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  1. JonnyFive

    The /newstuff Chronicles #332

    Yes, especially issues with the bleeding and reloading automatically that were mentioned in the review. Still, it's not for everyone and I respect that. Still, I find this comment on the idgames reviews hilarious: Someone doesn't like to do things like "read the text files" I guess, since the latest version works fine with the latest release version of GZDoom, which it clearly states in the text file it requires. Ugh.
  2. JonnyFive

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm an insurance underwriter.
  3. JonnyFive

    Blood Gulch Doom Recarnation (Re-Release)

    If this is meant for Skulltag/ZDaemon, why not use the ZDoom slope things to make some height variation in the terrain? Even ZDaemon supports at least the basic slope line types, and I believe Skulltag supports the more robust vertex slope things, which can be used to create very convincing looking terrain with pretty minimal effort. It really needs more height variation. Right now, it's flat as a pancake (with pretty much no cover in the middle) while the original had not only terrain height variation, but little areas on the side where the terrain went up into the cliffs a bit (if memory serves correctly). EDIT: I see you just posted about the elevation changes. That's good, since it really needs it.
  4. JonnyFive

    Doom's 15th Birthday

    There certainly are.
  5. JonnyFive

    Doom's 15th Birthday

    No! You fool! If you do that, it means that playing the eventual sequel (ETA: 2045) will cause your hard drive to be deleted and nano-bots to infect your brain. In real life.
  6. JonnyFive

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    If you prefer the more stringent difficulty, the "realistic" combat style should be more your thing, or the "Classic CAH" style which has both the higher bleeding rate and the 50% health of the original release (along with the automatic reloading that the old reloading code provided... only without the spontaneous not working). [NOTE: Combat styles were added around the beginning of the month, so if you played the original release they wouldn't be there] Also, the idgames archive should be the final version now, as it's now the version sitting in newstuff and I believe the permanent location is updated at the same time.
  7. JonnyFive

    Doom's 15th Birthday

    Not even close, but it was a good guess. :)
  8. JonnyFive

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    In honor of Doom's 15th birthday and CAH winning a Cacoward, I've posted the final bugfixed, tweaked version in the original post (the idgames revised upload may take a couple days to work through the pipeline, obviously). Most of the changes since the last edition are cosmetic (texture alignment, improved 3d model textures), and a couple are more substantial (added effects for some of the combat styles). In any case, thanks to everyone that checked this out. EDIT: 15th, dammit! I'm living in the past!
  9. JonnyFive

    Doom's 15th Birthday

    Thanks for the award, that really means a lot to me. He didn't really give away the big twist in the ending, don't worry. ;)
  10. JonnyFive

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    A new version has been uploaded with a number of bug-fixes and some general improvements. In particular, a series of "combat styles" have been added to accomodate various preferences as to manual reloading vs. automatic reloading, bleeding level, and what-not. You pick your combat style before starting the game (it uses the class system to do this) and you'll see a small description on the selection screen of what each style entails. Let me know if you have any further suggestions or notice any bugs. I'll give it a few days and upload the updated version to the archives if no one notices anything worth fixing or changing. Enjoy.
  11. JonnyFive

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    A new version is up in the original post with a lot of the fixes and improvements that have been suggested. Let me know what you think.
  12. JonnyFive

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    Very strange. What version of GZDoom are you using, and what are your system specs?
  13. JonnyFive

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    I actually did a bunch of testing on a POS computer here at work on my lunch breaks, and it runs all right on some Intel integrated chip or other, but I don't know how that experience will vary with other chips.
  14. JonnyFive

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    You'll be happy to know that the new update (which will be released very soon) reduces bleeding frequency at anything but the hardest difficulty (it's tweaked a bit even at the hardest setting), and completely eliminates it on the lowest difficulty setting (if you play on "Recruit" you won't even know the bandages were ever there).
  15. JonnyFive

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    Yeah, I got a few complaints about the difficulty and I'm preparing a refined version with the difficulty toned down a bit (including automatic reloading after emptying a mag, which is something a couple people asked for), along with a bunch of minor bug-fixes. Not sure what you mean about the shotgun though. A pump-action shotgun needs to be racked after every shot. That's also how it behaved in the original Doom.