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  1. The Heretic

    The /newstuff of Ten Years

    The main requirements are is that its packed with top quality wads and some we havent played yet, that we can play over xmas. Cool.
  2. The Heretic

    Tapeworm, NIN, and The Damning Well, Oh My

    Cant wait to hear this
  3. The Heretic

    quake nazis

    Yea I agree of what a nuisence it is, all these shouting obscene racist stuff. However, using hitler or other figures like him for names, graphics etc is not racist at all, just depends on the intentions of the person. If I use nazi images and symbols in maps, its because of the fear they give in games; games are different. Im fascinated with the history and hitler's reich, doesnt mean i like what he stood for, for hells sake. Lol, and the majority of doomers call ppl Jew/joo very often. We probrably shouldnt get upset by the player terminology this late in the game, but it pisses me of occasionaly.
  4. The Heretic

    They raped Larry

    Bloody hell, i dont know what to think about that screenshot. Thought i was on acid.
  5. The Heretic

    Doomworld is 56% Evil

    Interestingly, the word business is 99% evil. The tool sounds like a sex toy or something ;) Results from the bullshitlocator show: This site is 93% bullshit 3% chicken extract, and 8% rectal havoc? Dont add up :\ ------ Lets put all the evil words we got so far into one post, let it analyse it and blow the cunt up :P ------- Lol, typically, "the_heretic" is 99%evil. However, that 1% good I had has just been descecrated on this young maiden here. Edit : jesus christ is 100% evil o_O
  6. The Heretic

    Lucid dreaming

    Yes I am, I study lucid dreaming and control, and is one of the fascinating things I am developing to master. When I get my next mail, Ill give you a link to a Lucidity discussion group I participate in, if you want to know and share stuff there; your call.
  7. The Heretic


    Discussing it on forums with ppl who understand and go through the same life stuff as you do is far better help for whatever your problem is here than some twat with a PHD IMO.
  8. The Heretic


    Consider it often. For some of you, the morbid curiosity is amplified by threads like these ;). Consider reincarnation (I call it respawn). Perhaps we respawn back into the world - but with surplus population kicking in, there wont be many player starts left, so your eventually kicked from the server. None of us are certain of what's next on the to do list when you snuff it. zarcyb, Christine is no use wrapped in shredded zombie arms. Select a different strategy, first step being linking brain with hands.
  9. The Heretic

    Team Mamtech Hiring

    We are flexible with what work you do. Dont think your gonna be worked like a dog. Only long term members get whipped ;)
  10. The Heretic

    To Bomberman fans

    loved bomberman. As with most games i played on snes, i recorded lots of the music onto tape. Still have the tapes somewhere. Ah , all those years ago.
  11. The Heretic

    Team Mamtech Hiring

    It isnt new. Its approaching its 1st year anniversary, this project. This is a staff advert, I am looking for ppl to help with this well-established project. I have a full website full of information about it if you take time to view, so the newproject tag really does not apply.
  12. The Heretic

    Team Mamtech Hiring

    Im not really interested. So, Im waiting for more mappers to join my team, I have got one person starting a map, and 1 potential one. Keep it coming ppl.
  13. The Heretic

    Team Mamtech Hiring

    Lol, The advert has only just been put up. And legacy 1.41 b fixes most of these bugs.
  14. The Heretic

    Adolf Impounded!

    Hehe, i actually have a hitler style side parting, medium length. Occasionally i am heard to proudly shout HUH! when walking out my front door.
  15. The Heretic

    i'm going to offend you

    um dude, the mother isnt gonna delay her impending birth just because the season doesnt seem appropriate or non PC. Thus, they are born when they're due. Lol, overlooked.
  16. The Heretic

    Adolf Impounded!

    See the small mindedness of it? lol
  17. The Heretic

    What's most important!

    Didnt mean to offend. With some respect however, you can tell us that proverb, sure. Shame you can at least ADOPT your own view for the sake of the argument you promote. Just dont like the way he treated nation there. :) EDIT : lol, Just noticed my custom title. Chocolate! Yeah! :P
  18. The Heretic

    What's most important!

    You people get to judge who is corrupt or not? Your word against ours. At least Darknation takes on unique, varied and alternate views to the world, instead of submitting to the one you are told and keeping your mind shut with a fat holy whore sat upon it. btw, happy birthday sam.
  19. The Heretic

    i'm going to offend you

    Makes a splendid wad. Help fight the wave of attacking trees before they evolve into their near identical counter part - the desert spoon weilding human! ;) im just kidding , dark fox.
  20. The Heretic

    What's most important!

    whats that crap your chunnering about?
  21. The Heretic

    What's most important!

    happiness. there's no deep shit to be told here, for what we crave for to achieve or end up with is any form of happiness/contentment ... good time. yea , like otherS pointed out: most importAnT for whAt? life? cos death isNt perceived as part of life by some, but is by others. HappinEss is the culmination of the RESults of all mY activitys. those. All those things can bring you happiness. Or you crave to meditate without the intention of any satisfaction? Caserole. EDIT : The death of someone may bring you happiness;). appens.
  22. The Heretic

    Death of a Doomer

    :( Very sad to hear about that, i didnt know him. May he telefrag his maker on the way in.
  23. The Heretic

    Adolf Impounded!

    So non-compliance, and non-conformitsm with the constitution. Basically it sounds like 'its a foreign organisation and doesnt fit in here.' You are sent to prison for breaking the law. There is no law against parading about, even dressing like hitler, let alone training your dog to heil. But they seem to claim it comes under a generalisation that it is bad, or anti-semetic, regardless of the intentions of the dog owner. BTW , I dont know if this article is a joke or not, but anyway... You can do what you like in this fashion, its not hurting anyone in the way that problem naybours and violence/abuse about on the streets, which rarely ends in a sentance as long as that. :P I was called a nazi by my jewish neighbour, simply because I spoke some german, and listend to some german music. Take into account its a sensitive topic. He annoyed me, but, I calmly told him to chill out, and go and take a shower.....
  24. The Heretic

    Adolf Impounded!

    HUH! Dont suppose ppl reiched that trick.
  25. The Heretic

    i'm going to offend you

    Lock the bitch up in a reptile house at the zoo, with cute little prayers tatooed on each snake, and "alleyluya chorus" blaring from the speakers while big plasma screens depict little devil dudes whipping her holy ass.