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  1. Pavera

    Dad Wad: Single level for Doom 2

    You're probably right, haha. Honestly I released this without much in the way of actual gameplay testing (a quick run through or two of the map). AAAAAAANd, of course I forgot about the blood drops. Whoopsie daisy! I also sorta had a general MAP01 length and difficulty in mind for it, so I think I'm ok with it being on the short and easy side. I'm considering following it up with maybe a couple extra maps, so that it feels maybe more like part of a complete whole....we'll see about that. @Fonze Thank you for the kind words, friend. Aesthetically I kinda got really lazy, I usually spend countless hours pouring over every contour, texture offset, color combo, etc...but in this case I kinda said "Fook it" and dropped the mic. It's fine I guess but certainly not my most provocative map. :) Overall, probably should have added a few more monsters for better gameplay pacing and challenge. I'll consider it all for my next dadmapping venture. Thanks for feedback!
  2. Pavera

    Dad Wad: Single level for Doom 2

    Well I don't necessarily think dadmapping would have to mean a lack of attention to detail or anything like that. To me it really just means "mapping while dad". Typically, I spend months working on a single map pouring over every little detail and honing and honing until I finally think it's ready to be released. Since becoming a dad though, this has really been impossible...so dadmapping to me is a way to break free of my old way, by letting go of my perfectionism and just having a bit more loose fun with it. All that in between poopy diapers, of course. We could probably have several categories of dadmapping, if we really need to get particular about it. Early Childhood, Aspiring Dad, Dad at Heart (for those of us with a dad inside them, but without kids), Dad of Adult, Dad of Teen, Mom, Maps For Dad, etc. Personally I don't think it needs to be so complicated.
  3. Pavera

    Dad Wad: Single level for Doom 2

    To me it's simply mapping between dadly activities. Doesn't necessarily have to be a nap. Building a deck? Draw lines between boards and nails. Helping with homework? Place some things in between questions. In my case, it was mapping after she settled down from a nice bottle. I didn't go into it really with a time limit in mind, but rather just to see how much I could actually accomplish with the limited mapping time I have on a daily basis. @Pegleg Thank you. :) Yeah so far it has been work, but I am enjoying it all. She's a really great eater and sleeper, and very cooperative (so far)!
  4. Hello everyone. Since having a kid, I haven't had much opportunity to map at all. Today I decided to try and warm myself back up to mapping again and made this, between bottles and burping and diaper changes. It's a really simple level, won't take long to finish. Plays on MAP01 of Doom 2. I hope it brings some level of enjoyment to you. EDIT: Should mention that it is "limit removing" compat. Here is the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qz6o5quoz1rskm5/pav-dadwad.wad?dl=0
  5. Usually not. If a wad is too hard for me, I usually just don't finish it. :P
  6. New people are always welcome. To answer OP's question: Yes it's frustrating in a kill-stealing sorta way, but rationally...it does conserve that extra bit of ammo. :)
  7. Pavera

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    Looks beautiful, Dragonfly. Agreed with @Csonicgo on the teal, it's really nice. There's quite an excellent diversity of architectural styles here too. The fifth screen in particular really took me, with the huge chains stretching across the map like that. Supreme. Can't wait to see more!
  8. Pavera

    REKKR - V1.15

    Congrats on the release. Really stoked to play this one, it's probably been my most anticipated wad this year.
  9. I'll take MAP11. Finally a community project I can get behind!
  10. Pavera

    Half-Life: Threshold

    Cool. Looks pretty neat so far. The little interactive bits of the player's house are cute. You say you're making it as a "what-if", does that mean that it'll be the same HL1 scenario told from yet another point of view?
  11. Pavera

    Gordon Freeman and Doomguy switch places in games

    Is this a threat?
  12. Pavera

    Gordon Freeman and Doomguy switch places in games

    Not much different. They both have the capability to solve basic environmental puzzles, carry lots of heavy weapons, and shoot monsters. Neither of them talk, and they both wear colorful suits. I honestly can't think of much difference between the two. Who says that Doomguy wasn't a nerd before anyways? He is Commander Keen's son after all.
  13. Pavera

    Hellscreen - Doom clone

    Saw this on RPS. Looks awesome! It's described as level-based -- does this mean there won't be procedurally generated layouts? *Looks up* Question answered :)
  14. I finished the preview campaign last night, and it's great. This is probably my favorite throwback revival shooter yet, honestly. It's just packed with attention and care, and the levels are just beautiful. The main character is really likeable, and honestly I find it really nice to finally play a Build engine character that isn't a wise-cracking asshole all the time. Not to say I don't love characters like Caleb or Duke though, it's just a nice change of pace. She cracks wise here and there, but it mostly just comes across as confident rather than overtly comedic or "tough guy cool". The weapons handle well, though I'm hoping to see more creative ones in the full game. Build engine games are known for some of their unorthodox weapon designs, so I'd love to see the team tackle some weird ideas here too. I think my only complaints are that I don't much care for only having a sparse UI mode, and that the enemies aren't really all that memorable to me. They might grow on me after playing more, who knows. Over all really love the game, can't wait for more.
  15. Pavera

    Level Scaling...

    I don't hate it. I like the idea of a game being consistently challenging at all levels, and I always hated how powerful you get towards the end of any RPG. I don't really find much fun in running around and one-shotting everything, even if they used to be big bads at the beginning of the game. That's mostly cause I like to go back and clean up side content in big RPGs after I've finished the main story, and I hate when it's suddenly a cakewalk because I'm way too overleveled for that content. With that said, it also comes across as pretty silly when enemies and the world scale their armor and weapons along with you as well. When everyone including random bandits and guards are running around in full elven and glass armors, it kinda takes away from their value and rarity a bit. I definitely think that not every battle should be a big epic struggle, but I still like the idea that even a low level bandit could possibly kill you if you approach them too casually. I mean, in Bloodborne (which I've recently finished my first NG of), you could still die to the lowest level Yharnamites in Central Yharnam if you just stood there and didn't bother attacking, or if you were silly enough to let them gang up on you or something. By the end of that game, you are one-shotting the lowest level enemies...but I still never found myself getting too comfortable anywhere in that world. I often see people say that with level scaling in place, you might as well just remove the leveling system altogether. Honestly I'd almost like to see an RPG without leveling, and you instead "leveled" through your adeptness at dealing with the world as you progress through it. I guess that is basically how Doom works. huh