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    Spiritualism and Science?

    WARNING! Flamewar ahead! Flame density: Lethal Take proper caution and wear protective gear beyond this point --Internet Department of Safety By the way, my answer is no. Religions are myths, and God is the result of humanity's attempts to comprehend the incomprehensible. For example, the formation of the universe started when a singularity containing all of the universe's matter (it was then energy because the speck was too hot for real matter to exist) exploded in the Big Bang. The speck was caused when a very, very, very old universe ended its existence by contracting in a Big Crunch (our own universe will go through a Big Crunch in about a trillion years). But ther's a catch! Since the universe as we know it did not exist before the Big Bang, there is no "before" the Big Bang (time is part of the universe). If that makes your head spin, the following will truly boggle your mind. Reality and time do not exist in the period between Big Bangs and Big Crunches, so there is no before and after. The universe before ours never existed because its reality is gone. If you try to understand this "history," you're doing it in vain because humanity cannot contemplate these ideas. You can only know it. Also, a new universe could theoretically "bud" off of a black hole in our own if the black hole is large enough and it explodes (black holes contain singularities). You cannot travel to a different universe because it does not exist to us. If someone lived in one of these theoretical alternate realities, we would not exist. You could perhaps reach another universe through a spinning black hole (a rapidly spinning black hole has a ring-shaped singularity that you could pass through if you approached from a certain angle. However, the black hole has to be oh-my-gosh-here-it-comes-jumbo-sized so its gravitational pull is gentle enough not to tear you apart. If you emerge in any universe besides a "parallel" universe, you will no longer be yourself because you would be conforming to different physical laws. YOu would not "live" in our sense of the word, and the universe you left will not exist. Also, you will have to move quickly before the white hole that ejected you into this new universe before the other items it threw out pull together into a black hole that swallows up the white hole. I think I'll stop now an give your aching brains a rest.
  2. Executor6666

    Realms of Evil part 1

    I was in a hurry when I wrote this.
  3. Executor6666

    Christ With Butter It's My Lucky Fucking Day

    Bestow this thread with one of your witticisms and a home in the green abyss, O One With the Three-Letter Name!
  4. Executor6666

    Realms of Evil part 1

    (Okay, I stole some names from Rise of the Triad. I'm such a candy-arse.:)) First Lieutenant Taradino Casatt stepped into the room, searching for any hidden demons. The room was empty. "The coast is clear, soldiers!" he called out to his subordinates. They examined the strange walls. The walls were covered with skin, but not dead, leathery skin like the squad of soldiers were used to seeing on walls. The flesh covering these walls was...fresh, with blood still running through the capillaries in what was once somebody's dermis. The idea made Sergeant Doug Wendt's stomach turn. "This here room is sho 'nuff weird!" he muttered. They saw a that the skin on a wall at the far end of the room had some kind of lump in it, like a wart, a zit, ...or a switch. Corporal Lorelei Ni pressed her hand against the protuberance, and the skin opened up to reveal an eyeball. The wall lowered to reveal a horrific sight...
  5. Executor6666

    You people write at a fifth grade level

    Don't be surprised. DW has morons up the wazoo.