Even though you've been to England before, you can fly from London to almost anywhere on the continent for next-to-nothing with bargain airlines (RyanAir, EasyJet), and stay in hostels (which have a negative connotation for some reason, but if proper research is done before booking, they're almost always a wonderful experience) for a pittance as well, although again, I don't know how much being deaf would hinder ability to communicate at all in foreign languages.

      The U.S. and Canada seem like they would be easiest for you from a communication standpoint, and they have a ton to offer from a tourism standpoint, even without quite the same depth of culture and history as Europe. The only issue is it's a lot more expensive/time-consuming to get around the continent. Do you know where in Canada you would be based? Megabus effectively links Toronto to most of the Northeast and is dirt cheap, but the length of travel required to get most places might eliminate the possibility of one-weekend trips.

      Yeah, people were suggesting Europe mainly because of the cheap travelling fees to various countries. I'm not sure if that was what I had in mind. I plan on backpacking eventually anyway.

      Communication shouldn't be difficult as I can just simply use a notepad and a pen and write shit down, understanding English is hard enough already considering various people cannot even speak well enough in their native english language. Lip-reading is almost a myth I tell you! Heh.

      Also, if I were to go to Canada, it would most likely be in British Columbia, or Vancouver to be exact.

      Mr. T said:

      I came to Japan as a high school exchange student. It was such a great experience I decided to stay.

      Many years later.....Do'h! Bahahahaha :-)

      I've always thought you were originally from Japan. I'll take a stab and assume you were originally from the US?

    3. dew


      all my friends who exchanged to france were french speaking. france is a true south european country in this regard, the only exception is cyprus, but that'd be a really weird choice. :)

      i studied... scratch that... slacked my ass off in denmark for a semester and it was awesome. try looking at your options in scandinavian countries. even general population speaks english well, at least compared to the rest of europe, and they're all socialist paradises that dump crazy money into all sorts of equalitarian projects, so i wouldn't be surprised if you found something suiting your needs.

      on the other hand, these countries are quite expensive. booze in sweden and finland, public transportation in denmark, heh. i saved a small fortune by cheating the system in copenhagen... we bought 24hr tourist passes, which are plastic cards where you write the date of validity with a marker. which can be erased with a dilutant. who would've resisted? :)

    4. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      Joshy said:

      Yeah, people were suggesting Europe mainly because of the cheap travelling fees to various countries. I'm not sure if that was what I had in mind. I plan on backpacking eventually anyway.


      Also, if I were to go to Canada, it would most likely be in British Columbia, or Vancouver to be exact.

      Well, if traveling around while you're abroad isn't a top priority, and you've been to England before, then Vancouver would be an awesome place to be an exchange student. It's consistently ranked one of the most livable cities in the world, and you'll also be really close to Seattle and Victoria, both of which are also great cities. Tons of outdoor activities in close proximity, too.

  4. Well, it's my birthday today. I turn 20 but it doesn't feel like a birthday, with all the priority resting on university and social/sport obligations. I haven't much mapping lately and probably will eventually stop mapping very soon. Anyway, won't be celebrating apart from a dinner at a decent club and playing a bit of Yoshi Island and doom to bring back some nostalgic childhood memories.

    Since I don't think many of you really know me, I'll borrow the concept of the 'hot seat' that Planky conveniently used: Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer them.

    Today's date also marks the one year anniversary of the release of Speed of Doom :D. Boy, time does fly...

    And it's ArmouredBlood's birthday too today... like some peeps mentioned, there must be some sort of conspiracy going on with all the forum lurkers' parents shagging on June. Reminds me of a Simpsons episode: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grampa_vs._Sexual_Inadequacy

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    2. Planky


      For the anti-christ, your scope of evil seems rather limited to internet forums.

    3. Joshy


      st.alfonzo said:

      The seat is still hot!

      I. Do my eyes deceive me or are you a U2 fan?

      Indeed I am a fan... although the word fan sounds a bit degrading. Another way of putting it would be: I am a U2 enthusiast; love 'em either way. Went over to the recent U2360 tour in Sydney last year and really enjoyed it. Got to hear some of my favourite songs so I was satisfied.

      II. In what ways do each of these three scenarios effect the glass half full/empty analogy, if at all?
      A. The glass is rounder at the base than it is at the top.
      B. The top of the glass is cracked and prone to breakage.
      C. The water is frozen.
      D. There is a fly in the water.

      A. Doesn't do shit... unless you really thought a couple of millilitres makes a difference in seeing something half-full/empty. Personally, I'd be more concerned if the liquid happened to be fine scotch whiskey and water, knowing I'd miss out a few millimetres of sheer pleasure. That certainly would make a difference in seeing whether a glass would be half empty or full!

      B. Considering how fragile the glass is, it would probably be best to avoid filling it up with liquid (and possibly breaking it) for the sake of an analogy; leave the damn glass alone and make up your mind!

      C. Frozen? Hmmm, the concept wouldn't be very edible. Isn't the water meant to be drinkable for the analogy to work? :P

      D. Is the fly alive or dead?

      III. Would you define yourself as an optimist, pessimist, realist or idealist, if any?

      I would probably consider myself a realist. I find myself being an optimist and cynic at different times, maybe cynical for the larger part. Being profoundly Deaf myself (and fluent in Auslan and English) offered a lot of perspective on a lot of things, and I've grown up dealing with the idea that I can't always get what I need/want (considering the nature of people/society is far from perfect), but at the same time, I can do things like advocate for change for the good, etc, provided I know my goals are achievable (even if that involves pushing past expectations).

      IV. Finally, what do you think would have happened if Neo had crushed both the blue pill and the red pill and snorted them at the same time?

      Ahhh, excellent question. Shortly after the pills being snorted, I would imagine Neo go all spastic and trembling on the floor with foam coming out of his mouth. Morpheus would probably say 'those pills were placebos you fool! The choice I gave you was an illusion! Try understanding that, ignoramus; welcome to the real world!' and he throws Neo into that 'real' mirror.

    4. Alfonzo


      We here at AHIBBAG (Annual Hot seat Institute for Birthday Boys and Girls. A high bag, "Bags of fun!") would like to apologize for the general lack of sensibility issued in your particular hot seat questionnaire. We are constantly working to improve our services, and while standards have improved according to recent surveys it has been brought to our attention that one of our members of staff, a Mr. Jenson Timlin, recently played "Poison Ivy II" from your Speed of Doom collection and has since been seeking justice on your birthday. He was promptly suspended and issued 30 hours of wow.wad confinement by court of law, pending further investigation.

      Again, our apologies. And have an explosive birthday!

  5. Realised I haven't started a blog post or a poll here yet, so here goes a random topic:

    After a moment of contemplation, I've reached to a conclusion that Canadians are cool. I'm Australian by the way. There are other awesome countries undoubtedly (would like to visit Czech republic one day :P) but this one'll do for now.

    Here's what I've found after years of observation:

    - Most Canadian comedians/actors are quite admirable; not to mention, they host an awesome and incomparable comedy festival in Montreal.

    - They are a multicultural country, the very first to be considered as one AFAIK. They consider bilingualism as an accepted norm, and encourages it, yay for activating differences. I am actually bilingual myself, Auslan and English being my language of choice, respectively.

    - While at a nightclub celebrating my shared 19th birthday party with 2 other friends of mine 2 nights ago, since our birthday date are within several days of each other, I bumped into a cute Canadian girl who incidentally was also celebrating her 19th birthday. She had a really cute accent; I liked how she pronounced 'beer' and she knew how to one hand fingerspell somehow (I'm very familiar and relatively fluent with ASL fingerspelling). Her sister and co were really nice too.

    - Friends of mine that live in England used to live in Canada (they're old farts now), and has nothing but praise for them and wouldn't cease praising when I visited them.

    - Two old good friends of mine (a brother and sister) are living in Canada now with Canadian gf/bfs, respectively.

    - I know of a cool deaf Canadian bloke who I see from time to time, his girlfriend's an aussie, and a friend.

    - My notetaker at uni is a Canadian, and has a good sense of humor, and does a really good job at notetaking.

    - My first favourite band was Nickelback (I prefer and worship U2 now, but I still like listening to them)

    - Ice hockey is fun.

    - Canadian Club is better than Jack Daniels or Jim Beam.

    - Australia hosted the Rugby World Cup in 2003; my school received free tickets to watch Canada play against Tonga; traveled 2 hours to and from the match. It was an enjoyable match to watch which Canada won.

    - Last but not least, there are cool Canadian doomers here. Inb4Creaphis and esselfortium (and any other Canadians I don't know of or relatively forgotten; I'm only aware of the two as they somewhat profusely advertise the fact they are one)

    Hmm, well there's my inductive argument, weak/superficial or not, I thought I'd point it out anyway. :P


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    2. Csonicgo


      POTGIESSER said:

      Hardly, I just can't be bothered to write a master thesis which you wouldn't agree with either. So next time you want to counter argue with a "reductionist viewpoint" which greatly causes an injustice to the deep, poetic, intoxicating, technically awesome, soulful, master musicians that are Radiohead; I'll see that whiny depressing noise for what it really is.

      Hey, What was Grunge? have you seen the lyrics to Grunge Music? It makes "creep" look like a self-help booklet.

    3. SYS


      What was that you say? Grunge? Oh you must mean that thing they call Heroin music.

      No there's a song more so than Creep that really sticks out as being super downer. It's not necessarily lyrics but what goes along with them.

    4. MajorRawne


      Ralphis said:

      Canadians are the same as Americans so since Americans are cool, Canadians are cool

      Canadians are British. Britain is cool when it's not drunkenly acting the fool. Therefore, sober Canadians are cool.