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  1. I know the Linux port was the original open source release and the Jaguar and 3DO ports got their code released. Did any other official authorized-by-ID ports have their source code published anywhere? And no I am not counting the mobile ports done by John Carmack based on an existing open source port (and which then had their source code released in order to comply with the license for that port)
  2. jonwil

    DOOM 3's (aka id tech 4) source code has been released!

    My guess is that the patented technique has been replaced with something that does the same job but isn't patented. Will be interesting to see how the source is used by modders.
  3. jonwil

    Old is New Again

    Whats interesting about the article is where ID said that after all the problems Nintendo had with Wolfenstein 3D on the SNES, ID weren't going to work with Nintendo again and yet later on they did end up making not just a port to the SNES but also one to the Nintendo 64. Be interesting to see the story of what went on behind the scenes to make ID change their mind.
  4. jonwil

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    Hollywood could do a better job on this. Hollywood has done the "earth hero/soldier type goes to mars to kill a bunch of evil mutant aliens" before and it made enough money to satisfy the bigwigs AFAIK (although I cant recall exactly which film it was) DOOM fans would like it (because it at least is vaguly similar to the game) And the same people who went to see such hollywood popcorn flicks as Mars Attacks, Mission To Mars, Total Recall and other films connected to mars (and those who will see sci-fi in general) will go to see it and give hollywood their $$$. Get a big name hollywood action hero to play the "space marine". Make the film about the action hero and his team going to mars and its moons to blow lots of mutant martians to kingdom come (and finding the secret UAC base where the mutants came from) What we have now is probobly more related to Resident Evil than to DOOM (those who have seen the second Resident Evil flick will probobly understand why I make this comparison)
  5. jonwil

    exact mod tools that come with doom3

    what they should do is produce a GMAX gamepack for the game. And/or publish the file format of the 3D models used. Either or both of those will aid in modelmaking without needing to spend $$$ on a 3D program. Heck, there is a GMAX gamepack for Quake III .md3 files...
  6. jonwil

    doom64 TC and freedoom?

    Has anyone investigated if its possible to make a totally free IWAD (using the freedoom stuff) that would be enough to get the doom64 TC to run?
  7. I am 99% certain it was a TC or PC and it almost certainly was in one of the "themed" sections on idgames. The only thing I can remember about it is that it used the sound clip from terminator "phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range? hey, just what you see pal" Anyone know what mod that was?
  8. Some lumps in the wad are compressed... Probobly its so they can fit the wad on the jag cart.
  9. I have been playing around with the wad file from Jaguar doom and the overall format of the wad file is similar but with a few differences. I want to take an existing wad viewer and play with it to get it to load the jaguar doom wad file.
  10. There is no link from the freedoom status page that mentions "graphics" There is one for sprites, patches, flats and so on but not for regular graphics.
  11. Like the title screen, menus and other things.
  12. There are quite a few wads out there (for example ghostbusters doom, aliens doom & various wolfendoom mods to name a few that I have played) that are very close to total conversions and that replace all (or almost all) maps as well as most graphics, sounds music etc. If one was to figure out what resources the pwad was pulling from the doom IWAD then to find an alternative for those resources (the freedoom project makes sense as a good place to start) you could possibly turn <insert name of TC here> into a full fledged IWAD and distribute it with a source port and play it without needing doom at all...
  13. want to recreate older ID fps games like doom, wolf3d and such in a modern quake,quake2 or quake3 era FPS but that its very hard to know how far you can go legaly... I think that we should make a list of questions pertaining to such matters and ask ID once and for all whats legal and whats not. We all know that its definatly not legal to use anything taken straight out of a wad file or whatever but what else is not ok? Is it ok to, for example, make a 3d model of a doom monster and distribute it? (I notice that on the one hand some mods for quake and stuff make 3d models of doom stuff and get in trouble but on the other hand we have various opengl source ports with good 3d models of doom stuff and its ok, why is there a distinction?) Or is it ok to, say, create a weapon for your mod (any weapon) and call it a BFG? Or is it ok to, say, recreate doom e1m1 in another game WITHOUT using anything from a wad file, merly using doom E1M1 as a reference and making a level that looks similar? For the things that arent ok, finding out why would be good also :) If this has been discussed before and there is a clear cut boundry as to whats ok and whats not then please tell me where I can find out such info :)
  14. I know that the source code to the latest version on wintex is available but I want to know where. What I plan to do is to recompile it with visual basic 6 and the dll with visual c++ 6, to eliminate the need to locate vbrun300.dll and also to eliminate the crashes I seem to be getting.
  15. I am looking for some wads that really show off the special effects that doom & ports can do. Are there any wads specificly for showing off special fx? Are there any wads generally that show off the special fx?