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  1. WhilelM

    Doom III Won't be on DVD

    Check up all the hype on iTNews
  2. WhilelM

    Possible release date?

    You should read the FAQ, second frequently asked question...
  3. WhilelM

    doom3.com :)

    Where did you read that ?
  4. WhilelM

    Doom3 at least four months away

    For those who have downloaded the leaked, you know that more than 1Go of gamedata could be compressed to 400 Mo. You could have a 35% comperssion rate. So, i assume that the game will be handle by 2 CDs if 3go.
  5. WhilelM

    The Official New Doom 3 Media Thread

    This thread seems to be off-topic !
  6. WhilelM

    Doom movie news

    Found another site where could be read the same info... dated from 1999 . ! Too bad !
  7. WhilelM

    Doom movie news

    From http://www.sknr.net/: What do you think about that ? They wrote S.W.A.T., Sniper & Sniper 2.
  8. WhilelM

    Why P2P network code ?

    Where did you read that Doom III will feature a P2P netcode ?
  9. WhilelM

    Surface interaction

  10. WhilelM

    ssssshhhhhhh...new UAC code

    What's the key ?
  11. WhilelM

    I have a thought.......!!!! I think...?

    Be careful of rights. You'll need to got autorisation from Id to do such thing.
  12. WhilelM

    Unreal2 too short - will Doom3 be longer?

    No, you didn't =)
  13. WhilelM

    Speedmapping Fun + DWBS

    Well, the death of JC seems to please Ozh =/ [UPDATE]Good news, he's back !!!
  14. WhilelM

    Doom3 in Montreal.

    But you could find a french report at ZS Doom III a new doom french site.