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  1. So let me get this straight. If I make a map for you, you'll pay me in..total exposure? :>
  2. Ah! Bummed you weren't into MAP04, but I suspected it wouldn't really please everyone. It's a bit of an obtuse one, and at the time I was drawing heavily from the Sandy pool of inspiration. In fact, really all of the maps I made from this were me coming down from mapping for D2TWID, so unfortunately they may possess many quirks that have since been ironed out of my mapping style. Glad you dug on MAP05 though -- I had the most fun making that one out of my three, and its fast sorta rocket punch gameplay has since become a staple of how I make maps to this day.
  3. Doom mapping is the ultimate high.
  4. To be honest, I don't think that we had thought quite that far ahead. Tarnsman came up with the three episode themes years ago when he was spitballing ideas for a much larger project hot off the heels of D2TWID. At the time I think he just wanted to kinda invert the typical map theme progression and have an excuse to have an E1 full of crazy hell maps. Tarns put together a texture resource and made the map that became 01 and got a start on the map that became 03. With the themes in mind I went to town and built one map per theme, excited to get started. From there the momentum kinda died as other projects were being worked on instead, and we basically sat on these maps for several years before deciding to partner with Xaser and Marcaek to get them polished up and packaged into this minisode.
  5. That was the intent! Glad to hear you liked it. Awesome. MAP04 was the first map that I made for this set, many years ago. Haha yeah. This is a side effect of the nature of this project -- it being the remains of work started for another, much larger project that never quite got off the ground besides this handful of maps. The themes you see in Syringe reflect the intended themes of the original project, but unfortunately the transitions are a bit more abrupt than originally planned. Not for lack of trying though! There was quite a bit of effort to get these maps to tie together much better than they originally did. But since we only had a handful at the end of the day, we also kinda wanted each map to stand out uniquely on its own. Anyways, glad you liked the set!
  6. Super props to Xaser and Marcaek for tying this thing together, champions among champions. So excited this project is finally seeing the light of day. Hope you all enjoy!
  7. Pavera

    Mapping regrets?

    Probably the fact that my first ever officially released map is called Demonic Libido. There's nothing sexy about it. It's just a straight forward Doom 2 map. I was just a dumb teen who thought it was funny, and never in a million years thought anybody would take me seriously as a mapper.
  8. Pavera

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    @mgr_inz_rafal Those are some mighty clever secrets there, nice work. The general layout of that maps looks really nice too, looking forward to seeing this out!
  9. Pavera

    NaNoWADMo 2019 -- Coming in October!

    Sorry for the bump, but I think I am gonna try to do something for this this year. Sign me up for the reminder to get started come October :)
  10. Pavera

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    Very impressive work. The architecture is impeccable!
  11. Pavera

    let's stop calling them "things"

    I am definitely in favor of changing the official terminology if that helps in general discourse around doom topics that I am not personally a part of (or am a part of!!). But "thing placement" will always be a ritual for me.
  12. This might be kinda weird, but are Shelly's "death" status bar portraits sort of upsetting to anybody else playing this game? I get the game is violent, but seeing her face explode horribly every time I get killed just sort of makes me a bit uncomfortable. Even Doomguy / Quakeguy / BJ's death portraits aren't that gruesome.
  13. Pavera

    let's stop calling them "things"

    I'm sorry but I'm kinda confused about the ambiguity problem here. I can't speak much to a coding conversation since I've never dabbled in doom source editing, but in the context of a mapping conversation what could "thing" possibly be referring to other than a placed entity in the map? Maybe I'm not involved in enough discussions but I have never run into this issue.
  14. Pavera

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Non-twid and non-speedmapped, heh. That narrows it down quite a bit! Let's see.. there's E1A4 and E1A5 of Adventures of Square, E1M1 of HYMN, MAP08 of Mutiny (joint map with jmickle), the two single map releases I put out in 2017 (The Ledge & Waste Abandonment which sort of serve as a demo for my current project), and of course...DAD WAD from last year. With some luck and hard work there should hopefully be a few more released in the coming months. There are others from before BTSX but honestly they aren't that good and not worth anyone's time :P
  15. Pavera

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Couple quick screens of a little project I'm working on...