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  1. Any more details than that? What version of WhackEd4 are you using, and what is the exact error?
  2. Weird, what about this one? http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4/files/whacked4-1.2.2-beta2.7z
  3. The crash was related to the name saving bug. That should be fixed now: http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4/files/whacked4-1.2.2-beta.7z
  4. Da Werecat: could you try out this version which fixes the names bug and determines whether a thing is a projectile or not based on it's state's actions? It should save a thing's speed property as fixed point if any states used by that thing use either the VileChase or Chase actions, whether the PROJECTILE flag is set or not. http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4/files/whacked4-1.2.2-beta.7z
  5. The names being loaded incorrectly is a pretty bad bug, names might not even get saved at all under some cirumstances. About the BOUNCES flag, if I understand it correctly from your explanation and from looking at MBF source code, a thing will have it's speed interpreted as fixed point if none of it's states set the momentum directly (through e.g. Chase), but if there is such a state action then the speed property will be interpreted as "normal". So whether or not the speed value must be converted behind the scenes is not dependent on the PROJECTILE or BOUNCES flag at all, but what actions a thing's states have. It's possible to detect this, but will be a bit more work.
  6. Productive sundays are best sundays. Changelog for version 1.2.1: Added: support the RandomJump action in state previews. Added: Extended DehackEd configuration with the extra things and empty states from Doom Retro. Crispy Doom also supports these. Added: state actions that spawn things (like missiles from monster attacks) will now play that thing's sound during a preview. Fixed: unused state parameter descriptions would not be updated when an action using them was selected. Fixed: added missing things to the Doom Retro configuration. Thanks to VGA. Changed: WAD reloading is now faster and doesn't reset the UI state. Get the setup executable or 7zip archive from http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4
  7. For some reason I didn't notice the notification in these new forums, sorry. See my reply to that. I did add the RandomJump action for 1.2.1.
  8. Changelog for version 1.2.0: Added: state animation preview (with sounds) by pressing ~ on a state or using the new state context menu. Pressing ~ again inside the animation preview will restart it. Right-clicking a thing or weapon state from their respective dialogs will preview it directly. Added: linking states together can now be done by selecting them, right-clicking and selecting a link option (or use the respective shortcut key). Linking is done in the order of selection. Added: an option to clear out all selected states from the state context menu. Added: an option to clear out a thing's properties from a thing's context menu. Added: DOOM Retro "Gib health" thing property. Added: barebones patch merging feature by loading a patch 'over' the current one. Fixed: state and thing copy and paste operations were much slower than they should to be. Changed: sprite selection dialog now shows sprites at 2x scale. Changed: always display a state's "unused" parameters since these actually affect a weapon sprite's offset even in vanilla Doom. Changed: updated to PyAudio 0.2.11. Changed: monospace font is now the more modern DejaVu Sans Mono. Especially the animation + sound preview functionality should be pretty useful. Get the setup executable or 7zip archive from http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4
  9. Hello, I have fixed some errors in the Extra Dehacked preset (previously the extra things were not usable)


    Also, Crispy Doom now has support for that preset so the name could do with a change. I attach the new preset:




    1. exl


      Thanks, I hadn't noticed the additional things. What kind of name do you think makes sense? "Extended DeHackEd"? And does Crispy Doom also support the newer gibHealth thing property?

    2. VGA


      Nah, I don't find any reference to gibHealth in Crispy Doom's repository.


      Extended Dehacked sounds ok.

  10. Interesting, I didn't know that since MBFEDIT.TXT doesn't mention that feature. Is MBF the only source port that supports this? At any rate, I've added it to the todo list.
  11. I noticed that https://www.doomworld.com/idgames doesn't work, while https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/ (with the trailing slash) does. That might confuse some users.
  12. Woo! Happy birthday Doom!
  13. Haha, that's good to know! Thanks again for the bug reports.
  14. A small new release with a few fixes: Fixed: Doom Retro's PlaySound action was missing a parameter name, causing a crash when it was selected. Thanks to AnotherLife. Fixed: rewrote sprite name, frame and rotation handling to better emulate Doom's behaviour. As a result, zero-rotation sprites can now replace sprites with multiple rotations. Thanks to VGA, AnotherLife. Fixed: when selecting a new sprite for a state, all selected state's frames were set to 0 when no specific frame was selected. Thanks to VGA. Get it from http://www.teamhellspawn.com/exl/whacked4/
  15. Awesome, I've always missed that feature. Would it be possible to omit the equals sign at the start of the expression and just detect it based on what operators are present in it? This would bring it in line with how Adobe software allows you to do the same thing in measurement input fields.