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  1. Hellscreen - Doom clone

    Saw this on RPS. Looks awesome! It's described as level-based -- does this mean there won't be procedurally generated layouts? *Looks up* Question answered :)
  2. I finished the preview campaign last night, and it's great. This is probably my favorite throwback revival shooter yet, honestly. It's just packed with attention and care, and the levels are just beautiful. The main character is really likeable, and honestly I find it really nice to finally play a Build engine character that isn't a wise-cracking asshole all the time. Not to say I don't love characters like Caleb or Duke though, it's just a nice change of pace. She cracks wise here and there, but it mostly just comes across as confident rather than overtly comedic or "tough guy cool". The weapons handle well, though I'm hoping to see more creative ones in the full game. Build engine games are known for some of their unorthodox weapon designs, so I'd love to see the team tackle some weird ideas here too. I think my only complaints are that I don't much care for only having a sparse UI mode, and that the enemies aren't really all that memorable to me. They might grow on me after playing more, who knows. Over all really love the game, can't wait for more.
  3. Level Scaling...

    I don't hate it. I like the idea of a game being consistently challenging at all levels, and I always hated how powerful you get towards the end of any RPG. I don't really find much fun in running around and one-shotting everything, even if they used to be big bads at the beginning of the game. That's mostly cause I like to go back and clean up side content in big RPGs after I've finished the main story, and I hate when it's suddenly a cakewalk because I'm way too overleveled for that content. With that said, it also comes across as pretty silly when enemies and the world scale their armor and weapons along with you as well. When everyone including random bandits and guards are running around in full elven and glass armors, it kinda takes away from their value and rarity a bit. I definitely think that not every battle should be a big epic struggle, but I still like the idea that even a low level bandit could possibly kill you if you approach them too casually. I mean, in Bloodborne (which I've recently finished my first NG of), you could still die to the lowest level Yharnamites in Central Yharnam if you just stood there and didn't bother attacking, or if you were silly enough to let them gang up on you or something. By the end of that game, you are one-shotting the lowest level enemies...but I still never found myself getting too comfortable anywhere in that world. I often see people say that with level scaling in place, you might as well just remove the leveling system altogether. Honestly I'd almost like to see an RPG without leveling, and you instead "leveled" through your adeptness at dealing with the world as you progress through it. I guess that is basically how Doom works. huh

    here you go: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_cheat_codes
  5. Barrels O' Fun - The Bane of My Existence

    But where else will I derive my self-worth if not through the validation of my opinions by other people?
  6. Breathless [/idgames]

    Looks awesome. Probably too hard for me with all the cyberdemons, but it looks really nice. Will probably play it on tourist mode ;)
  7. lilith.pk3

    This wad perfectly matches the intensity and surreality of the dreams I used to have about Doom as a kid. A beautiful slice of an artist's personal vision of hell. 5
  8. What makes Doom (2016) 78.5g?

    Well yeah, clearly. But this thread isn't about performance, it's about literal disk space usage ;) Actually, I think some games sort of do this now, where they download essential files first so you can begin playing the game before it's completely finished installing. Not entirely the same thing, but similar. But at the end, you still end up with the full installation on your disk. :P
  9. What makes Doom (2016) 78.5g?

    Hmm, I really don't think I was getting at any of that. I just remember how some games back in the day let you choose different installation sizes depending on the size of your hard drive and machine spec. I think Fallout did this.
  10. What makes Doom (2016) 78.5g?

    Remember the days when you could choose the size of your installation?
  11. Maskim Xul - Fhtagn!

    Looks sweet! This might even pull me away from Wolfenstein tonight. Great stuff.
  12. Why did Doom 3 mapping die?

    Doom 3 was the first game I ever made a level for. I even uploaded it to FileFront. Those were fun days.
  13. It's interesting to see this post in between all of these other posts talking about just how nice and friendly this community is. I think it's worth considering this person's viewpoint as a brand new member to the community. When I first registered on Doomworld, it took me nearly a year before I even made my first post. It just didn't seem like a friendly and easy place for a new member outside of the "old guard" era to start posting. There were long ingrained forum customs and in-jokes everywhere, many of which seemed very hostile or just simply "SA-tough" to me. I only started posting after a review for my first level ended up in /newstuff chronicles, and even that review seemed somewhat cold and indifferent at the time. After several years here though, I felt the community warm up a lot. I joined some IRC channels, started getting involved in some community projects, and just got to know the other people posting here. There was a long history of drama and in-jokes that I never got to be a part of, but that sort of thing really fascinated me. I eventually ingrained myself in this community, and I'm happy I did so. The majority of my online friends are from here, and I feel I'll be posting on these forums for a long time to come. With that said, the Doom community really doesn't have a warm and fuzzy exterior all the time. It can be very intimidating for a new member to open up a subthread on EE and find dew and Tracer arguing with each other for several pages. Scorned past members have fragmented off of DW to start their own unmentionable communities, based entirely around their united hatred for Linguica and Bloodshedder. Carlos periodically floods the pages with gore and crazed religious lunacy. Doomworld is cliquey, with tight groups of members doing a lot of their discussion on IRC and Discord channels outside of the forums. It definitely doesn't reach the level of "doominati" that some people complain about, but it can be tough to figure out which subset of Doomers you need to get 'in' with before feeling like you really have a place in this community. I could probably go on. I think the past year with DW's new layout and features have done wonders for the community though. The new interface is a little more modern, which is attractive to newcomers and gives them more ways to easily start jumping in and interacting with the community. Post Hell and Losers are gone, which I still maintain to be a good thing even if they were entertaining to look at sometimes. I always found their presence to be a deterrent for people like myself who can be intimidated by a forum that puts their idiots on display like a sideshow attraction. It seems like new membership is way up since the changes, though that could also have to do with the new DOOM game released just last year. The quality of discussion and posting has gone up, and we're seeing a lot more new mappers feeling comfortable to show their levels and get friendly help from our veterans. @Poorchop I don't know you, but please stick around. DW can present a cold exterior, but it has a warm interior.
  14. ANNOUNCEMENT: My wife and I are expecting our first baby, due in April 2018 -- right around my birthday!

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      Thanks everyone! We're excited. We don't know the gender yet, will find out in a few more weeks.

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      Pavvy's a daddy! Congrats to you both <3

  15. I'm uncomfortable with the phrase "funnily enough".

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      Eris Falling

      I use it quite a lot funnily enough!

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      If you don't like it, don't read it!


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