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  1. Finally finished C&C Red Alert's Allied campaign, after all these years only playing the first half. It's a good campaign, broken up by some tedious and very un-fun "indoor" missions. They're usually timed and based around trial-and-error rather than any sort of strategy or direction. I suppose they were supposed to be analogous to the missions in the original C&C where you only had a limited amount of troops and had to charge to some sort of objective without getting them all killed. Somehow those were more fun though...


    Anyways, the final mission was surprisingly hard and satisfying to finish, but boy does that game have an anti-climactic final cutscene. To think I've been playing C&C all these years and I'd never actually finished that campaign... Then again, I can count the amount of times I've actually finished Doom II MAP30 on my left hand. :P

    1. Scotty


      Have you beaten the Soviet campaign? That ending makes up for it!

    2. Pavera


      I'm working on it now. Halfway through, the difficulty is sporadic. Mission 8 was especially head scratchy, since all the missions up to it give you loads of ore up front, but that one made you really stretch and fight for it. Probably one of the more interesting missions I've played in the game so far, as most of it was spent defending my harvesters as I slowly branched out from a captured spot in the middle of the map. More nuanced than anything I saw in the Allied campaign for sure.