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  1. Going back to the original Command & Conquer is surprisingly compelling. The gameplay still feels really good, and it's almost liberating to go back to a simpler time in RTS. The AI cheats and is easy to cheese, but somehow the game still just feels really good. Nothing like mass producing tanks and rolling them head on through the front of the enemy base, crushing their infantry, and blowing away their construction yard before they could see it coming.


    I also love C&C's earnest-yet-fun FMV sequences, complete with Joe Kucan's still brilliant portrayal of Kane. This was before they went full on silly in the Red Alert series and turned the Tiberium universe into a SyFy original series. Greatest vg soundtrack of all time too. We are going to have to act, if we want to live in a different world.....

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    2. dew


      Agreed, the original C&C's FMVs were like an endearingly cheesy B-movie. The Red Alert universe went full ham and mocked itself too much for my taste. Army dolphins, psychic units that don't even say wololo, going back in time too much and fighting T-Rexes... oh pls. It's sensory overload like a Michael Bay movie.


      @Nine Inch Heels which "Dune" though? The first Dune game was an odd and very artistic adventure game with strategic elements by Cryo and contrary to Pavera's claim it has the actual best vg soundtrack ever. Westwood's RTS daddy had to be called Dune II, because both games were published by Virgin and Cryo managed to finish the game before its planned cancellation.


      Tbh, I wouldn't have the stomach to play the original Dune II again. Its UI is dated and super-unfriendly, only the first Warcraft has worse, heh. I'd probably check for a source port/recreation/whatever. Westwood did their own reimagination, actually, which is called Dune 2000 and uses the Red Alert engine I think? It flopped, but it's quite cool and features the original C&C-style cinematics. If you decide to try the original however, make sure to avoid playing the Ordos. They don't really fit into the epic Atreides+Fremen vs. Harkonnen+Sardaukar struggle of the Dune story, however diluted and inconsequential here, and their special units sssssuuuuuuuuuuck.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @dew Dune II was what I meant. However, now that you mention the adventure game, I might like that as well. Thank you for letting me know about this. :-)

    4. dew


      Don't accidentally play the Flash porn parody. I mean, not before the original.