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  1. Bobsklim IV

    Mount Doom 1.1

    Quite a hard map although fun to play, Died when a lost soul decided to intercept one of my rockets at too close a range, so completed it by loading. Personally didn't care for the music, but then I didn't like Melty Monster galaxy either...
  2. Bobsklim IV

    Duke Nukem Forever - Release Date

    I think as long as I don't go through every aspect of the game whilst playing and compare it to the original (like I did with doom 3), this should be a fun game
  3. Bobsklim IV

    Wad with a car

    The original Action Doom has a rather enjoyable car chase section in it with all sorts of vehicles. Although you will have to find it yourself as its one of 3 possible routes at that point in the game.
  4. Bobsklim IV

    How do I make so that you can talk to people?

    If you want the NPCs to talk to you maybe try saying hello, asking them how they are or their opinion on something topical You can't just stand there and expect to make friends.
  5. Bobsklim IV

    Help me out with adding custom monsters

    If you have the monster WAD already downloaded, and are using doom builder then when you open up the WAD and the map options menu appears, click the "add resource" button on resources sub section then browse and add the monster wad here. The monster you have added will then be acceptable from the DECORATE category in the things menu.
  6. Bobsklim IV

    Who's your favorite Doom Monster?

    Second the Mancubus. He is a misunderstood soul who just wants to be loved
  7. Bobsklim IV

    Fallout New Vegas Discussion Thread

    hmm, I didn't realise this. However my point still stands
  8. Bobsklim IV

    Fallout New Vegas Discussion Thread

    Bethesda really know how to put a good RPG together and I really need to get round to buying this game.
  9. Bobsklim IV

    Egypt themed textures?

    I thought the Egypt textures in Scythe2 were very good. I think they were taken from Hexen2 so that would be a good place to start as Hexen2 has some really nice Egyptian levels to it
  10. Bobsklim IV

    What do you think about Super Sonic Doom?

    Similarly to "Foodles" this was a WAD I played back when Doom was, to me, Ultimate, 2, and Final,. This was the closed universe of Doom. It was everything I knew to be true. It was infact my father who inadvertently supplied me with this WAD and something called ZDoom. Suffice to say this WAD impressed me greatly and at the time I would have sworn by it. However today I have played alot more WADs and am now very aware of what Doom is capable of becoming (both at its best and worst) and although I tried to replay this WAD, I simply couldn't. Although I appreciate the work put in and the very innovate ideas put forward in this WAD, I feel it is a bit of a "mess", and despite its nostalgic pull, it simply doesn't "do it" for me anymore. I much prefer more classical "Doom" based WADs these days and tend to consider WADs like Stronghold, and Super Sonic Doom as games in there own right that just borrow the Doom engine
  11. Bobsklim IV

    Game of the Week

    Doom is not just game of the week, and it blasphemous to think so. Doom is a deity. It is both wrathful and gracious. All hail Doom
  12. Bobsklim IV

    Dawn of Reality - NEED BETA TESTERS (see first post)

    I haven't i'm afraid simply because every time I go to the download page and click on the download file it redirects me to page not found. Has anyone else had this problem? If you could re-add it or give me a different link I would love to test it though as it does look very exciting, and I can promise quick feedback :)
  13. Bobsklim IV

    Dawn of Reality - NEED BETA TESTERS (see first post)

    Is it just me or is the speedyshare link not working? either way I am unable to download the wad
  14. Bobsklim IV

    Dawn of Reality - NEED BETA TESTERS (see first post)

    Me neither does this mean I haven't made the team? :'(
  15. Bobsklim IV

    Dawn of Reality - NEED BETA TESTERS (see first post)

    I would also like to play test it, it looks amazing