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  1. Speed limits are stupid and meaningless, and they should be abolished.

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    2. 40oz


      Haha yeah the worst part about driving is having to share the roads with other people. My work commute is a short distance but has like 10 traffic lights on it, so driving fast is essentially a race where the prize is a longer wait at each red light.

    3. Ribbiks


      I agree, in part. or at least they could be consistently reevaluated as a function of road quality, typical traffic density, curvature, etc. There are some smooth, wide, nearly-empty highways out here where 70mph feels like you're hardly moving at all :p. But safety implications aside, it's a comparatively easy and lucrative thing to enforce so I can't imagine them disappearing any time soon.


      I do wonder though if limits on the average will gradually increase as cars continue to become smoother/safer/(self-driving??).

    4. Memfis


      Don't they make it in US so that if you're going at the right speed you basically always arrive at the green lights and don't really have to stop anywhere? Just something I've heard.