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  1. Andyman3k

    Rocket/Plasma/BFG Jumping demos

    I just came back to playin doom after about a year. Then did rjspace 9f in 7:31. I still laugh at missing the blue key ** http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTefyhcQiKA
  2. Andyman3k

    E1M1 Played on a tesla coil

    Title explains it all. My friends tesla coil: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=dHeKe4kuHMI
  3. Andyman3k

    Stupid skulltag/zdoom challenge

    I don't know what LINE effect 2123 is, but SECTOR effect 2123 causes the player to be invincible in that sector. It's not intentional or built in, but rather a discovered bug. I use sector effect 2123 in all rocketjumping maps I create, and then use dehacked to set the initial health to 1, so the player doesn't get that red screen when they jump.
  4. Andyman3k

    Stupid skulltag/zdoom challenge

    Awesome! I was able to do it, but it wasn't easy :P. Being an avid rocket jumper, I think this could be greatly expanded to something much larger scale. And on something that uses sector effect 2123 heh
  5. Andyman3k

    New Zombie Invasion mod

    Ok, this is still a work in progress, I plan to eventually have at least 10 (complete) maps in the wad, with 3-4 of them being made by me, and the rest made by a friend. Map01 is nearly finished, I just have to work on the final "zone". The weapons are mostly all custom: I replaced the chaingun with a minigun that holds 1800 rounds, the rocket launcher with a throwable, shootable propane tank, and made the shotguns shoot a bit slower to make it a bit more challenging. Plasma is replaced with a 3-burst assault rifle that shoots "tracers", and the BFG fires much more slowly and uses up 250 bullets per shot. Oh, and the chainsaw does 3x damage :D Thanks to EarthQuake for these zombie skins and advice on details. So the main thing I have yet to do is finish detailing map01 and writing the scripts for the rest of the zones. Map02 is not really playable, i still have to make all of the slopes and stuff. You can glance at it for the general idea though. I've completed all the weapons sounds+sprites and compiled them along with the monsters in their own separate wad: http://doom.kruczyslaw.co.cc/wads/zombsnweaps1.zip And the linked invasion wad: http://doom.kruczyslaw.co.cc/wads/zombinvasion1c.zip You must load both at the same time. They will WORK separately, but it's basically pointless. The only weapon issue is with the tank. For some strange reason when played online, when the tank is thrown, 2 sprites are actually leaving your "hand". One of them explodes when shot, the other just stays behind and can't be destroyed. This strange effect only happens online. A finished map01 and map02 should be coming out pretty soon. Wad was designed to work with Zdaemon. Comments, ideas, suggestions?
  6. Andyman3k

    Custom explosion radius

    Well, I figured it out, so I thought I would post how I did it in case anybody else wants to do something similar in the future.Thing 34 (Rocket in flight) Initial frame = 806 #first frame of sitting barrel Hit points = 1 Death frame = 808 #first frame of the barrel exploding Speed = 35 Mass = 70 Missile damage = 400 #change this to adjust hugeness of explosion Bits = SHOOTABLE + TELEPORT + NOBLOOD Frame 806 Duration = 6 next frame = 807 #ensures that it never reaches the death state #until you shoot it Frame 807 Duration = 6 next frame = 806 [CODEPTR] Frame 809 = DETONATE #tells doom to use Missile damage instead of default barrel explosion range & damage #(frame 809 is the second frame in the barrel explosion sequence) The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to disable the rocket trail sprite. Right now, the sprite just sits next to the barrel until it blows up. (Note: If you're gonna use this, remove all the # comments)
  7. Andyman3k

    Custom explosion radius

    Well, I'm wanting it to be throwable; It's replacing the rocket launcher. I've made the "rocket" use projectile and made it use the exploding barrel frames, so it rests until it's shot. I plan on making it look like a propane tank soon. So I would need to do something like spawn more explosions upon the barrels "death", like a pain elemental spawns its lost souls when it dies.
  8. Andyman3k

    Monsters open doors

    If nothing works, and you want the door to open slowly, you could always use a very simple acs script.#include "zcommon.acs" Script 1 (void) { Door_Raise(tag, speed, delay, 0) } Then on the switch that opens the door, set it to lindef action 80 and execute script one.
  9. Andyman3k

    Custom explosion radius

    I've done my research and I still cannot figure this out. How/what would I do to modify the toxic barrel explosion to be a much more massive explosion radius and damage? I just can't find anything in dehacked that would do this. 128 units is far too small for me, I need something more like 256-512. (I'm creating a miniature bomb)
  10. Andyman3k

    Rocket/Plasma/BFG Jumping demos

    My wad, RJwarriors1b, in around 28 minutes. Demo I took far too long on the "momentum" jump, and every jump basically took 5 minutes each :P. Especially on the 16k corner climb at the end. Oh, on another note, my time on rjspace9f is down to an average of 8 minutes per run. Of course, my best time of 7 minutes was the one time I forgot to record a demo...
  11. Andyman3k

    Rocket/Plasma/BFG Jumping demos

    What does it mean when it says ERROR: CORRUPTED DEMO FILE: TOO LARGE PACKET ?? I got rjspace down to 15 minutes, but the demo file won't finish playback after like 30 seconds!! I did the start-to-yellow key mega jump, and the superjump to yellow key platform perfectly too! :( I could have gotten faster, but when I had yellow within 2 minutes, I got too excited and messed up some REALLY basic jumps. like the strafe jump down to plasma. My hands were shaking like mad, and now I understand what you mean by :)
  12. Andyman3k

    Rocket/Plasma/BFG Jumping demos

    Wow, you actually had a teacher?! You're so lucky, I had to figure almost everything out on my own, until I found this thread. (BTW, just a random question: Does anyone know the name of the song on rjspace9f?)
  13. Andyman3k

    Rocket/Plasma/BFG Jumping demos

    Thanks! I've gotten pretty much every jump on the first try at some point, but never all in the same run! For the red to blue "exploit", if you could manage to land on one of the stairs, it would be a little more "skill jump" than exploit. What I was thinking, was do a speed run and do every jump including those in the unused corner, while killing all "monsters" on the way, but that would be kinda pointless, if it could be done faster without having to go the long way. Btw, I saw your bfg run, and all I have to say is ZOMFG! :P What purpose do the commander keen "monsters" serve? Are they just easter eggs, for fun?
  14. Andyman3k

    Rocket/Plasma/BFG Jumping demos

    You don't know me, but your demos have made me determined to actually finish rjspace9 instead of struggling on the first jump for hours. I've spent hours practicing and just recently tried recording demos. On my first time all the way through, I got through in a little over 45 mins. On my 62nd try, I got it in 23:38. That was with a lot of mess ups and was really only my 3rd time all the way through the map with no cheats :P. Rjspace9f in 23:38 Normal gravity, air control was at .003 just to make things a teenie bit easier. Am I any good? For some reason, when I play the demo on my computer, the direction the actor faces is sometimes way different than where I was really facing. Is this a normal glitch, and does everybody see it? Now, it would be interesting to do a speedrun with no teleport exploits, all MONSTERS, keys, and weapons. And I mean NO exploits. I think the jump from the clear platforms by the red key to the big stairs to the blue key is a teleport exploit.