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  1. Or is it 'degree mode on'? Either way, I graduated yesterday from university after 3.5 years, finished my BA degree with majors in Philosophy and Gender Studies. Enjoying my break so far before I get back into uni again next year, where I'll be doing a Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research post-grad course, and hope I do well enough to go for a PhD.

    This is me caped in academic glory.

    On a side note, ever since I finished my degree in June and was left contending with truckloads of time, I've been working on a Doom 2 Boom project. Just to clarify, I said I'd 'retire' from mapping so I'd effectively discipline myself into focusing more on uni work, which worked quite well for me (and I'd look like a right idiot if I came back any sooner). But I figured I'd release a nice and proper project to make up for Surge, and instead of 'retiring', I'll just say it can't be guaranteed that I will or will not make another map. :P I'll probably officially announce the project in a month or so when I've done enough to show some progress. The project itself is a perfect example of why I suck at vanilla mapping. I hope to finish it before I start my postgrad course next year, which is looking doable at the time being.

    I'm also looking for a known UV-Max Speedrunner to help me out with the gameplay balancing/advice. Let me know if you're keen!

    *Behold, an original title!

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    2. Joshy


      Springy said:

      Make up for Surge? I quite enjoyed surge, I didn't think it was disappointing at all, but anyway all the best for the future and good luck on the project.

      Well, I did really rush the project's release and didn't give the loving attention it should have got. Which is why I am finishing off Surge, all 32 maps, re-doing some of the maps, get rid of the crappy ones, etc, etc, and I'm going to take my time on it this time! :-)

    3. cannonball


      Congratulations on graduating. And good luck on finishing Surge, hopefully awesomeness awaits.

    4. ArmouredBlood


      Congratz, I'm glad you have more of an idea of what you're going to do now than I do hahah.