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  1. Us nor'easters should have a get together.
  2. Have you ever 'missed' somebody that you met in a dream?

    1. Avoozl


      Perhaps this person in your dream was actually someone you met in real life who you forgot about and they simply re-emerged in your dream.

    2. geo


      Odd you mention this. I rarely dream (or remember it), but last night I had a dream about someone and in that dream I had to prove I remember them and even in the dream I started wondering did I even know that person or were they just a dream? Now that I'm awake I'm pretty sure they were just a dream and I'm not sure if my memories in the dream were other dreams I had or if my mind only thought they were memories of other dreams.

    3. MrGlide


      When I was younger, I remember I had a dream like this. If I remember correctly it was a romantic dream. Been a very long time since I've remembered a dream, and farther since they've made any sense.

    4. bzzrak


      Some badass scientist research once proved pretty much what Avoozl said above. You don't meet *new* people in dreams, only people from IRL that you've forgotten. Or something like that.

    5. rdwpa


      When I was a teenager, I'd sometimes dream of 'the girl of my dreams', and I'd be in what I imagined love to be, and upon waking up I wouldn't even feel sad or wistful, it just felt good. 

      I also had dreams in which I'm listening to an amazing song, and when I wake up I'm disappointed to find that it's not actually real, and that I can't remember much of it, either! Such a cosmic tease. I think it's part of why when I look for music these days it's chill/dreamy stuff that can evoke that feeling again, but with a song that actually exists.

    6. nxGangGirl


      I think there was one instance where I dreamt I had a best friend. I can't remember much but I remember that she was such an amazing person and fun to hang out with. When I woke up I was so disappointed.

      I have those moments every now and then.

    7. Tracer


      Oh God, yes.  I once dreamed that I was some kind of officer.  I had a canine sidekick.  Here's how the dream went.


      "Trace, we've got a case for you.  But this one is too much for one guy.  We're sending a sidekick with you."


      "You know I only work alone."


      "Can it, [my last name]!  You're a loose cannon!  Don't worry, this is a guy who is eager to really sink his teeth into the life of law enforcement.  Officer Krawl!  Come on in!"


      Then this awesome looking Bull Terrier came in (their unique head shape makes them my favorite dog breed).  The rest of the dream is shrouded in mystery, all I remember is he and I jumping through a window in slow motion.


      Ever since then, I have wanted a Bull Terrier named Krawl.  I miss that dog very much.

  3. Finally finished C&C Red Alert's Allied campaign, after all these years only playing the first half. It's a good campaign, broken up by some tedious and very un-fun "indoor" missions. They're usually timed and based around trial-and-error rather than any sort of strategy or direction. I suppose they were supposed to be analogous to the missions in the original C&C where you only had a limited amount of troops and had to charge to some sort of objective without getting them all killed. Somehow those were more fun though...


    Anyways, the final mission was surprisingly hard and satisfying to finish, but boy does that game have an anti-climactic final cutscene. To think I've been playing C&C all these years and I'd never actually finished that campaign... Then again, I can count the amount of times I've actually finished Doom II MAP30 on my left hand. :P

    1. Scotty


      Have you beaten the Soviet campaign? That ending makes up for it!

    2. Pavera


      I'm working on it now. Halfway through, the difficulty is sporadic. Mission 8 was especially head scratchy, since all the missions up to it give you loads of ore up front, but that one made you really stretch and fight for it. Probably one of the more interesting missions I've played in the game so far, as most of it was spent defending my harvesters as I slowly branched out from a captured spot in the middle of the map. More nuanced than anything I saw in the Allied campaign for sure.


    I tried several times but somehow I can't upload the picture of the sketch nor attach the imgur link so I give you this instead. 




    What do you think? 

  5. Yes it was cool to be able to post a screenshot of a map I'm working on and see the amount of people who liked what I had done. It's little things that give me a motivational boost to continue work that I'm otherwise unsure of. The status update system has been excellent for this. So what if it allows for random or unfiltered thoughts -- bring em on. Doomworld is better now. I don't care if it runs javascript code or if it drains my phone battery a little faster. I have the bandwidth to download and run javascript, and I can charge my phone. And now, because of this better and more interactive forum, I can feel like I am still a part of this community regardless of how casually I interact with it. Thank you once again, @Linguica.

    1. Piper Maru

      Piper Maru

      The Healer Stalks begins to play.

  7. In two pages, the community has successfully dug into this man's past, learned of his status as a wire fraud criminal, and devised a plan to lure him into an on air confession in order to secure his arrest. Lesson learned: never talk shit about Doom.
  8. Going back to the original Command & Conquer is surprisingly compelling. The gameplay still feels really good, and it's almost liberating to go back to a simpler time in RTS. The AI cheats and is easy to cheese, but somehow the game still just feels really good. Nothing like mass producing tanks and rolling them head on through the front of the enemy base, crushing their infantry, and blowing away their construction yard before they could see it coming.


    I also love C&C's earnest-yet-fun FMV sequences, complete with Joe Kucan's still brilliant portrayal of Kane. This was before they went full on silly in the Red Alert series and turned the Tiberium universe into a SyFy original series. Greatest vg soundtrack of all time too. We are going to have to act, if we want to live in a different world.....

    1. Pinchy
    2. Marcaek


      "I also love C&C's earnest-yet-fun FMV sequences, complete with Joe Kucan's still brilliant portrayal of Kane. This was before they went full on silly in the Red Alert series and turned the Tiberium universe into a SyFy original series."


      Fucking thank you, i always end up arguing this with people when it comes to C&C. EA took the entirely wrong turn with characterization in the later games.


      The original is great but I ended up playing multiplay with a hacked exe to halve the MCV costs just so base expansion was a little easier.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I was always more of a starcraft person, but the way I hear it these old RTSs made by westwood still have their charms. That reminds me that I still have "dune" somewhere, without ever installing or playing it. Maybe I should give that a bash when I have my virtual machine set up and running.

    4. Pavera


      Dune II is a tough one to fully recommend now, since its controls and interface are so unwieldy by even C&C's standards. No control groups, having to place concrete slabs one at a time for EACH structure you build, having to select and move units INDIVIDUALLY at a snail's pace...


      Sounds awesome actually, go for it!

    5. dew


      Agreed, the original C&C's FMVs were like an endearingly cheesy B-movie. The Red Alert universe went full ham and mocked itself too much for my taste. Army dolphins, psychic units that don't even say wololo, going back in time too much and fighting T-Rexes... oh pls. It's sensory overload like a Michael Bay movie.


      @Nine Inch Heels which "Dune" though? The first Dune game was an odd and very artistic adventure game with strategic elements by Cryo and contrary to Pavera's claim it has the actual best vg soundtrack ever. Westwood's RTS daddy had to be called Dune II, because both games were published by Virgin and Cryo managed to finish the game before its planned cancellation.


      Tbh, I wouldn't have the stomach to play the original Dune II again. Its UI is dated and super-unfriendly, only the first Warcraft has worse, heh. I'd probably check for a source port/recreation/whatever. Westwood did their own reimagination, actually, which is called Dune 2000 and uses the Red Alert engine I think? It flopped, but it's quite cool and features the original C&C-style cinematics. If you decide to try the original however, make sure to avoid playing the Ordos. They don't really fit into the epic Atreides+Fremen vs. Harkonnen+Sardaukar struggle of the Dune story, however diluted and inconsequential here, and their special units sssssuuuuuuuuuuck.

    6. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @dew Dune II was what I meant. However, now that you mention the adventure game, I might like that as well. Thank you for letting me know about this. :-)

    7. dew


      Don't accidentally play the Flash porn parody. I mean, not before the original.

  9. I suppose the lines are blurry, depending on where the line between mod, total conversion, and commercial game lies. For example, The Adventures of Square was created on ZDoom and marketed (heh) as a full game built on the Doom engine. But at its core, it was still just a modified version of Doom, created using advanced features of a source port of Doom rather than its own codebase based on the Doom source. In that essence, I still consider it to be a Doom mod because it requires an advanced Doom source port to run. On the other hand, you have the slough of maps released since the very first source ports of Doom. They look like Doom, play like Doom, have the same assets, mostly the same engine and editing limitations -- with more enhancements as time went on. The entire Doom modding community exists around building MODs that very often require advanced Doom source ports. It says so right in the /idgames readme files. It seems awfully cynical to me to suggest otherwise.
  10. I don't think the logic even follows here. Half-life isn't a source port of Quake. Are you really arguing that 'source code' is what defines a game, rather than design? By that logic, SNES/PSX/N64/Saturn/GBA/Macintosh/etc Doom isn't Doom either. In fact, let's extend that logic further and say that any line of code written after DOOM Alpha 0.0.1 is not DOOM either. The source code to Doom was released with the express purpose of studying and extending (modifying or MODDING) it. Your argument is silly.
  11. Happy birthday pavs! 🎈🎁

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      ♫ Happy birthday ♪



    2. Fonze



      Happy Birthday!

    3. Gerardo194


      Happy birthday!

  12. Glad to see this mapset getting love and attention. One of my primary mapping influences!
  13. Normally, the best jokes don't start off with "this is a joke but...". Just sayin' :P