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  1. Yes that's right.

    Happy birthday to Speed of Doom...
    and ArmouredBlood...
    and me! 21 years of suffering..

    Now make us a special map, bitches. (Just because I've stopped mapping doesn't mean I can't request a bloody map!)

    If y'all want a challenge with this map-making, make a SoD-styled map! (Should be interesting to see how people would interpret that)

    That is all.

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    2. Memfis


      FDA for Wilou's map - http://speedy.sh/6AUvN/wh-kmire-beta01-mem-FDA.zip
      Pretty cool visuals, definitely reminiscent of SoD, but I can't say that slaughtering hordes with shotgun only is very fun... Maybe give some rockets?

    3. Technician


      esselfortium said:

      Happy 3-month-belated birthday, you SoDaholic, you

      Fifteen already?

    4. Bucket


      Joshy said:Are there any decent American beers at all?? (Obviously there is, but just asking!)[/B]

      I have to give lip service to Victory Brewing Co., in Downingtown, PA.

      Hop Devil is an acquired taste, but their lager is just fine.