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  1. I've been working on a map for this project in my spare time when its done should I post it in the thread or message it to someone who leads this project? EDIT: Taking longer than expected, adding a few extra sections that I feel the level needs
  2. soulsweat

    Eternity and Steam Overlay

    Yes, I am. Is there a way to launch without the system console window?
  3. soulsweat

    Eternity and Steam Overlay

    I like to use Eternity as my main source port when launching the Doom games on Steam. Recently people have been joining my broadcast and complaining about not being able to see the Stream but hear the audio. I know this isn't a source port designed for Steam and I am aware this is a very specific issue. I was wondering though if someone here could think of a reason why this could be happening. It has been bothering me for a while.
  4. soulsweat

    Midi Issue

    Well, I tried that and still, nothing comes up in list midi. Am I missing something?
  5. soulsweat

    Midi Issue

    Any ideas Archy?
  6. soulsweat

    Midi Issue

    It does not happen with GZdoom, and the midi file plays fine through VLC media player with an addon. When I type mixer /listmidi I get nothing, however when I type mixer I get: CHANNEL MAIN MAIN(dB) MASTER 100:100 +0.00:+0.00 SPKR 100:100 +0.00:+0.00 SB 100:100 +0.00:+0.00 FM 100:100 +0.00:+0.00
  7. soulsweat

    Midi Issue

    Thanks for your feedback, but I'm on windows 7.
  8. soulsweat

    Midi Issue

    Hey, I've never encountered this before in all my Doom playing. The Midi for Doom on Dosbox and Chocolate Doom suddenly just stopped working. If anyone would have a clue why, It would save me from going insane trying to figure it out on my own.
  9. soulsweat

    Duke Never Comes Early

    playing doom
  10. soulsweat

    Duke Never Comes Early

    The Hive is disgusting, appearently it's supposed to be funny too. It makes me look at Duke in a different light. I can't play D3D the same, this wrecked it for me personally.
  11. soulsweat

    Duke Never Comes Early

    There is such a mixture (good/bad) of quality in this game, I don't know what to think. I don't completely hate it or like it. It should have remained unreleased without a doubt. This is not a finished product in my opinion.
  12. soulsweat

    do you go dumpster-diving?

    I never thought to do that. I must try it!
  13. soulsweat

    The most unique easter egg you've seen in a game.

    Quake Live's Spooky Secret was kind of memorable.
  14. soulsweat

    Are all you Doomworlders mappers/modders?

    I mainly play Doom, I do map but I almost never release any maps or mods I make. I started mapping late 2007 and started playing Doom when it was first released.
  15. Hell guys, this doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Its obvious this quote was a way to get her message out to the world. The message is simply this: "make my game! [and give me credit for it]". This is the type of revolution is what we need to get women playing games. Whenever the actions described in this quote happen women helplessly fall in love with them. Love is a huge selling point and the game industry can benefit. Killing butterflys is a way to make more room in our precious air we pollute, and sparkles are just so damn pretty.