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  1. Pavera

    [Request for testers] No-name vanilla map set

    @mgr_inz_rafal Those are some mighty clever secrets there, nice work. The general layout of that maps looks really nice too, looking forward to seeing this out!
  2. Pavera

    NaNoWADMo 2019 -- Coming in October!

    Sorry for the bump, but I think I am gonna try to do something for this this year. Sign me up for the reminder to get started come October :)
  3. Pavera

    Titanic Doom (Official Update Thread)

    Very impressive work. The architecture is impeccable!
  4. Pavera

    let's stop calling them "things"

    I am definitely in favor of changing the official terminology if that helps in general discourse around doom topics that I am not personally a part of (or am a part of!!). But "thing placement" will always be a ritual for me.
  5. Pavera

    Ion Fury, a new Build Engine game out now.

    This might be kinda weird, but are Shelly's "death" status bar portraits sort of upsetting to anybody else playing this game? I get the game is violent, but seeing her face explode horribly every time I get killed just sort of makes me a bit uncomfortable. Even Doomguy / Quakeguy / BJ's death portraits aren't that gruesome.
  6. Pavera

    let's stop calling them "things"

    I'm sorry but I'm kinda confused about the ambiguity problem here. I can't speak much to a coding conversation since I've never dabbled in doom source editing, but in the context of a mapping conversation what could "thing" possibly be referring to other than a placed entity in the map? Maybe I'm not involved in enough discussions but I have never run into this issue.
  7. Pavera

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Non-twid and non-speedmapped, heh. That narrows it down quite a bit! Let's see.. there's E1A4 and E1A5 of Adventures of Square, E1M1 of HYMN, MAP08 of Mutiny (joint map with jmickle), the two single map releases I put out in 2017 (The Ledge & Waste Abandonment which sort of serve as a demo for my current project), and of course...DAD WAD from last year. With some luck and hard work there should hopefully be a few more released in the coming months. There are others from before BTSX but honestly they aren't that good and not worth anyone's time :P
  8. Pavera

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Couple quick screens of a little project I'm working on...
  9. Pavera


    To be fair to Suitepee, he indicates that the wad (pk3, whatever) has "so many little problems". He doesn't seem to indicate that it being 3 hours long is one of them. I dunno if you've watched his entire 3 hr stream, but to be fair to you as well it would be good for Suitepee to list a few of his major concerns as feedback to you. Maybe a greatest hits of criticism, if you will. And just to be clear: I am sure that Suitepee knows your work is packaged as a PK3. We use "WAD" here as a colloquial term to refer to mods, typically. It's just a doom community-ism. Also, playing your mod on Twitch is totally viable and accepted by the community. Suitepee isn't an official playtester, and he's certainly not in your credits. You posted it here and asked people to check it out, and he did, and gave his opinion. Suitepee is a streamer, so that is what he does. We're not haters here, but a "play something else if you don't like it" attitude is not going to win you a lot of friends either.
  10. Pavera


  11. Pavera

    What is your hobby?

  12. Pavera

    What are the must play levels of BTSX Ep 1

    I echo that it's probably worth checking all of them out. You could arguably reduce BTSX E1 down to a list of the big hits and just play those, but you'd be missing out on a lot of great one-offs from a plethora of mappers that we don't get to see quite nearly enough work from anymore. If anything I'd be more interested to ask for a list of the lesser appreciated BTSX maps that don't get nearly as shouted out as the "big" mappers. MAP02, MAP06, and MAP18 come to mind here. And I apply this sentiment to E2 as well -- play em, play em all!
  13. Pavera

    Diagonal linedefs are longer. Is this normal?

    Any particular reason that you *need* to make a perfect hexagon? I'd say that your life will be much easier if you stick mostly to the grid. Players probably won't notice that your diagonals are longer than your verticals and horizontals, and you'll save yourself the headache of being off the grid.
  14. Pavera

    You should DIE if you fall off the world.

    When you die in this game it'll still be your fault, just saying.
  15. Finished the first two episodes so far. Great set of maps here, I think. You've really nailed the classic usage of textures -- everything fits together the way I would have expected from UDoom. The boss maps have each been fun too! And quite a spike in difficulty compared to the general episode maps, which I think are a nice low-to-mid simmer. The layouts are well thought out, with lots of clever inter connectivity. Looking forward to finishing this. Great work :)
  16. I played the first few maps last night. Pretty cool, and surprisingly tough with the scarcity of health and abundance of flanking shotgunners. Makes me check my corners a lot and I like it. Nice work, looking forward to finishing the rest!
  17. Pavera

    Infraworld - The Hatehammer

    Looks marvelous, especially that last screenshot. Great work!
  18. Pavera

    Does anyone actually play the easier difficulties?

    Who gives a shit if people play your maps on lower settings? Don't you want people to play your maps? If you stand by your work, then you should be confident that it is an enjoyable experience at any level of difficulty. Let em god mode it for all I care. Your good work should speak for itself, and posturing that UV is the *only* intended experience for your map shows nothing but insecurity in the quality of your work. With that said, I understand where @Ribbiks is coming from. It can be hard to get feedback for lower difficulties, and tuning them to be as "pure" an experience as your intended setups can add to the development time of your work. That's fair. Still, difficulty settings exist with good reason, and players do use them. It's a good, clean practice to build them into your maps in some capacity. I think you'd find that "taking the piss" with people in doom mapping in 2019 isn't going to get you the reaction you might think.
  19. Pavera

    Keeping Levels Visually Interesting Outdoors

    I'll bite. Here's a screenshot of a *thing* I am currently working on: Notice a few things about it. Simplicity is always a factor when building large, open outdoor areas. Note that only two textures dominate the majority of the scene: SP_ROCK1 and ZIMMER8. While they're of a similar color, their details contrast quite nicely, which allows the ZIMMER8 formations to draw the player's eye to the major points of interest in the scene: the cave entrance to the lower right, the far cave with the brick building, and the cliff-side steps climbing along the edge of the pit. Notice also how I've alternated between two different flats at different height levels: MFLR8_3 and FLAT5_8. This allows you to very clearly distinguish the different height levels of your play area. It's probably also worth mentioning that this scene started off as a flat expanse, and I created the height levels by sinking a large portion of that expanse into the ground and simply building a rock staircase sweeping around the edge. It's very simple and smooth to navigate, really acting as any "indoor" structure might, while still maintaining its sense of place as a canyon. Finally, pay close attention to the geometry of your outdoor formations. It's easy to just draw a bunch of jagged lines and call it a day, but with a little finesse you can give your cliffs and cave walls a little more character. Depending on your limitations, of course (here I am using a limit removing port). Take note in particular of the ZIMMER8 cave in the right half of the scene -- it has two rounded protrusions that serve to mark the cave entrance, while the sides jut out at a sharp rectangular angle (it's kinda hard to see that here). One other "quick win" you can try out is darkening the hard corners of your outdoor walls as well, which gives the scene a little bit of lighting contrast and can help things from appearing too flat. Anyways, this is just a bit of stream of consciousness, and all things I consider while working on my own maps. I hope it's helpful to you.
  20. This is a very specific sort of hardcore category, and I like it. Well done! I hope you have given yourself the proper time to rest now, physically and mentally.
  21. Pavera

    New to mapping

    My recommendation is to learn the basics of Doom Builder: drawing sectors, changing heights, textures, flats, placing things, assigning tags and actions, etc. The very basic fundamental building blocks of a level. Then just sit down, draw some simple shapes, connect them together in different ways, place some monsters and weapons, and run around in it to see if it feels good. Do this a few times, and change geometry and monster placements as you go until you're happy. Start from a simple place and figure out how to just make your level fun to run around in. It doesn't matter if it's *good* (completely subjective) or not, just go by your own standard. That is how you will discover your muse. Each time you sit down to map, you'll see more than you did before. Good luck on your mapping journey!
  22. Pavera

    Going to QuakeCon? Check in here.

  23. Really interesting read. Some spicy info in there for sure. Who poisoned American???
  24. Pavera

    Mappers' first world problems

    Setting up dummy sectors for monster teleports. Very tedious. Bonus points for playtesting through the entire level, only to realize that I forgot to unflag "ambush" on the monster I wanted to teleport in. >.>
  25. Pavera

    Why I hate the term "mapper".

    I'm perfectly happy being a mapper. It's a term of endearment, not derogatory. I don't see the problem.