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  1. Just saw these guys live last night in Brooklyn. Awesome show! They opened up with this song. Got to meet Toby and Ron afterwards too; they were running the merch table. Basically my dream come true :O
  2. Glad to see the recent status updates sidebar extended a little. Our thoughts deserve attention. Great!

    1. Gothic


      It's a step ahead, but a "see more" button would be nice too.

  3. Why does everyone who enjoys video games as a hobby have to fall under the label of "gamer"? The word alone has always made me cringe.

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    2. CARRiON


      Hmm, I don't think I've ever been called a gamer, or labeled as such by those outside this hobby. Honestly, I don't really bring up the fact I play video games unless someone asks me, and the convo is usually cut short once I mention I only really game on my PC. It's too foreign a concept for most, and they have no real idea where to start or what to ask at that point. I think most I tell that to just assume I play a shitload of WoW or Starcraft.



    3. Maes



    4. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      If the word "gamer" gives you feels, it might be a lot more interesting to ask yourself how it's possible to have this negative meta-physical frontload going with it, in particular on your end as well, when at the same time it is something you usually have fond memories of.

      Based on personal experience, I'd go as far as saying that you shouldn't concern yourself with what other people's interpretation of any given term is, and instead focus more on what you see in it. You make it sound a bit like, if someone calls you a gamer, there'd be something like "hobby shaming" going on.

      Looking at it from the perspective of prejudice, as in: Gamers being nerdy loners who flee from reality to be someone they can't be in real life, I'd say it falls upon you (or us, really), to prove it to be a different case entirely.

      What do you think @Pavera?

    5. dmg_64


      as a Gamer, I Gamed the game and it was so Gamy.

    6. Pavera


      @Nine Inch Heels Maybe my disdain for the label comes from a deep seated feeling of insecurity I get when I see people openly talking about a hobby that I was bullied for throughout my childhood. I mean, of course I had other friends who liked games, but I guess most kids saw a soft loser they could pick on for liking nerdy shit. Nowadays, when I hear somebody discussing video games out loud, in public, with cool people in earshot...I just naturally cringe a little, even if I know I share their interest. I don't want people to think of me as a gamer, because naturally it makes me feel like I'll be taken less seriously as a person. I know that's dumb, but it is what it is.

    7. printz


      Because it's more specific than "player".

    8. Tarnsman


      For the same reason everyone who surfs is known as a "surfer"?

    9. Maes


      Yeah but, uh , surfers are cool, dude.

    10. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @Pavera, in this case I would rather take a step from the idea of having been bullied for liking video-games, and instead think of it more as having been bullied, because bullies are asshats. Following that line of asshattery a bit further, "gaming" is absolutely exchangeable with any other term you can possibly imagine.

      The problem arises the moment you think you've been picked on for something you do, when in fact, it probably was simply a welcome attack-vector for idiots who had to give themselves a reason to begin with.

      I guess, what I mean to say is that, if you change your point of view in this regard, you might be able to significantly reduce this meta-physical frontload that is currently there.

      Just thinking "aloud" here...

    11. Doomkid


      I don't get the negative connotations with the word. It just means player of video games. Anyone who assumes all this stuff about someone because they play video games for a hobby is a moron. The word is basically a stereotype with negative connotations but let's be honest, anyone who has an opinion worth giving a damn about isn't going to jump to all sorts of conclusions just because some people have labeled you as 'a gamer'. That's just my take on it.

  4. WOOD5


    1. Tarnsman


      Thank you Pavera. I am now replacing WOOD5 with this gif for all of my IWADs. I feel this will greatly improve my DOOM experience.

  5. Just a preview of a map I've been cooking for some time.


    1. Jayextee



      Orange E4 sky pls. <3

    2. Pavera


      Possibly! I've been swapping the map around slots trying to decide which sky I like the most. The only reason I might not is because this is a Doom 2 map, and I'm trying my best to stick to pure stock resources.

    3. 40oz


      Orange always goes well with marble and wood (and almost everything else) but the dreary Doom 2 stock sky textures also help give it that kind of desolate look I like. I'm sure the skies from Doom 2 E1 or E2 or Doom E4 could all look great. 🍕

    4. esselfortium


      structures and layout look sleek, and there's just something about that green and tan combo that never fails. i'm excited for more paveramapping! this sky looks good i think, e4 sky would work just as well but the brownish sky here seems to help bring out some vividness from the matching colors in the wood.

    5. Pavera


      Thanks all. Looking forward to finishing this one!

    6. Breezeep


      Cool stuff, Pavera! Good luck on getting this done!

    7. Tarnsman


      Looking good Mr. Pavs. WOOD5 is my spirit animal.

  6. Been on an Agalloch binge lately. Pale Folklore will always be my favorite, but lately I've been appreciating The Mantle a lot more than I ever did in the past. Great album, probably their least "metal" full-length. And I realize that this track is not from The Mantle, just wanted to mention that album specifically. :)
  7. Obligatory Kayo Dot: Seeing them live next weekend. Gonna be awesome. Found this the other weekend: Pretty weird stuff. Their other tracks go into even crazier territories -- bluegrass, chiptune, etc. Cool stuff. They kind remind me of........ Mr. Bungle Especially on Disco Volante. I like this weird kinda genre bending music, especially when its kinda metal too haha. I guess my choices are kinda basic as far as avant-garde music goes, but there you have.
  8. It really is a beautiful work of art, isn't it?
  9. This is almost exactly how I played it too. I loved getting lost and exploring and just being captivated by areas that seemed inaccessible or out of the way. I didn't know about IDDQD then though, so I was still scared of the really hard levels.
  10. Seconded.
  11. My biggest problem most games referred to as "DOOM clones" is that they are generally much closer to Wolfenstein 3D in terms of gameplay and technology than they are to Doom. 90 degree walls, flat ceiling and floor, maze layouts. These aren't really problems in and of themselves, but calling them all DOOM clones really dismisses what Doom actually brought to the table in terms of level design and technology. Nowadays you often end up seeing any game where you point a gun forward and shoot monsters compared to Doom, no matter how fundamentally they may differ.
  12. We need a weapon mod, stat.
  13. Without Doom 2 we wouldn't have the greatest map of all time. MAP24. QED
  14. I like to hope that the new forum is motivating lurkers to come out of their shell and join up. We want you! I think streamlining losers and post hell might help shed some of the unapproachable nature the forum might have for people. As funny as losers and post hell could be, especially for long time members, I think it's possible they discourage some more shy people from posting out of fear of being put on display as an idiot. Maybe I'm just projecting.