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  1. Technically two albums, but they are companions and meant to be treated as one whole. To this day no album has touched my emotional core like these, and their inspiration is deeply rooted in my own creative work.
  2. Arrival - v1.1 - DOWNLOAD If you downloaded this before 4/17/2021, please redownload. The original upload contains a late map game breaking bug. Thank you. Recommended to play in complevel 2. Note that versions of prboom+ earlier than will only support sky transfers on cl9 and higher. [Change Log] v1.1: See changes: https://pastebin.com/pr44Stqx v1.0.1: - Fixed the broken player start in MAP09 (big oof) - Fixed a bugged midi [Description] 9 + 1 (+ 1?) limit-removing levels for Doom II. Designed with stock Doom II resources in mind, utilizing the lovely skies provided by Mek's "box o' skies". You may see a familiar space or two I implore you treat them as if they were new For the love from which these lands are derived Has been waiting patiently for you to arrive May your heart's true will Be ultimately fulfilled For eternity [Presented By] Walker "Pavera" Wright - level design Brayden "AD_79" Hart - music [Screenshots]
  3. Looks super classy, have to check soon.
  4. Pavera

    Cacowards 2022 Mentionations Thread

    I haven't played it yet, but LOOK AT IT @Trashbang
  5. Holy moly those screens are next level.
  6. Pavera

    The 2021 Cacowards

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ehem But seriously, thank you @rd. for the absolutely tear-jerking writeup. I am floored. Also shouts to @Demon of the Well for absolutely nailing the brilliant subtleties of @AD_79's work. Can't overstate how much this project means to me personally, and I am so honored to have it so well received. Thanks everyone :)
  7. I'd love to collab with you again on a episode or something :) EDIT On that note, I'd say my team would be: @Jimmy (fellow JoM hubber, productive mapping powerhouse, music machine) @AD_79 (Arrival music genius, also just a really good map maker) @jmickle66666666 (My Mutiny counterpart, absolutely vital to the themes of that map and hugely influenced my style to this day) Three people I have collaborated with separately, coming together under one roof to create a powerful force of creative ambition.
  8. Looks cool! Short sets are where it's at. Also, a map per day is an impressive output. I'll try to check these soon!
  9. All of the maps are using sky transfers for the skies. TBH I am surprised you only ran into this problem on MAP03 :)
  10. Interesting discovery for sure. I'll see about merging this into the main set later.
  11. @OpenRift So I had a look myself, and it seems like somehow some of my "untextured" sidedefs and flats were bugged into the node builder recognizing them as missing textures. Really not sure how that happened, haha. Very strange. Either way, I went ahead and fixed them, and I no longer see the missing texture errors on the console in MAP01, MAP08, and MAP09. Thanks for pointing it out again, it slipping my mind to incorporate the fix you made previously. I've updated my last post and the OP with a hotfixed version. Let me know if it loads in your ports.
  12. Hi all, I've posted a new version of the WAD with some bugfixes and a few small changes. Originally the scope of 1.1 was going to be much larger, but after everything I considered for changes, I decided that I am basically happy with the product as is -- warts and all. Thanks for all the feedback, I'm glad everyone seemed to have a good time with this. Unless any new gamebreaking bugs are discovered, I am considering this the final version of the WAD. The original post has been updated, but here are some links: DOWNLOAD 1.1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gzkvj2n9svhfggx/arrival.zip?dl=0 CHANGES: https://pastebin.com/pr44Stqx
  13. Pavera

    New rule against offsite harassment

    I really don't think it gets much clearer than this. Doomworld admins aren't policing you outside the scope of Doomworld forums for "wrongthink". If you aren't planning on starting a targeted harassment campaign towards a member, you are probably not going to be banned for having opinions. If you say something that causes another person to block you on Discord or leave your community, that's life, and the only thing you probably need to do is a little self-reflection. If you chase after that person and keep slinging bullshit at them, that's harassment.
  14. Pavera

    Romero reveals Sigil 2

    Never change, Romero.
  15. Hi @OpenRift I appreciate your fixes, but I request that instead of posting them as "1.0.2" you instead mark them more clearly as an unofficial fan patch specific to the problems they solve. I already have a list of planned map fixes and other changes that I want to make to the official set, and I want to maintain control over any official version numbering. Thanks :)
  16. Never feel guilty for good faith criticism, your opinions are valued and highly appreciated! Glad you had fun. I realize the snipers are not everyone's taste. I am not a max player, it just is what it is. I realize this is a pain for people who like to get max kills, but I really like the feeling of constantly having to watch for pressure from far off enemies. They're like artillery, keeps the pressure on. Ultimately, my measure of quality for a map is if I like playing it, and so the manc snipers in some of the maps never really bothered me. I suppose the best thing to do here would be to have some sort of trigger in the exit room that insta-crushes all the snipers potentially left over, so UV-MAX didn't have to be so frustrating. I didn't do this, and tbh I probably am not going to bother fixing it in these maps. Going forward with maps, maybe I'll think more about this. And yeh, some of the navigation could be better in these levels. Chalk it up as a lesson to me, haha. Anyways, thanks again for the feedback.
  17. Thanks for the lovely writeup. I'm really glad you liked it! From what I've been reading, it seems like a lot of people really vibe with MAP08. I think that is my favorite map of the set too, though I love all of my babies. They were all built slowly and meticulously with all the love I could muster. If I had to pick a least favorite map, it'd be MAP07. That one really was a headscratcher for me, and I spent the most time dodging having to work on it. It was originally an Ultimate Doom map that I repurposed for Arrival because the theme sorta matched the map slot title. I still think it's a pretty good map, but ultimately doesn't reach the same standard the rest of them do. With that said, it has my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE track in the set, "In Search of an Answer". Such a wonderful sonic journey bathed in dreamy synths and an otherworldly vibe. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am to @AD_79 for his work on the soundtrack. It absolutely blasts, and sometimes I put it on in the background while I work. I've been listening to it for years now and it never gets old to me. Every new track he sent me was like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. I recognize this set kinda flew under the radar a bit with all the other incredible work that has come out this year. That's fine with me, as I'm happy to see how much everyone who played it has enjoyed it. But if anything comes out of this, I really want AD to get the recognition he deserves here. There is so much nuance in his tracks. They weave together and have common motifs, and he spent time trying to match the atmosphere and placement of each map. His efforts were truly equal to my own in creating this thing, and it wouldn't be the same without his tracks. Anyways, once again, I appreciate so much everybody playing and enjoying this. I have been very busy in my personal life, but I'm eventually working to get a version up on /idgames. Hopefully soon. I didn't ignore all the bug feedback, I promise!
  18. Pavera

    [WIP] Atomic [Limit Removing] - 8 Maps for Doom 2

    I've played the first three levels so far, and I gotta say that these maps rule. Layouts like these are right up my alley: open, damaging floor everywhere, great use of vertical space, just really solidly constructed all around. Hard too, I might have to play through this without pistol starts at first. I love it! Thanks for making it.
  19. Pavera

    looking for good DooM II map WADs

    You can play my maps if you want, I think they're pretty good :)
  20. Pavera

    Syringe v1.1 - now on /idgames!

    This is a limit-removing set, so there is no trigger for End Game.
  21. Thank you everyone for the feedback thus far. I am so happy to see how much everyone has enjoyed this. I spent the last two years of my life pouring myself into these maps, among other things. I am working to implement some of this feedback into a potential new release, plus getting around to tuning the lower difficulty settings to be a bit less unbalanced. The next release will likely be the final version, so please please get in any additional feedback you'd like to see incorporated! I am happy I could bring some joy to your lives. Thanks once again. Pav
  22. No transparent textures in use here. The only boom-compatible features here are sky transfers.
  23. @skillsaw Thank you for the lovely review. It means so much to hear you liked it! I had thought about this possibly being an issue. I honestly didn't want to use a switch because I liked how it looks without one, but I am really not sure how else to entice the player in that direction. I'll play around with it and see if it can be improved in a future release. Yeah I'll see about fixing this one as well. Thanks :) Whoops...I must have missed some WAD cleanup. I'll have to look into it. This is intentional and meant to be sort of an easter egg. The map is officially "Saltstone Sanctuary" but I thought "Bedrock Deadlock" was kinda funny so I kept it in. Not really much more to it than that. Nope. This is really supposed to just be a quiet ending map much like the ending of Syringe. I was going to MAPINFO in a second story screen but I decided to sorta leave it up to interpretation instead.