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  1. zzz

    Teh Name...

    Oh yea, doom3 is just a doom with better graphics. Yeeess hordes enemys attacking me from left/right/back/front , decimals of former humans, punch of imps + Archvile..
  2. zzz

    Ammo capacity

    if doomguy plan to cary bout 50 rockets, and bunch of weapons, why he dont employ varlet (um or weapon carrier, dont know english well). Where he plan to put those rockets? maybe ammo cart could solve problem?
  3. zzz

    Teh Name...

    freakin asslickers. OF Course DoomGuy should have name, like any other human. (i hope id-guys seeks to create realistic game, without those stupid nameless characters)
  4. zzz

    A cool scene would be?

    I cant imagine "cool scene" without real-time limb splating , bone crushing and so on. Looks like doom3 hasnt included this feature.
  5. zzz

    Signing off.

    dsm, also some your replies are offensive & annoying. You think everybody MUST accept your opinion. Whats the matter man? Hard childrenhood?
  6. zzz


    quake2 explosions is just sprites.. just take pak explorer, and youll see bunch of explosion pics in main pak..
  7. zzz

    Doom 3 Combat

    you forgot some important stuff : 1. New DoomGuy walks several times slower 2. Doom 1/2 had much open areas 3. HK is not so slow compared to player's speed (you seen him walking away then you hided your ass in corner) 4. Dont forget , Hell Knights appeared in huge numbers in older doom (lets hope to meet 2-4 HK's at once in later D3 levels..)
  8. zzz

    Doom 3 Combat

    I disagree with you. IMHO HK is melee tank, very tough and deadly . He is not so slow (and remember youll be surounded by close areas)
  9. Mod deleted thread with some leaked info. But this is from public id FTP server, so it cant be secret..
  10. zzz

    Doom 3 Combat

    Melee fights allways sucked in FPS games.
  11. zzz

    DooM III CTF

    Carmack said in interview, they will release expansion pack, that will have a focus just on the multiplayer. I hope to see Doom III CTF , TDM.. and lots of other types
  12. zzz

    Ideas, Questions about ammo

    imho you couldnt even hit a sky with railgun without crosshair
  13. zzz

    Ideas, Questions about ammo

    It should be more realistic, if player wouldnt see crosshair.. Are u seeing crosshair in real life , while shooting with pistol?
  14. zzz

    Risky stuff

    Single playing should be more interesting, if monsters spawn in randomly position in map at begining. Thats the point
  15. zzz

    Doom3 vs Kreed

    What do you think about this ? Kreed is worth competitor to Doom3, cuz it also use pixel lights (only on models) check those superb screeniez http://www.gamershell.com/game/FPS_Kreed.shtml