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  1. Have you ever just wanted to issue an apology to everybody who knew you in your late teens/early 20s?

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    2. Major Arlene

      Major Arlene

      Facebook's memories thing makes me regret my teens every. single. day. luckily that also means I can erase my cringe day by day.

    3. SOSU


      I am joining that time frame now (? wonder if i wrote it right) so nope :P

    4. Pavera


      I've been thinking a lot lately about how much I've grown as a person over the last three years. Finishing college and joining society has really taught me a lot about myself, and it's caused me to reflect on actions and beliefs I held for the majority of my life. I think back on things I used to do and say, and sometimes it's enough to just keep me up all night. I wonder how many potential friends and acquaintances I've pushed away with my behavior in my youth.


      It's definitely not something worth dwelling on, but I just can't help but think about it. My goal is to not look back on myself in ten years and feel the same way again.