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  1. Or is it 'degree mode on'? Either way, I graduated yesterday from university after 3.5 years, finished my BA degree with majors in Philosophy and Gender Studies. Enjoying my break so far before I get back into uni again next year, where I'll be doing a Bachelor of Philosophy/Master of Research post-grad course, and hope I do well enough to go for a PhD.

    This is me caped in academic glory.

    On a side note, ever since I finished my degree in June and was left contending with truckloads of time, I've been working on a Doom 2 Boom project. Just to clarify, I said I'd 'retire' from mapping so I'd effectively discipline myself into focusing more on uni work, which worked quite well for me (and I'd look like a right idiot if I came back any sooner). But I figured I'd release a nice and proper project to make up for Surge, and instead of 'retiring', I'll just say it can't be guaranteed that I will or will not make another map. :P I'll probably officially announce the project in a month or so when I've done enough to show some progress. The project itself is a perfect example of why I suck at vanilla mapping. I hope to finish it before I start my postgrad course next year, which is looking doable at the time being.

    I'm also looking for a known UV-Max Speedrunner to help me out with the gameplay balancing/advice. Let me know if you're keen!

    *Behold, an original title!

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    2. Joshy


      dew said:

      congrats, josh. your plans sound reasonable, which is a rare sight for people with a degree in philosophy. keep working on it! :)

      Thanks man :-)

      darkreaver said:


      gimme maps


      Only if you release RoD! :P

    3. fraggle



    4. Springy


      Congratulations Joshy! Nice to see you back mapping again. I cannot wait for the new project.

      But I figured I'd release a nice and proper project to make up for Surge

      Make up for Surge? I quite enjoyed surge, I didn't think it was disappointing at all, but anyway all the best for the future and good luck on the project.

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