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  1. Oh boy!, I forgot to report the increased infight/suicide bonus, jeje. Nevermind, the bug was kinda funny :P I'll post some screenshots with the highest bonus I could get: What about to add a light effect for the UAC Smart Bomb item? sometimes is hard to see it on the floor with all those dead bodies... ;)
  2. Ok, I wasn't refering of showing the penalty score of all deaths on screen, I was asking to have a death counter, showing the number of times you have died or been killed. As the secret or monster counter, but it will start from 0 obviously :P, then after you are killed the death toll will rise 1 unit, maybe ending with dozens of deaths, if you are playing a big level with many hard monsters (as I like to do :) ) Something like this: It should be "4 deaths", isn't it? ** The grey one should have 9 deaths on his screen. o.o That's my idea :) If you want to try to replicate the lag-slow-like effect, try to spawn certain type of monsters: afrit, the evil grey clouds and others that use rotating or moving frames/effects, maybe with many of them you can check if there is any posible problem...
  3. Well, I wasn't worry about having too many ghosts from the phantom... just when the phantom was reviving (raising) again and again (I guess for having a revive sprite :P). Actually the harder monsters are the DeathKnights, it's really funny to have a bfg blast shooted at the deathKnight, just coming back... because you have to check first if it has its sprite of defensive pose.. Now it could be helpful to have its shield 'pose' in a colored fashion, using other (decorate?) color effects, like with the Sabre Blade purple fireballs, their light effect looks pretty cool on opengl. And I also wish to have a death count on the mod (in multiplayer of course), showing on screen how many time you have been killed or died (suicides are counted as negatives frags at the end of a level). Also I haven't seen any Defiler monster (a black pain elemental), they are listed in the monster's list.
  4. It will be more adecuate if the phantom could not be revived (because other phantom's ghost and archviles can revive it) ;) An unrelated pic: **
  5. Now running again :) The million bonus happened with the infight bonus, they start increasing for no aparent reason and with different infight dead monsters, starting to say like: first 5k, 23k, 350k, then millions of points, but this happened when I was playing LAN games, with an external wad map, like plutonia 1, plutonia 2, holyhell, etc... with the 7b version ;) Now I just played some original doom2 maps with the 7e version, without getting this random crazy bonus fortunately (but I was not using any external level-wads files when testing). This is an screenshot of map 16, after the monsters start spawning from an "hidden" sector, when you grab the blue key: there are some dudes just sitting still around:
  6. Hi there, I updated from version 7b to your new 7d. And then I overwrited the files on the directory I used to play scoredoom, to run it, getting this error: Script error, "DECORATE" line 4: Actor PlayerPawnSD is already defined. I deleted the .ini file, and I was still getting the same error, then I created a new directory and copy the files and the same... I removed the SD-ARTIFACTS.WAD from skins directory and then the game started without the error ¿? Now testing with plutonia 2 :) If you use the key asigned to activate an item without the artifacts.wad, it throws an error, and drops the level that you are playing. Crazy bonus: (My score ended in negative millons) :D I have other issues with new monsters gameplay: the imp-shadows are deafs and don't move (when they should be "spawning" from a hidden sector) and the ghosts that the Phantom throws can revive it just after you kill it, over and over... And it seems that the afrit's circling fireballs make a "lag"-like effect (like the thor's dead bodies used to do), but I only have got that lag with 3 afrits on the same map (big maps) :3
  7. Well, apart from my problem when having too many dead Thors monsters, I have played gzscoredoom with a friend using the Plutonia wad, getting some interesting moments: :) at second map, when a knight ghost started reviving hell knights: later, at the archvile laberint: I want to ask for a dead body count for this port... a player's dead counter. I have always wonder how many times I have died in a level ;)
  8. My specs: AMD phenom 9550, 2gb ram, I cant remember the video card model, I dont have the box... its a nvidia 8x00 series (that have some glitch when having to much light-color efects it jumps some frames in a weird way, but that is when all monsters are shooting, not when everyone is dead :) ) I play at 1280x1024 with practically all opengl options on, but I have tested playing it with lower res without the opengl when facing the "lag-like" problem. When I use the FREEZE prompt command, the velocity of the game is restaured (I guess because those blue fireball stop rotating, the same as the time sphere powerup). You cant test the problem using a map with many hell knights in the same room (after killing them), I have used the hollyhell.wad (one of the infamous wads of all time in the doomworld site) and nuts.wad (one map with 5k+ monsters in the same room)
  9. I have a problem with the port... when using the extra monsters, if you are using a map file with a lot of monsters (in this case the hell knights) the scoredoom will replace some of them with the thor monsters (wizards-like), when those monsters are killed, they left their dead body with a swirling blue thing... and when you have enough of those thors dead around... well, the machine goes slooooow as hell, I have checked and disable all video/opengl options and the problem persists. I am sure that the drop of speed ingame is caused by them, because when I pick up an time stop sphere power-up, the game's speed returns to normal in an instant... then becomes slugish again when the effect fades... I could tell you that you can check this if you using a map like holyhell (or go insane using nuts.wad, after every monster in the map's first part was dead, the poor game was still slowed). If there is a way to modify this monster dead body, I guess it could solve my problem. I know, awful my english is. **