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  1. exl

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    And one more area from MAP18 that was a lot more work to revamp than most. The original was really terrible and there wasn't much room to work in.
  2. exl

    [Released & updated] Infection

    Glad you liked it! Were you able to test the extra map (MAP03 from this build)?
  3. exl

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Some more befores & afters, this time from MAP18.
  4. exl

    [Released & updated] Infection

    Thanks for the demo, these are always a big help! I see that missing out on the soulsphere caused some health anxiety, so I'll make that section a bit more eye-catching (but still optional).
  5. exl

    [Released & updated] Infection

    I've been wanting to update/extend this a bit, so have been working on at least one additional map for it: infectib_map03.zip. This only contains the new map, MAP03, which is pistol-startable. All other maps are not present in this build. Hopefully the quality is equal to that of the existing maps. Edit: and some screenshots of the new MAP03.
  6. exl

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Does it need more teleport destinations, or just more teleport destinations?
  7. exl

    Hordamex: 1.0 is OUT!!

    This was indeed lots of fun working with all the talented people! The number of maps is still astounding...
  8. exl

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    That's awesome! What resources are you using? I definitely see a lot of OTEX.
  9. exl

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Completed the visual and monster placement rework a little earlier than expected. Just ammo and health re-balance left to do. Here's a set of before-and-afters showing the biggest changes. The last one is especially hilarious. None of the end results match modern day stuff as they're still built on top of the ideas and layout "bones" of the old map, but hopefully they're worthy of the remaster label.
  10. exl

    [Remaster WIP] Newdoom Community Project

    Seeing the recent updates I felt compelled to do some more work on my maps. Here's some of MAP05 so far. Proper before & after will have to wait until later. Edit: see below for before-and-afters
  11. exl

    Do you have any mapping gimmick trademark?

    Double. Inset. Walls. Sometimes with a divider column.
  12. Some quickly collated statistics based on just the /levels/* contents of the idgames archive as of today: Displays the amount of entries updated by year. This shows only a slight increase in the past 2 years (though 2022 isn't over yet). But the absolute numbers do indicate there are a good number more releases, even though the graph doesn't make the immediately clear. another 100 releases in 2021 over 2020 seems to support some of the gut feelings people have in this thread. Some extra stats for the most active months of the year and days of the month; most releases seem to occur in may, and on the 13th of the month. Whatever significance that has.
  13. Adding to the tip of watching screens before bed, in addition to blue light filters/eye comfort modes also use the minimum usable brightness. And avoid watching things that are very exciting, scary or that otherwise drive up feelings or emotions. But best is still to get away from them completely before bedtime.
  14. exl

    What is your favorite texture from classic doom?

    I don't think I've made a single level that doesn't use CEIL5_1 or a variant of it.