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  1. Clusterone

    Community Chest 5

    I know I am necro'ing an old thread, but has anything come of this? CC5 would be absolutely fantastic and I would love to see this come to life.
  2. Clusterone

    Something exciting and terrifying

    http://www.gamezone.com/news/2014/05/23/did-amazon-spoil-a-doom-4-e3-reveal-lists-bethesda-e3-2014-dummy-for-ps4-and-xbox-one Found this today. While I highly doubt there will be a Doom 4 for the Vita and 3DS. It wouldn't suprise me. Thoughts?
  3. Clusterone

    [3DGE] Doom Forever REDUX (updated)

    This is awesome! Keep doing what your doing! Looking forward to more updates. :)
  4. Definitely looking forward to this. o.o
  5. In my personal opinion, I love Brutal Doom, I think it's a lot of fun, from the iron sites, to the faster monsters and harder gameplay on most WADS. When I play Story driven or atmosphere mods though, I tend to use vanilla + the WAD. But when I play slaughter Maps or just straight up vanilla doom, I enjoy Brutal Doom just because of those certain features. I get why people don't like it though, and I do understand why people don't like Mark, but honestly, I think the whole Brutal Doom Vs. Vanilla Doom Vs. SGT. Mark war is kinda silly, only because well, it's a mod, a person, and a game. But hey that's just me. I've played Doom since the beginning, shit, I grew up having LAN parties at my dad's old shop, and I still love vanilla and will always love Vanilla Doom till the day I die, but there's nothing wrong with a little variety here and there. :) THAT BEING SAID, it would be nice for another gameplay mod to come out from someone to entertain me a little longer. :) Also, to the people who despise the sounds, I feel you on that one, I generally turn my own music on, while letting the sound play low.
  6. Clusterone

    Doom 3: Phobos

    This looks absolutely amazing, but I will say one thing, I REALLY hope this has a Spider Mastermind in it, that would be fantastic.
  7. Clusterone

    MWDoom Episode 1 Beta release

    Don't mean to double post, but you DEFINETLY need to make a second one, I just beat it, and it has become one of my new favorites. Good job man. :)
  8. Clusterone

    MWDoom Episode 1 Beta release

    Just out of curiosity, where is the secret to the secret level located at? I can't seem to find it. But either way, this, ESPECIALLY for your first map is absolutely amazing, good job, I will definitely keep playing your wads, I had a blast so far! The ONLY thing I have issues with so far (and this may just be because I love Doom being overly hard) is there are way to many health packs on UV. But than again that's the only issue I have and the only thing I can gripe about. Other than that, Pretty damn perfect. :)
  9. Clusterone

    Technical Difficulties

    Yeah the theme I was going for was a college/science lab at the edge of hell to study it type of thing, so i'm building it based off that. :)
  10. Clusterone

    Technical Difficulties

    Yeah which makes sense, I started working on my map again and stopped with the squares, while the shape's I made were by no means "pretty" I'm trying to move away from only squares because I don't want to just be doing the same thing over and over again and need to challenge myself a little. :P I've been playing Doom since it came out and need to finally get off my ass and learn to map properly haha.
  11. Clusterone

    Technical Difficulties

    Thank you for that. :) Like I said, I still have a lot of texturing, and editing to do, plus a lot more sectors before it looks "good" in my eyes. :) And thank you for that, that helps a lot, to be honest my roomate told me the same thing, I have too much symmetry he said, so I started making rooms look broken and non symmetrical. Yes I won't lie though, I love the square rooms for some reason, not sure why. But I am definetly going to change up the room shapes a lot once I go back to work on it. :) I want to start mapping enough to get good at it, and make some maps for some community projects as well. Also forcing myself to do this is excellent practice for what i'm going to college for, so i'm going to do it as best as I can. :) But i'll be releasing more pics, and possibly a WIP version of it to test out a little bit later, than edit from the comments of people and try to fix the things that need to be. :)
  12. Clusterone

    Technical Difficulties

    So i'm making a wad for Doom, finally decided to pick up mapping. It will be the second map i've made and decided if I posted on here, I would have some incentive to finish it unlike the other unfinished wad's i've made. Now, i'm still newish to mapping so it may suck, but the more critisism the better. So, for now i'm going to post pictures and keep people updated. :) Btw, Doom 2 vanilla wad, replaces M01. http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b556/Orion_Parfrey/DB2MAPoverview_zpsb05d174f.png http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b556/Orion_Parfrey/Screenshot_Doom_20131216_224847_zpsb1ea67b6.png http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b556/Orion_Parfrey/Screenshot_Doom_20131216_224916_zps6869f78c.png http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b556/Orion_Parfrey/Screenshot_Doom_20131216_225117_zpse76537d4.png http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b556/Orion_Parfrey/Screenshot_Doom_20131216_224933_zps2fa2be1b.png http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b556/Orion_Parfrey/Screenshot_Doom_20131216_224840_zps93491811.png http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b556/Orion_Parfrey/Screenshot_Doom_20131216_225015_zpsbf0c59ca.png http://i1291.photobucket.com/albums/b556/Orion_Parfrey/Screenshot_Doom_20131216_225110_zps1e495126.png PS, I haven't finished texturing everything, and the map will be a lot bigger and longer than what you can see in the doombuilder preview. This is just what I have over the last 5 hours. (Yes I know I map slow, i'm new still and had a lot of issues with Zdoom in Hexen format >.<)
  13. Clusterone

    Dagger Fall Prop/Monster Resources W.I.P.

    I would personally be interested in this. Or Stonekeep weapons and monsters. :O
  14. Clusterone

    John Romero and Cacowards

    And spoken in the icon of sin voice. XD
  15. Clusterone

    John Romero and Cacowards

    Lol daikatana, I TRIED liking that game I really did. xp