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  1. SteelDrake


    Is there a way (command or something) to make the Doomguy faster by using a "weapon" as rocketboots, so it uses fuel on ZDoom? EDIT: I dont want the player to use a weapon while the Rocketboots are active.
  2. SteelDrake

    help to reload on zdoom

    ok, i think i figured it out. one more thing, how do you replace, say the pistol, in decorate? thanks.
  3. SteelDrake

    help to reload on zdoom

    To Kirby: ZDoom 2.2.0 (r748) oh, TheDarkArchon, that fixed the crashing, not the loop.
  4. SteelDrake

    help to reload on zdoom

    hello, i tried to use Xaser's "COPGun" so i could use the altfire to reload. heres the portion of the DECORATE lump that zdoom crashes on, ACTOR ZenII : Weapon 2005 { +NOALERT +AMMO_OPTIONAL +STRIFEDAMAGE Inventory.PickupSound "weapons/zenreload1" Inventory.PickupMessage "You got the Zen II SMG!" Weapon.AmmoType "Clip" Weapon.AmmoGive 60 Weapon.AmmoUse 1 Weapon.Kickback 20 AttackSound "weapons/zenfire" States { Spawn: ZSMG A -1 Loop Ready: ZENG A 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Deselect: ZENX ABCDEF 1 Loop Select: ZENG A 1 A_Raise Loop Fire: ZENG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("Zen2InClip", 1, 2) ZENG A 1 Goto Ready ZENG A 0 A_GunFlash ZENG A 0 A_FireCustomMissile("CheapAlert",0,0,0,0) ZENG A 0 A_TakeInventory("Zen2InClip",1) ZENG BC 1 Bright A_FireBullets(2,2,1,10,0,0) ZENG C 1 Bright ZENG A 1 A_ReFire Goto Ready Hold: ZENG A 1 ZENG A 1 A_ReFire Goto Ready AltFire: ZENG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("Zen2InClip", 30, 2) ZENG A 0 A_JumpIfInventory("Clip", 1, 2) ZENG A 0 Goto Ready ZENG D 1 A_PlaySound("weapons/zenreload2") ZENG E 1 ZENG FG 1 ZENG H 1 ZENG IJKLMNOPQRST 1 ZENG T 0 A_TakeInventory("Clip",15) <--- somewhere between here ZENG T 0 A_GiveInventory("zen2InClip",15) ZENG T 0 A_JumpIfInventory("zen2inclip",30,2) ZENG T 0 A_JumpIfInventory("Clip",1,2) ZENG T 0 <--- and here. Goto AltFire+22 ZENG T 0 Goto AltFire+16 ZENG T 1 A_PlaySound("weapons/zenreload1") ZENG U 1 ZENG V 1 ZENG W 1 ZENG XYZ 1 ZENG "[" 1 ZENG "" 1 ZENG A 1 Goto Ready Flash: MAGG K 1 Bright A_Light2 MAGG K 1 Bright A_Light1 MAGG K 1 Bright A_Light0 Stop } } it crashes when Zen2InClip gets to 30. [out of AlternateWeps3.wad]