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  1. Marriage makes a man a man? Marriage is too often for pussies that compromise because they're frightened of being alone. I don't need to 'uphold my argument' anyway, as I've already won every argument past, present and future by not giving two squirts of piss about what little people think. That is what makes me better than you. I'm not going to cry myself to sleep because someone disagrees with me over the internet - and that's the last time I should ever need to say that. I'm not giving you anymore attention. What's with all this talk of cell phones anyway? I thought this was a thread about missiles and UFOs (or at least about needless flames). As for what Aliotroph said, I sincerely doubt that any military force has been 'decades' ahead of anyone else's weapons technology - at the end of world war 2, nuclear secrets spread like wildfire. How about the earliest firearms - it wasn't long before every country had their own musket. Planes as well became commonplace almost as quickly as they were invented - nobody is hiding any 'secrets' from you, or anyone else, and even if somebody did want to keep something secret, it would never work in today's age of easy information exchange.
  2. Visplane Overflow

    College Youth: Obama not-so-good, but GREAT?!

    Bingo. It's just a pity that all soldiers are considered eeeeeevvvviiiiillll here.
  3. You're inscrutable and highly worthless. Congratulations. Honestly, I cannot give a shit about anything you have to say beyond this point. I'm sorry that I live in the real world where I don't piss myself in fear about big evil nukes or cry in the corner when somebody says something bad about unwashed potheads - here's an idea : Get yourself laid, it'll do you, me and the whole world a lot of good. And I mean laid for real, don't even try to bullshit me. I'm done with you now. Anyway - my original point, to reiterate was : MIRVs are not 'new weaponry', and these tests are not a threat to you or anybody. This reminds me of when North Korea was conducting missile tests and the entire USA collectively shit themselves (for some reason).
  4. Yes, I'm an idiot because I don't give a damn about nuclear warheads. The more intelligent thing to do is get paranoid about the evil Russkies and their weapons of mass destruction. More like weapons of mutually assured destruction - god damn, get a grip people. The last nuke (in wartime I mean, don't get technical on me) was used 60 years ago, and by the Americans - What are you afraid of? Don't be a pussy.
  5. MIRV missiles have existed since the beginning of the start treaties, don't be a hippie about it. I'm more interested in crushing UFO enthusiasts' theories with cold hard facts. Then again, not a single one of those guys would be willing to accept that it was just a missile test.
  6. Visplane Overflow


    Jabberwacky thinks you need a boyfriend. It's nearly impossible to communicate with this damn machine, it has the mental fortitude of a hyperactive bastard child.
  7. Visplane Overflow

    College Youth: Obama not-so-good, but GREAT?!

    If anyone thinks that any one president, black or otherwise can be a miracle cure to an entire country's problems in less than one year, you should kill yourself instead of voting. He's not Jesus, get over it. Personally I think Obama is a spineless coward, and I don't think he has a very good political brain - but his term isn't even close to over yet, and it'd be wrong to judge his success prematurely. Try to bear in mind that he's only one man, and so fixing everything or sending the country straight to Hell are both out of his reach.
  8. Visplane Overflow

    Oscar season movie chit-chat

    My bad - you've got it right.
  9. Visplane Overflow

    Oscar season movie chit-chat

    Then your opinion is useless, get the fuck out.
  10. Visplane Overflow

    Oscar season movie chit-chat

    Of all the shit they did to LotR in the films, that's the thing that you didn't like?
  11. Visplane Overflow

    Awesome Quake Machinima

    Some of the people here weren't even born before 1997.
  12. Visplane Overflow

    Taiwanese man beats WOW

    Fuck yeah white people. The wow guy doesn't bother me really - he's achieved almost every 'hardcore' gamer's dream, and there are lots of those people out there (for some reason, does anybody know when being 'hardcore' at video games was a good thing?). What bothers me is that there are thousands of similar people out there.
  13. Visplane Overflow


    See? He's bad at math. Robots are stupid, we should all forget about them now.
  14. Visplane Overflow


    Robots are dumb. The sooner you accept that, the sooner we can move on.
  15. Visplane Overflow

    New news about Duke! What do you guys think?

    Assuming it would ever get released, there is no way that Duke Nukem Forever could be a fun game. How could the gameplay be fun or even consistent given that they keep changing the engine every other month? This game has no chance, even if it does get released. I want you guys to stop hoping for DNF, I want you to send them an email and say "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!". I don't know what to do about the game after that, but I know that first you've gotta get mad.