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  1. Mmmm well I could give this a go- a small map maybe? Put me down then I suppose!
  2. Fuzzball

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Really got left behind didn't I? :/
  3. Doom palette is fucking ugly, too many blues, duplicates, horrible saturated to black ramps, not enough purples and where the fuck are all the dark reds and greys? Nah- making stuff for it is a complete pain in the ass
  4. Fuzzball

    Post your Doom textures!

    So many awesome textures and things being pushed out lately by the community- sorry I've not been part of that anymore...
  5. Fuzzball

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    @stewboy Love to see others using the Noir stuff- it's been out a long time now and has snuck it's way into being used for a few projects over the years, always a fun surprise to see it pop up every now and then! Sent you a PM though you may be interested in :)
  6. So you like OTEX eh? But don't like the vanilla status bar? Well here you go! (We've all seen Entryway millions of times, how about some Underhalls instead!) Credit to Ukiro for the original and amazing OTEX set- I used a couple of concrete textures to cut up and create the main bar, then decided to spice things up with some custom shading and colouring to the numbers too for variety! DOWNLOAD HERE!! Q&A- How long did this take? A couple of hours really, wanted to get it looking nice. Please may I use this in my own project/s? Of course you can! OTEX or not anybody is allowed to. May I take or edit the numbers? Hell yeah- so long as you credit me for the originals! This sucks I want a refund! That's not a question, go see the manager. Are you really a giraffe? Are you really a Doom?
  7. Fuzzball

    looking for someone to make a specific midi for me

    There are probably a few here who may do it for money you know.
  8. Fuzzball

    Recreated the Id Software sprite grid sheet

    You can find a few in the beta resources stuff
  9. Fuzzball

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Yeah when you have the hardware :/
  10. Fuzzball

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    So much sector wankery these days- :/
  11. Fuzzball

    Doom Raider 2020

    HOL UP
  12. Not really necroposting I hope- but I played this a few days ago on stream and it's very awesome! Competent and detailed enough, very fun! Was able to sequence break on the house map though- it's possible to walk around the fence! :D Not game breaking though
  13. Fuzzball

    Id Software

  14. Fuzzball

    How would you change the Doom 1&2 Chainsaw

    Two chainsaws
  15. Congrrraaaaaattttttssssssss
  16. Fuzzball

    OTEX Styled Status Bar

    Of course! :D Thank you everybody for the kind words- so glad this has gotten the love it has, I certainly would like to make more in different themes- marble included!
  17. Fuzzball

    OTEX Styled Status Bar

    Well I might plan on making more based on various textures, things like marble or wood!
  18. Fuzzball

    OTEX Styled Status Bar

    Thank you both~ The numbers were fun to make too!
  19. Fuzzball

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Made a custom status bar- go to wads and mods to see it!
  20. Fuzzball

    Asian giant hornets have reached the US

    From the UK- you guys have uh...fun with those.
  21. Fuzzball

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    God lord I hope you'll be fixing those stairs
  22. So many of the earlier unused Doom midis were copied inspired by many tracks from Alice in Chains and Slayer.
  23. Fuzzball

    Post your Desktop Background

    Since I downloaded a boatload of backgrounds for my stream to cycle through randomly I have amassed a bit of a collection- many are abstract, fractal or just nice to look at, nothing too busy. I also change my keyboard colours to match too! This one is my current one~
  24. Fuzzball

    Difference between Barons of Hell and Hell Knights

    One is a door with health, the other is a door with more health.