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  1. Make me some maps damnit.
    You have until 7pm GMT so I have some shit to play when I'm home from work. Can be anything limit removing and make w/e SP with textures etc.
    Maybe themed...anyone got ideas?

    I'm 24 before anyone asks :P
    Also I like purple. Purple is good.

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    2. sheridan


      Hey, FuzzballFox! Since you apparently only got crappy birthday gifts this year, I took it upon myself over the past two days to make you a new wad as a belated birthday present. You can get it here:

      This is the first doom map I've made in eons, and it's not fantastic by any stretch... but there it is nonetheless. In designing the map I tried to emulate some of Sandy Petersen's mapping style, plus some of Romero's I guess, so not a whole lot of attention was paid to things like texture alignment and fancy construction. I'm not totally satisfied with the way the map turned out, but it seems to flow pretty good by my reckoning so you should get a good 10 minutes of fun out of it, hopefully.

      Also, there are deathmatch starts and some mind was put into making the map work in dm too, so if you're pressed for entertainment you might possibly get a kick out of playing it that way too.

      Anyway... happy birthday (sorta!). I hope you enjoy your wad.

      And I'm not kidding here... it took me a good fifteen hours to throw this thing together, so you'd better enjoy it.

    3. glenzinho


      Great map Sheridan, very id-esque city map. Failed on the Petersen part though, your texturing was much better than his ;) In seriousness it felt like you've melded the better parts of Romero's and Sandy's styles; as this was your stated aim you've succeeded quite well. If Fuzzy doesn't appreciate this birthday gift, he should only receive lumps of coal from now on. Good layout, make more maps!

    4. sheridan


      Haha thanks :) And sandy made plenty of nicely textured maps! The Factory for example is both nicely textured and made by sandy, and it served as part of the inspiration for this level.

      Mapping is fun on occasion and when I was much younger I took it more seriously but nowadays I don't really consider it my forte, haha. Maybe I'll make more maps in the future, but for me this was kinda just a two day diversion from a much bigger project that I'm working on that's kinda demanding my attention right now, so I don't have a lot of time to devote to mapping even if I wanted to. But we'll see.