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  1. Well i am back, i like it here. Electro's diplomacy with a mod lifted my controversial ban. Makes sense, for a debate that fell on ill-percieving ears that happend long ago, its evident feelings are put behind.

    I can resume my DW stuff, for the better of course. I beleive this is where I can stick my stuff, so I will do so.

    Ironic ... posting on a about blogs forum is what got me banned. Ive repented nothing, and regret only that I didnt give more say in the matter. However, I love this place and will use it as my sanctuary, news board and toilet.

    Have a sadistic day.

    Well, I am the creator of the Hellmouth project, and progress is going as expected - ace. View the shit-hot stuff over at the mouth - http://www.hellgob.tk. Link in my profile does the same job.

    Mapper Rave is back amongst the living after his computer's 2 month coma, and Electro is proving more valuable than cyber's horn nailed to guitar. (electro good)

    Unfortunately, ive been having a rough time as of late, and Im going to take a break on this friday, for 2 weeks or so. Electro will be left in charge (EEK!) and I will rely on him, as I'll have no internet access to check. (unless I try).

    All my projects are up to schedule, including Hellmouth - the biggest ongoing project at moment, and working on 2 music albums simultaneously (one for each of my two bands), a band collaboration and website side projects. As additional side projects, I am doing requests for Doom 1 and 2 music remixes. Requests welcome. I will upload them to Hellmouth site.

    Remember, when you've had a busy week, ponder to yourself in thought - "I wonder if this week is on par with one of heretic's days?"

    -- Clasped in thorns --

    Debris of fallen martyrs speckles your path;
    sounds breach your skull like scraps of shrapnel.
    The Hellmouth beckons with a waking call;
    structures interlock over like a cage, for a wild force.
    A descriptive message written in earth, reflected by the sky
    Death hangs like fallout, a blizzard of distaste
    a strong despise for humanity and furious vengence
    vengence is no-ones, its auctioned for the harnessing.
    The cross mark of heresy looms in the rock,
    imprinting power with the energy that courses through it.

    Here leads the start of the technological curse that grouts each map like tiles on a wall of skin. Here comes a shock with ampage that will fry your God's nuts like split nuclei.
    "Go, warn the people. The Heretic ' s elitists are present."

    A creased face of twisted mutated emotion and extreme
    repulsed reaction greets thee.

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    2. Electro
    3. Ralphis


      Grazza said:

      (BTW, I haven't banned anyone so far, but it's been a fairly quiet time since I became a mod.)

      You strike fear into the hearts of many!

    4. Grazza


      That wasn't the intention. :(