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Status Updates posted by Fuzzball

  1. Oh boohoo I'm sorry is reporting bullying on a thread seen as bad practise? My bad.

  2. Another new avatar! Girafarig is awesome~

  3. New avatar! :D Still giraffe related of course~

  4. Good now I can post things here and..oh nevermind. :I

    1. Misty


      I was scared too at the first glance. 

    2. Fuzzball


      It's fine though- I'm not allowed to talk about it as I have no opinion clearly.

  5. suicide is sounding nice again

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    2. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      Please go IDDQD!

    3. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      I mean, seriously, please don't do it.

    4. [McD] James

      [McD] James

      If there is ANYTHING you need to talk about, then don't hesitate to send me a PM.

  6. I joined Doomworld 9 years ago to this day :D ...and somehow I'm still here!

    1. geo



      Let's celebrate.

  7. Gotta try and force myself to leave the house tomorrow to get shopping...hnn

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    2. Megalyth


      Misanthropy is a more logical reason for avoiding the outdoors. Try it today!


    3. SavageCorona


      Yeah just gotta love the classics that stop you from going anywhere outside your own room.

    4. Megalyth


      Just ignore me, I've had a motherfucker of a week so far.


  8. Almost past that 23 hours of being awake mark- I think I should go to bed ;P Damn brain

  9. Thrown away again

    1. geo


      You might be thrown away but at least its not in a dumpster fire. You're free to wander again.


      Oh and for the Thrown Away...



  10. rambling as usual whoo

    aa...good..or not.

  11. I hate this ugly cage so much...I'm too scared to pick up the key let alone open the lock...


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    2. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      I don't know you, but the things you post here are increasingly worrisome. Maybe get help?

    3. Fuzzball


      It's just 5.43 am no need to worry

    4. MrGlide


      Would you like to talk?

  12. Today I was chased by some bird screaming things and being lewd to me.

    I've never been so scared in my life- a local camera caught the footage live.


    1. Quagsire


      I didn't even realize your avatar was a gif until now

    2. Fuzzball


      Well it is! Gotta be fancy you know

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Foxes usually scare (or eat) birds, not vice versa. :]

  13. ...I do wonder if I'm welcome anymore or to anybody lately.

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    2. Marcaek


      This is an irrational fear Fuzz. Everyone I know likes you don't worry about it.

    3. Pinchy


      Just sayin'


    4. Fuzzball


      Damnit xD

  14. Stupid brain... pftt..

    I dunno...should go to bed..

    stupid thoughts are no good right?

    Like...aa..not wanting to get up to anything, no work, no sitting on PC, no dealing with BS or just...the day...I guess...sleep would be nice...lots and lots and lots of infinite sleep and dreams where I don't have to abide by the fucking rules of life...maybe theres a way..yeah..

  15. "Oh hey let's do this! YEAH! I have ideas let's put them into place and do all the cool things and prepare fo-" ... oh... right...yeah.

    The only thing I have to look forward to right now is a friend coming down to visit for a couple of days on the 14th- me, him and another friend (who lives on the outskirts) will be going out and stuff...it's gonna be awesome...


    ..then what?

    I'll be alone again...

  16. I'm fed up with this now...ugh...it's not going work out is it...it never will...

    1. Quagsire


      pls keep calmio

    2. Fonze


      Be yourself and don't worry about what other's think; they will accept you in their own time. Live happy :)

  17. I don't know really what to think as of late, regarding a certain subject...starting to worry once more...

    1. Voros


      Keep your spirits high and the world will run after you.

    2. Fuzzball


      The world wants to run after me with a beating stick, with string and razors on the end of it...

  18. Looking for hot singles in your area? Good luck to you! Good luck to everybody aaaaaaa I have no idea what this post means

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    2. Alter


      Single giraffes? Good luck they are in the zoo.

    3. Fuzzball



    4. Aquanet


      Are you a booooy or a girrrrl?

  19. Now I have this working....that's a thing I guess?

    This week is going to be lame and it's only just 1am of Monday... bleh...

    Still can't eat anything and it's been over a week since I was struck down with the wonders of Norovirus- but my body is still protesting at all food I try and feed it... :(

    1. Jimmy


      Well fug :(

      Much love <3

  20. Things have been hectic the last few months as we all know, politics, life and just general things for everybody- myself included...Even if at the moment it's still the early stages...small steps you know?

    Only recently have been able to be a little open about these kinds of things given the subject but thanks to others with support I've been able to at least be more comfortable...even if it's a bit at a time. This has all been kept away for years and years...so please forgive my nerves and anxious ramblings.

    Basically I'm asking if it would be okay to refer to me as female from now?

    For some it might be a surprise, and others maybe not so- and a few of you already know and have been awesome in helping me with said support I mentioned earlier- of course I've had it from others from a couple other places and other close friends online I've know and trusted for years...but this community is (mostly :P) awesome and I know you are very diverse and welcoming peoples!

    I'm not here to poke with a stick each time or get offended if somebody forgets or gets it wrong at first- but this is more just to get this out there in the open. I'll try and answer anything if you're curious but again it's early days and there are going to be many barriers I still need to beat and overcome.

    It's not fully in plan just yet...again so much I need to think about...so much to say and do...it's very difficult for me and I don't just want to, but I kind of NEED to get these kinds of things off my chest if I'm going to be serious about this.

    Here is a picture of a giraffe because those are cool. Giraffes are cool you dig?

    Thanks everybody and keep being amazing! <3
    ..it's past 6am and I need to sleep...really

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    2. Hellbent


      I also don't pay much attention to people's genders on forums, but glad that you are moving forward, Fuzzball, even as the president moves backwards.

      I like giraffes. Took a video of one last summer.

    3. Ledillman


      omg Congratssz Fuzzball!
      very big hugsss <3

    4. Fuzzball


      Thread seemed to have been bumped somewhere, thank you again everybody for the support! ;w; <3
      Aa..though lately things here at home have not been great and Im starting to become anxious and scared..those in the know should understand but yeah..family stuff amongst others dont help..

  21. This is a true fact I am stating right now.

    So apparently some people wear shoes in their house...and even their room? D:
    What kind of thing is that? I guess it's a cultural thing that ranges from country to country but here it's usually take your shoes off when you get in etc.
    It is a little cold though so maybe I will put some socks on...Hmmmmm

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    2. Deleted_Account


      Is the sock meant to keep the clock warm?

    3. Cupboard


      very high socks are sexy. On a man, perhaps it is not quite so attractive but it depends quite a lot I wouldn't rule out a sexy man in high socks

    4. NeedHealth


      Piper Maru said:

      But do they listen to Bach?

      You bet they do. Japanese people are a stranger bunch. They are fascinated, oh so fascinated by everything... German. Every year they gather famous singers at some arena or stadium and do a live sing-a-long of German classical pieces and everyone in Nihon stay up late to watch it. I think Tatsurd-cacocaco can vouch for this.

      The best part? they manage to sing in German like a a native as far as I can tell. Go figure.

      This is the live sing-a-long that they did after or during the Fukushima incident, where they sang "An die freude". 10.000 or so Japanese singers crammed into a middle sized stadium going bonkers singing like they spoke almost native German.

      I'm not wearing any socks either because my feet need to dry off after wearing shoes all day.

  22. Make me some maps damnit.
    You have until 7pm GMT so I have some shit to play when I'm home from work. Can be anything limit removing and make w/e SP with textures etc.
    Maybe themed...anyone got ideas?

    I'm 24 before anyone asks :P
    Also I like purple. Purple is good.

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    2. sheridan


      Hey, FuzzballFox! Since you apparently only got crappy birthday gifts this year, I took it upon myself over the past two days to make you a new wad as a belated birthday present. You can get it here:

      This is the first doom map I've made in eons, and it's not fantastic by any stretch... but there it is nonetheless. In designing the map I tried to emulate some of Sandy Petersen's mapping style, plus some of Romero's I guess, so not a whole lot of attention was paid to things like texture alignment and fancy construction. I'm not totally satisfied with the way the map turned out, but it seems to flow pretty good by my reckoning so you should get a good 10 minutes of fun out of it, hopefully.

      Also, there are deathmatch starts and some mind was put into making the map work in dm too, so if you're pressed for entertainment you might possibly get a kick out of playing it that way too.

      Anyway... happy birthday (sorta!). I hope you enjoy your wad.

      And I'm not kidding here... it took me a good fifteen hours to throw this thing together, so you'd better enjoy it.

    3. glenzinho


      Great map Sheridan, very id-esque city map. Failed on the Petersen part though, your texturing was much better than his ;) In seriousness it felt like you've melded the better parts of Romero's and Sandy's styles; as this was your stated aim you've succeeded quite well. If Fuzzy doesn't appreciate this birthday gift, he should only receive lumps of coal from now on. Good layout, make more maps!

    4. sheridan


      Haha thanks :) And sandy made plenty of nicely textured maps! The Factory for example is both nicely textured and made by sandy, and it served as part of the inspiration for this level.

      Mapping is fun on occasion and when I was much younger I took it more seriously but nowadays I don't really consider it my forte, haha. Maybe I'll make more maps in the future, but for me this was kinda just a two day diversion from a much bigger project that I'm working on that's kinda demanding my attention right now, so I don't have a lot of time to devote to mapping even if I wanted to. But we'll see.