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  1. Tann&Jerri

    Arch Vile's attack psychic or pyrokinetic?

    [sarcasm]Its Conan O Brian pretending to be an alligator[/sarcasm] I go for Pyrokynetics. It'll be the new form of cancer treatment in the near future.
  2. Tann&Jerri

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    http://doomrly.ytmnd.com/ Found this and I thought it was charming and well done. http://conandoom.ytmnd.com/ Srry, didn't know I had to put on a screenshot instead.
  3. Tann&Jerri

    Object and gameplay manipulation in Doom 3

    It can come in handy for creating some puzzle mods.
  4. Tann&Jerri

    Doom 3 sandbox mode?

    I was wondering if anyone had actually thought of creating something like the Gmod or a sadbox mod where people can easily be creative like making up scenarios, easy mapping and spawning with a push of few buttons? The Doom engines may be stiff, but it can be hilarious if you could do a puppet show with the rag dolls or script them into doing so. Here is a link to Garry's Mod incase you don't know much of it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garry%27s_Mod If you want to see the Gmod in action, go and see some on Youtube (Jewtune that is). Notable examples are the 'Idiots of Garry's mod' and its sequel. Here are some good examples of Doom 3 videos I've found. There aren't many Doom ones out there but I hope more people would thing of Ideas which can rival the Halo, CS and Half life ones on the Internet. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=h5h-1u8YmpY http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=dEV84bD9efA&feature=related Some sandboxing which canbe made more simple if someone comes up with a smart mod: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JtiQn5vDXUY&feature=related
  5. Tann&Jerri

    Object and gameplay manipulation in Doom 3

    I should try these. Would this cause the game to crash?
  6. Tann&Jerri

    Spider Demon Is.... GONE!!!! (I Think)

    I thought so. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Tann&Jerri

    Zero Punctuation

    I'm actually a long time member of his forum. He's a pretty cool guy. He doesn't like being taken too seriously.
  8. Tann&Jerri

    For those who arent US citizens...

    Weeboos, Furries, Emos, Goths and many more horrible things come from the US. I don't usually consider Americans as highl intelligent. Though, what can you expect from a country with only 300 years of history? They're not experienced enough...oh, sorry; you're not experienced enough, America. Edit: Oh, yeah. Lets not forget about the hardcore creationists.
  9. Tann&Jerri

    Anyone ever thought of vectorizing the Doom comic?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8yc5bnOrSc# Just in case anyone didn't of this.
  10. Tann&Jerri

    15 years of doom

    A Cacocake, Booze, Hookers and Blow. Happy 15th Birthday, Doom. You got lots of office people fired since you came out.
  11. Tann&Jerri

    Spider Demon Is.... GONE!!!! (I Think)

    The Spider mastermind and Antorchoron aren't there but atleast you'll face the Vagery and Saboath. They're charming, at least. It has been two weeks I've ordered that damn book. A pretty crafty team. The female warrior model however seems like some sultry and cartoonish sci-fi eye candy. They could try something rough. But still, the sweat and effort put into it was visible.
  12. Tann&Jerri

    Doom Classic Game + Doom 3 + Movie Connected?

    No movie based on a game would gross more than $5M. Gaming is a pretty low but fun sort of media, not the best.
  13. Tann&Jerri

    Phantasm TC Mod (1970's "Cult" movie classic!)

    A guy called Paul Smart did a play through of it. Maybe I should post another thread for that.
  14. Tann&Jerri

    NataN's DooM sketches

    I like your work. They're detailed and pretty cute. Despite being based on rough creatures, they seem soft and likable.
  15. Tann&Jerri

    Alyx Vance mini bust 1

    Veeeeeery nice. Its pretty delicate and detailed. I don't know much about sculptures, but from what I see, there has been a lot of effort put into it. Looks great.
  16. Tann&Jerri

    Anyone ever thought of vectorizing the Doom comic?

    RIP AND TEAR! YOU'RE HUGE. THAT MEANS YOU GOT HUGE GUTS!! DYNAMITE. One of greatest comic books I've ever seen. I think it can be considered one of the greatest works of fiction along with Peter Chimera's 'Repercussion of Evil'.
  17. Tann&Jerri

    Doom... Art?

    Finally. Someone had some time & effort in their backpack.
  18. Tann&Jerri

    need help on the story

    A Mystery is not 'Mysterious' when you know whats hiding under your bed. Thats why they call it a mystery. Every individual player should make his/her own conclusions.
  19. Tann&Jerri

    Favorite DOOM 3 monster?

    The Cyberdemon. He looks good, too bad he has to be altered to become a worthy opponent.
  20. Tann&Jerri

    Doom 3 novel. Update.

    I bought and finished it few days ago. Costello is a very good writer from what I see. Whenever the fire seems to be dying out or the action seem to be slowing down, he gives it some edge and replaces it with something new and refreshing. Whenever a character doesn't seem to be making sense, another comes in and elaborates things for everyone to make things clear. I just started to read Henry 'David the hug's books too and although there are some very interesting ideas in them and Daffyd seem to know how to mix flashbacks, tell some jokes and visualize the surrounding very well, it just sounds and looks older compared to Costello's novel . There are some areas that Costello could work a little more, but that didn't mean he failed to make the novel exciting. It certainly wasn't Stephen King, but it did the trick as a sci-fi novel. Guess I'm gonna be keeping this in my shelves for now. Oh, yeah. Mine had a special misprint which reminded me of that Peter Chimera fan-fic. "but now - We gets targets." Both books have Custer references, by the way.
  21. Tann&Jerri

    The Harries Flashlight Technique

    r_gamma r_brightness Something like that.
  22. Tann&Jerri

    which shotgun do u like better?

    Can I have the choice of the ROE double barrel T-rex shotgun with custom sound? If not, I'll go for the look and range of the alpha.
  23. Tann&Jerri

    need help on the story

    Betrueger: "traitor". He made the worng choice and changed his atttitude towards people. Went through the portal cuz of his facination with possibly the super natural, satanism or mystical things. Experienced. Sargent Kelly: Not a very happy man. Either he decided to side with Betruger or was cought unexpectedly. His motives were to remain a mystery. Also experienced. Swann & his BF: "Damage control". "Authorised by the board" to keep and eye on Betty and his babies. A strong team. Swann was authoritative and his bodyguard was loyal & crafty. I can say many more things about them since duos create more depth for the plot. Doomguy3 "J. Kane": Was to be court martialed but was sent to Mars to do dirty work (according to the book). I strongly believe that he was a decendant of the martian race since he was left pretty much untouched while most soldiers and civilians were turning into zombies. Though, lets not write text books about these characters. I myself have gone far enough.
  24. Tann&Jerri

    Doom and Machinima

    Though my first post should be a productive rant instead of attention whoring around an old community. Played Doom ever since I was a kid and forgot about for a while until I got steam and downloaded pretty much all the Doom games and went through them all in a month, thus satisfying my hunger for finishing a classic I was never able to finish. I surf the net sometimes and contribute to wikis and similar sorts of websites. I enjoy all sorts of humor every once in a while, though, I don't personally approve of everything I come across at first. I hope you all know what a Machinima is, because I am not going to explain. Go lurk moar. Yeah, sure. Sometimes they're extremely lame, but a few are fresh and go beyond the usual gaming humor. Anyways, here is my question: Why Doom doesn't have any part in any of these despite having such 'hardcore' engine of ID tech 4? Hell, I bet you can even make a series with simple sprites by animating and adding voices to em'. Any thoughts about doing Machinimas? Any one wants to exchange thoughts?
  25. Tann&Jerri

    Doom and Machinima

    I understand how you feel about Doom 3, but the engines capabileties have to be taken into account as much as early Doom engines. You can makeuse of whatever as long as you know how to manipulate the objects. Don't let your prejudice or simple dislike of something get in the way of being able to create a machinima. Machinima is not a very shiny example of art, but it still better than nothing. I understand. I'll be including example for both engines -things that have already been done- mostly from videoshare websites to warm up the topic. I can only think of base and concept ideas of an appealing machinima. I really can't create one because I neither have the hardware or the time to make one. Anyone wants to join in, add ideas, critisize, share and think that their idea would be appealing to the intended audience, you're very welcome to step forward and have your say and present concepts or make them happen. Doomworld is certainly not mine/your personal army. Don't treat it like that. Think this would be fun/exciting/productive? keep this thread. If not, I won't mind, do whatever, that'll leave me more time to learn Mandarian.