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    2. fraggle


      If it's already written down and set in stone then there should be no reason not to bring it up. One way you can address this kind of problem is with presubmit checks that won't allow someone to submit a change if it doesn't conform to the style guide.


      Here's a really good article I recently read about this subject:


    3. Pavera


      In favor of a short response: @fraggle Totally with you on that. Consistent practices are important to me, and I try to enforce them when possible. I'm not the 'boss' though, just an opinionated senior US engineer that just doesn't always have time to push back. :P


      Without going into a long winded post on the inner workings of my team, I will say that despite some of these small inconsistencies between our programming styles I am mostly happy with my team's code quality and efficiency. They do a good job and are able to deliver requirements while communicating clearly with one another and documenting their changes.


      Good article too, I'll have to save that one. Maybe I'll share it with my team ;)

    4. UglyStru


      Late to the party, but I've fought people over //this kinda shit. Not really, but my god //looks disgusting. //mightaswellputitalltogetherlikethis. 


      slash slash space is the only way to go.