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  1. I like it more now that it's gone. It's one of those things that never really bothered me to begin with, but now that I'm seeing posts without just looks cleaner to me. Keep em gone I say.
  2. I think it was starting to become kind of meaningless, since it seemed like everyone's reputation was kinda floating around the same mid-100s region anyways. I don't think anyone will really miss it all that much, and now the people who hated it can be happy and rest peacefully.
  3. Hey, as someone who also played WoW in most of its incarnations but was generally disappointed with everything that came after Cataclysm, I am curious as to what it was about Legion that was the final straw for you? Especially since it seems to be widely regarded as the great comeback and has gained a lot of positive media coverage.
  4. I don't actually play doom anymore, I just hang around here for the free cookies.
  5. Skyrim is the first ES game featuring a non-completely-broken leveling system out of the box, so kudos on that. It comes with a clear sense of progression, and it doesn't actively punish you for leveling your main skills or playing as a race with bonus skills. Playing a warrior class means slashing, bashing, blocking, and feeling like a viking warlord -- very simple. Playing a warrior class in Oblivion means power-leveling by choosing bullshit major skills and putting your real skills as minors so you can get those sweet +5 bonus attributes at each level. Otherwise you're a weakling unless you slide the difficulty meter down. Weak. With that said, I love everything about Oblivion and its lush, beautiful setting. I'd love to see the series return to a brighter and less bleak setting than Skyrim while retaining the improvements it made upon the formula.
  6. Yeah here at DOOMworld we hate QUAKE. I wonder who made that shitty DOOM ripoff anyways. You're one of us now, ImpMan11203!
  7. If the dog dies at the end, you are banned from Doomworld.
  8. Medikit obviously. It restores too much health and makes you dependent. Plus, idiot mappers always place them in the path of progress, forcing you to pick them up and waste their bounty. Plebeian fucking medikits. Stimpacks are top shelf health pickups.
  9. Also, there's nothing wrong with a "suggested stealth" mission as long as it isn't immediate failure to be caught. If you can blast your way out after sounding the alarms, what's the problem?
  11. I wonder how high the correlation is between people who throw lit cigarette butts out their window on the freeway and people who use the word "cuck" unironically.

  12. You're all just mad because an 8 year old has officially won Doomworld.
  13. Played V1 last night. I liked it! I had a little trouble with the progression of the map though, but it was short enough where wandering until I found an unvisited area was viable as a strategy. I was also pretty tired when I played it. Guess I'll gear up for V2 tonight. :)
  14. I did it for a long time when most of my Doom time was spent in public places with my laptop. Since it was impractical to carry a mouse everywhere with me, I learned to play well with only the keyboard. It's not really so hard, and you can still complete most mapsets on UV while doing so. You still use WASD, and instead you just use the arrow keys to turn. It's a little awkward at first, but you adapt to it and you eventually get really good at it. I like to set the fire button to "up arrow" so my trigger doesn't have to be on my right thumb or my left pinky.
  15. Looks great Jim! I'll check this one out after work.