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  1. Pavera

    Running The Gauntlet

    Screens look pretty nice! Congrats on your first release. I will try to give this a spin sometime.
  2. Pavera


    the screenshots look very nice, certainly a lot of work here to be proud of! Congrats on the announcement, will be keeping my eye out for the release a few months from now.
  3. Bump Just to say that, Arrival is now officially available on /idgames: DOWNLOAD So, if you've been waiting patiently for a "final" version to start recording demos for, please feel free to wait no longer. Thanks for playing!
  4. Lesson I wish I had learned at your age: Don't fear cringe, embrace it. We are all cringe, to be cringe is to be human. Let go of your fear of cringe, and be free. You will lead a cleaner and happier life in the process.
  5. Pavera

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Cydonia & Arrival

    So many lovely writeups today, really happy to see so many people playing and enjoying this month. Honestly, it's got me gassed to get back to work on my followup. I really enjoy seeing the wildly different opinions on each map. It's so cool to see that MAP07 can be one person's favorite and another's least favorite. Even to those of you who weren't as enthusiastic about it, it was still great to read your takes. Thanks everyone for playing!
  6. REAL SHIT / i sleep
  7. Pavera

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Cydonia & Arrival

    yesss ... yessssssssss .... Let go of your frugality, embrace rockets and plasma! anyway, had to comment here because yes, indeed part of the design of Arrival was to give you the ammo-soaked confidence to jump right into the trouble and duke it out with all the plasma and rockets you need. there is really no need to be conservative with ammo here, I wanted you to feel powerful. The hordes of zombies are there for you to melt into gibs with glee, while still having enough to take on the cyberdemons around the corner.
  8. Pavera

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Cydonia & Arrival

    It's been a lotta fun reading these write-ups on the first few maps of Arrival thus far. It honestly seems like the kind of mapset that you either really vibe with, or kinda go "yeah that was fine". Both opinions are totally valid, cause I think it's really by design, and I tended to lean heavily into mapping tropes that some people (i.e. myself) love and others just don't find very entertaining or important. For instance, I DID spend a LOT of time on texturing, architecture, the general feel of the areas, etc. And I also setup most of the combat scenarios to feel breezy and relatively effortless, but loud, however often times this just came at the expense of the general 'balance' of the gameplay. IF you are the sort of Doomer who loves finely tuned combat scenarios with high challenge and ammo/health management, you're going to be likely disappointed here. It's true that a lot of Arrival is going to feel oddly easy to get through despite the high monster counts, that is by design. I wanted it to be all about the spectacle and the vibe, really. I hope those of you who aren't vibing with the early maps find something to like in the second half, but if not, thank you for playing anyway!!
  9. Pavera

    Ask me something about one of these maps...

    Each map was a little bit of both. I had the overall theme and progression through those themes planned out in a little roadmap, with notes on broad themes that each map needed to achieve, etc. Of course that was less the case for MAP01 and 06, which were built well before the rest of the project started, but I still tried to build the other maps around them and tie them all into the overarching progression of the set. But I never actually planned any layouts ahead of time, or even texture themes (except knowing for a fact that MAP08 was going to be red hot), I just knew what vibe each map needed to have. There's actually quite a bit of unwritten "lore" (more like my own headcanon) throughout my notes on each of these maps, tying them all together a little more. For instance, MAP02 is called "saltstone sanctuary" because it is literally supposed to be a homestead built into the sides of the salt canyon, that housed facility workers from the nearby waste abandonment facility (aka MAP01). I wanted the interior brick areas to be almost cozy looking, but abandoned, and then of course the plot twist is that behind the yellow key door you discover that the residents of the sanctuary may have been practicing some sorts of rituals, potentially leading to whatever the events of Arrival truly are. I was originally gonna do more with it, but ended up not, since I felt like the map was fun enough without more fluff. It's not really all fleshed out, but there are broad strokes I wanted to paint in each map that enterprising players could at least use to paint their own headcanon as to what it all means. Maybe it doesn't come across very well at all in the maps themselves, but either way, helped fuel my inspiration while working :D Really glad you appreciated that, I actually had to put some effort into getting that moon to line up perfectly with the gap in the cliffs there. I will have to check out your map when it's available!
  10. Fantastic work on this thing, just finished E1, can't wait to play more!
  11. Gonna check this out tonight on my CRT setup + choco doom. Cheers!
  12. Pavera

    Ask me something about one of these maps...

    Interested to hear what your recent thoughts on this map may have been, since I actually had a few false starts when trying to get the concept off the ground. I knew I wanted to do some sort of a water processing map, with long passages of flowing water that you run through, culminating in some sort of "putrefying" process, but I found it very hard to make it interesting. The setup that I finally came up with, where the blue floor lowers and becomes brown, was surprisingly hard to get working and required me to run a few DBX scripts to fix the ordering of the linedefs. That setup sorta came from the spur of the moment, rather than completely planned. What I had always envisioned was a more elaborate version of the crushers that you walk through down the watery pinky hall that switch the water to brown. Didn't turn out as cool as I wanted, but whatever :D That map is also one of the few in the set where a considerable amount of it is completely optional. Almost all of the other maps require you to at least pass through every area in the map. Having lots of side exploration was actually one of my original goals for Arrival, but I guess that wasn't quite as achieved as I wanted. Looking back on this map, it actually seems like one of the least conversation-starting maps in the set, so I'm curious what about it had it on your mind?
  13. Pavera

    Doomworld Rules

    Out of curiosity, what would you expect the rule list to contain, if one were to be in place? It makes me wonder what kind of behavior one plans to engage in if they are worried about getting banned so easily without one.
  14. Looks very cool! Will have to try it out soon.
  15. Pavera

    Cacoward winners being overrated.

    There's certainly something to be said about the much higher profile that WADs achieve once they have been granted a Cacoward and the relatively small set of community members that works to decide which WADs are worthy of receiving one. Ultimately, the selection process IS subjective. There is no community vote each year, and thus it IS possible for good work to slip into the cracks if the (small and overworked) team of Cacoward writers doesn't manage to cover it in some capacity. With that said, I truly believe the Cacoward team does its absolute Darndest (capital D) to cast a wide net each year, giving ample writing space to runners-up, and with the most recent 'wards, dedicating an entire page to a massive list of WADs Worth Playing. Despite those efforts, it's simply impossible for the Cacowards to prop up everything that may be deserving of that spotlight. Inevitably, there is going to be disagreement within the community. This community produces more noteworthy work now than EVER before. To be quite honest, with 2021's output I genuinely did not expect Arrival to be chosen for a gold Caco. Ultimately, I think this is a problem that can be solved through community organization, rather than any restructuring of the Cacowards as they exist now. The Cacowards is simply one, albeit very significant, method of annual celebration that the community takes. There's no reason that an "Annual Community Choice" awards couldn't come up along side the 'wards, something that puts the hottest WADs of the year to a vote, with the winners getting their own spotlight. This requires action and people willing to commit themselves to running such a thing though. But I wouldn't put such dedication past the Doom community :)