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  1. Alright that's fine, no rush, it will be done when it's done, there won't be a deadline till we start mapping. :) Either way Merry Christmas to everyone! Hopefully this WAD will be done in time for next Christmas!
  2. How's everyone doing on their projects for this so far? :o
  3. This is true. As for Batandy: I'm not 100% sure as I don't really know all to well on the textures side of things. I know Obake is so far doing the textures so you two should collaborate with what your doing :o And sorry to everyone else, i've been busy with work and all that last couple weeks! But things are still good to go! I just still need a compiler!
  4. Ok awesome! So how many total is that now? We'd need 34 correct? (1 for each map, and 1 for title, 1 for end screen?)
  5. Might as well make this a full fledged Christmas wad since we don't really have a deadline :P Just it's done when it's done kind of thing! That way we can spend as much time as needed to make a amazing XMAS mod. :)
  6. Clusterone666

    I don't support Doom 4

    http://middleeasy.com/gaming/item/11396-12-games-that-ripped-off-mortal-kombat-s-fatalities-and-failed-horribly No one ripped off Brutal Doom. It was just a mod that added blood and fatalities and such. That's a list of other games with fatalities just to show you. (Ignore the nature of the article, just was the first thing that popped up on google). But since Brutal Doom is a mod, and not paid for nor profitable in any way. They aren't "ripping" off anything. Even so, ID owns the rights to Doom, so therefor if Brutal Doom we're to become profitable, it would be so under ID. Not giving Brutal Doom credit or anything, just annoyed how people keep saying Doom 4 is ripping BD off. When in reality BD is just a mod, another mod that is playable for free. So please, for the love of all things Doom, if you hate Brutal Doom, compare Doom's "Fatalities" to Mortal Kombat or something. XO
  7. It was decided that it would be done, when it is done. There won't be a soft deadline till we get the textures/DECORATE/etc. done and start actually working on the mapping. Once the mapping is underway I will impose a soft deadline. (It's my first project so I was a little confused how it all worked) However, the plan is to have it done around next christmas time. (That's a HUGE soft deadline).
  8. Clusterone666

    Need help with Zdaemon

    No idea why it does that, but in the mean time, as painful as this sounds try switching M1 and M2 to CTRL and ALT. Also sorry to be the one to inform you, but wrong sub-forum for this. :/ Try posting in Doom General about this, or somewhere else.
  9. That is going to be wonderful, thanks mate! Yeah that should definitely help and speed things up some dramatically with more textures. I'm hoping that eventually we can edit enemy behaviour eventually, but if not than all is well. :) And in regards of the texture pack, that's all still up in the air till I get someone who can compile everything in one nicely wrapped wad. :P Either way I like the idea of the dead lost soul as snow. Especially at 128x128. That should be a easy drop in for mappers on this project.
  10. Omegalore, Obake, Doomhuntress... These are all looking fantastic! (In Doomhuntress's case sounds fantastic!) Keep up the good work! Really making me excited to start the mapping process and even more excited to see the final result!
  11. Ok cool, i'll download them and save them. :)
  12. So what under contributions should I put you under?
  13. You're doing DECORATE objects? Are you doing textures as well or no? But i'll add you to contributors real quick. :)
  14. That's because Obake is working on the textures at the moment. :) The maps are coming later.
  15. Sorry for such a late reply, twas busy. :P But the first one "You are not": I like this one! Petriform: Love it! That would fit perfectly, I think you sent that one a little while back too? Choo-Choo Train: I like it, but not as much as the other two :o But again, it's up to the other people as well for the music, not just me, but I enjoy them!