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  1. thank ye for the purchase! make sure to turn the volume up all the way ;D
  2. i would have done everything perfectly, unlike the people who made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. thanks! I had a blast making this album, in many ways feels like a culmination of everything I have learned over the year. Picking up music production this year has been a huge boost in creative energy to me, so I will say, don't necessarily lose hope ;)
  4. https://unholybones.bandcamp.com/album/hallows I am probably known on Doomworld as the creator of ARRIVAL, but my most recent projects for the past year or so have been music related! Today I'm releasing a new EP, HALLOWS, a collection of blackened, haunted, infectious instrumentals, meant to get your head banging on HALLOWEEN (and the coming winter months). I've been working super hard on these, and I'm extremely happy with how they turned out. The album is free to download, and all I ask is that if you find yourself enjoying it, leave a comment or a review and pass it onto a friend! Happy (early) Halloween!
  5. FWIW, the missing demos in the original release were an artistic decision. I wanted AD_79's "Kneel Before the Writhing Altar" to play out in full at the title screen, so I hacked in blank demos to keep the loop from starting. They only exist in the unity addon because they made me ;D
  6. pavera

    Quakecon 2023

  7. This is really great work. Can't wait to see more stuff from you!
  8. pavera

    DOOMKID.wad - 6 New Maps

  9. pavera

    Quakecon 2023

    I will be there! My seat is I-124 if anyone wants to come over and say hi
  10. pavera

    Making/Releasing maps you can't beat

    eh, I can barely beat any of my maps without saves, people seem to like em overall.
  11. pavera


    Let's make one thing clear: finding Veddge or discovering their true identity is NOT in any way a part of this wad. Their anonymity is central to the wad's intrigue, and it is in no way appropriate to try and track them down or discover them in any way. If they wished to be known, they'd come around.
  12. Big bump with my official endorsement. Was fun watching everyone progress on their maps for this! Great to see it actually released!