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  1. Make me some maps damnit.
    You have until 7pm GMT so I have some shit to play when I'm home from work. Can be anything limit removing and make w/e SP with textures etc.
    Maybe themed...anyone got ideas?

    I'm 24 before anyone asks :P
    Also I like purple. Purple is good.

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    2. dew


      1. The map is actually very easy, because you can just hold fire and spam down a hallway doing a little sidestepping dance. The only somewhat challenging and fun part is the first imp battle, because it actually threatens you.
      2. The map is utter crapheap, no need to sugarcoat it with "oh but he tried so hard with his own two hands, let's give him a round of applause so he doesn't realize the error of his ways and continues to produce designless vomit."
      3. Everyone in this thread should feel bad. Soda would probably hug a killer bear, because those need love too, right? joe for being joe, obviously. sheridan needs to git gud, because the map has king reol-tier ammo stockpile. Fuzzball needs to have a sitdown with his terrible parents, because who spawns their kid 24 years - 1 day before a 32in24 session? Alternatively, Fuzzball can pretend all those maps were made for him.

    3. Memfis


      you are also in this thread but you didn't explain about yourself :D

    4. sheridan


      I actually did fine up until the part where it dropped me in a pit full of cacodemons with nothing but rocket ammo. That's where invulnerability and ammo cheats become an absolute necessity.

      Also I feel like Soda just wanted to comment on what probably just seemed like a mean-spirited personality coming from me. I haven't even been posting on this forum for that long and probably half of my posts could be taken to be harsh or incisive without any explanation.

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